Dollface Season 2 Release Date And Previous Season Recap!

The series has left a mark on the heart of the audience with its first season. Created by Jordan Weiss and directed by Matt Spicer. After the great success of season 1 makers are now planning for the second season.

The story is all about a young girl who was in relation for a long time with his boyfriend. After a long time, she was dumped by his boyfriend. Then she really that she is all alone and in that situation, she wants a girl best friend. We’ll see how she is going to manage this situation. Now fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to come. In this article, we will tell you all the information about the release date, cast, and expected plot of season 2.

Dollface Season 2 Release Date

Dollface Season 2 Release Date

There’s no official announcement or news revealed from the authority on the extension of the series. But the makers have given the hint. As soon as the pandemic situation will be normal then we can expect season 2 very soon. The first season was released on 15 November 2019. As soon as we’ll get any information related to the release date we’ll let you know for sure.

Dollface Season 2 Cast

One of the most popular American actresses famous for her role Max Black. Kat Dennings as Jules Wiley, Brend Song as Madison Manwell, Esther Povitsky as Izzy Levine, Shay Mitchell as Stell Cole. Cannon Hines as Jeremy. Beth Grant as Cat lady. Brianne Howey as Alison B. Vella Lovell as Alison S. Goran visnjic as Colin.

Kat Dennings, we have already seen her in many series and movies like 2 Broke Girls, Thor, Friendsgiving, Thor the dark world, and many more. Brend song American actress and model appeared in many movies like Secret obsession, Changeland, Amphibia and Station 19, etc.

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Dollface Season 2 Plot

The English series was telecasted on Hulu. It was released on 15 November 2019. It consists of 10 Episodes. Running timing is 22- 34 minutes. Every episode has a different title. Talking about episode 1 is based on Guy’s girl. Episode 2 is based on Homebody. Episode 3 is based on Mystery Brunette. Episode 4 is based on Fun friends. Episode 5 is based on Beauty Owen. Episode 6 is based on History Buff. Episode 8 is based on Mama Bear. Episode 9 is based on Feminist. Episode 10 is based on Bridesmaid.

The story revolves around the young woman Jules Wiley who was in a relationship with Jeremy for the last five years. Now suddenly Jeremy dumped her. She’s is all alone and then she missed the best Friends Medison and Stella. Jules went to meet Medison but she didn’t like it because she ignored her when she was in a relationship. But finally, Jules convinced both of her friends. They are going to the party which was organized by Woom. All girls are enjoying it. When Madison asks Jules to company her to the bathroom, Jules didn’t understand the reason because of this Madison was upset. The situation becomes worse when they can’t find Stella. Madison sees Jules with Jeremy and thought that both are back together. Jules and Madison try to find her. Finally, they saw her with Dave Coulier in the restaurant.

Dollface Season 1 Recap

Dollface Season 1 Episode 2 Recap- Homebody
Dollface Season 2 cast

In the second episode, Jules wanted to shift from another place. She asked Madison and Stella what she should do now. Stella advised her to go traveling but Madison wanted her to shift to another apartment. The difference in the opinion of both of them there was a small fight. Izzy’s offered to shift with home because she has extra room.

Jules fell and got her ankle twisted. Both her friends came to the hospital to see her. They sought their problem and became friends. And finally, Madison told about her relationship with a doctor. Jules thought to give her guest house on rent to somebody.

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Dollface Season 1 Episode 3 Recap- Mystery Brunette

In the third episode, Madison invited Jules and Stella to the party. Jules got to know that Stella refused to attend because she lied that she’s is not well. But Stella told the truth to Jules that she is absolutely fine because she wanted to attend Mr. Lawrence’s party as it was his last wish.

Now Stella asks to keep this secret and not to tell Madison. Jules at the party discloses the secret to the reporter that the chef is non-vegetarian. Now to cover the mistake made by her Madison try to convince the reporter not to tell anybody.

To compensate Jules told the reporter about the celebrity Mr. Lawrence soon going to die. At the party, Stella asks Izzy to become puzzling and try to keep the secret without disclosing it. Jules and Madison joined Stella at the party. There they realized that it was not a death party but it was a magic show. Madison doesn’t like magic shows when she saw that Mr. Lawrence’s heartbeat was stopped by the magician for 3 minutes she fainted. Jeremy’s sister asks Jules to attend her wedding.

Dollface Season 1 Episode 4 Recap- Fun Friend

In the fourth episode, we saw that Stella planned for an outing with her mother and Jules. Stella later told them about the business school where she has applied. But nobody was taking her seriously. Madison tries to help Izzy to be herself.

She got to know that her real name is Alison. Jules and Stella are badly drunk including Stella’s mother too. Stella was tired that nobody is taking her seriously, but she realized has Jules is boring but still, she’s her good friend. The two Stella and Jules and her mother were having fun all night. Madison was still busy solving the problem of Izzy becoming herself. Jules finally accepted her behavior that’s being boring is not an issue. And Stella is busy planning and plotting about her future. Madison still thinks that her friends are immature and they should behave like mature people.

Dollface Season 1 Episode 5 Recap- Beauty Queen

In the fifth episode, she attended her sister’s bachelor party in her rented house. At the party, she was asked about her relationship. Fortunately, the party was cut short because Ramona’s face was burned. Izzy, Stella, and Madison went to Jules’s house for the party. But the party became embarrassing for Madison when Colin came to the dinner party. Cat turtle vomits after she’s has eaten something wrong. Jules called Wes she is an Animals doctor. Madison was trying to impress Colin.

Dollface Season 1 Episode 6 Recap- History Buff

In the sixth episode, Stella realized that Madison always interferes in her matters. But finally, she decided to be in a relationship with Dan. Madison didn’t like him she thinks that he is a killer. Later Dan has proved himself innocent. Jules saw Jeremy is visiting a museum with Melyssa.

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Dollface Season 1 Episode 7 Recap
Dollface Season 2 Release Date

In the seventh episode, Stella asks Jules to move on from Jeremy her ex-boyfriend, and asked her to be with someone else. Jules finds a handsome man Ryan. Stella asks Izzy to break up with her boyfriend and Jules told Wes that she likes him but as of now she can’t handle the relationship. Colin proposes to drunken Madison that he loves her.

Dollface Season 1 Episode 8 Recap- Mama Bear

In episode eight Jules attended the party at Celeste’s house. Later she got to know that Colin Madison’s boyfriend is Celeste’s husband. Jules vomits at the party and she came home back and done the pregnancy test, which came negative. But she lied to everyone that she’s pregnant. But later Madison got to know the truth. Stella was not selected in business school she was said. Jules and Madison came to confront her. Later Jules told about Colin’s marriage but Madison didn’t believe her and busted on her like anything.

Dollface Season 1 Episode 9 Recap- Feminist

In episode nine we see the four women Jules, Stella, Madison, and Izzy are together and they ask Sylvia about the meaning of Celeste’s said sorry to Jules because of her problem there was a difference occurred between Madison and her. Jeremy sends a voice message to Jules and asking if she is coming to attend the wedding.

Dollface Season 1 Episode 10 Recap- Bridesmaid

In the tenth episode, we saw that Jules went to Mexico for a wedding. Madison tries to make things normal with Jules. Stella announced that she is selected in business school now. All girls are together for the wedding. Jeremy proposed to Jules but she rejected him. Once again Madison and Jules said sorry to each other and now Jules decided to reveal the truth of Colin about his marriage. Finally, she successfully told the truth to Madison and they all came back to Los Angeles.

You can watch first season on Hulu.

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