Damaged 3 Could Premiere Anytime Soon!

We all are aware of the fact that psychological thrillers never fail to blow our minds. They challenge us and always keep us on the edge. They demand answers to that questions which is not considered normal at all. By the name of psychological thriller, you’ve already guessed by now that we are talking about one of the knockout tv series ‘Damaged’ which was Hungama’s blockbuster original show in 2018. Fans are now wondering about the Damaged 3 Release Date.

Recently MX Player had added the second installment of this crime horror thriller series ‘Damaged 2’ on its content library last year. And now, fans are anticipating its third installment of the series and are very curious to know is there going to be Damaged 3? If it happens then when it is going to be released? Here we will let you every little specific detail we know about Damaged 3 up to now. So, let’s dig in.

Damaged 3 Release Date

Damaged 3 Release Date

The first season of the Damage was released on the year 2018 and lasted in 2019. The second season of the series i.e., Damaged 2 came out in 2020 as a mini-series and was appreciated by many viewers. And now, when we talk about the Damaged 3 and concerning its expected release date and time, let me inform you that is no news or information revealed from the side of the production team as of yet. We are still in midst of the waiting so as soon as we get even slight data, we will update this section.

Damaged 3 Release Date: No confirmation made yet.

Damaged 3 Cast

The original and very first part of the series was directed by Aarambhh M Singh, the writing credit goes to Shreyas Anil Lowlekar, and we have seen stars like Amruta Khanvilkar, Karim Hajee, Auroshika Dey, Shreyas Anil Lowlekar, and many others.
As relating to Damaged 2, the series was directed by Ekant Babani and written by Shreyas Anil Lowlekar. The casting included some well-known celebrities like Sapan Gulati, Hina Khan, Aakansha Kadre, Rahul Singh, etc.
Now, concerning the third season of this crime series, nothing is confirmed yet about who is going to direct and who is going to be cast. But in this part also, we are going to see some eminent and renowned entertainers again for sure.

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Damaged 3 Plot

The primary series i.e., Damaged follows seductress – Lovina, a ruthless serial killer, and a brutal, angry and violent cop. The story starts with the vanishing of a celebrated painter. Before long the cops understand that his case is only a hint of something larger, various other young fellows have disappeared and have never re-emerged. Investigations start and a suspect arises – Lovina. This transforms into a captivating cat and mouse game among Lovina and the police, driven by Abhay. The story contains serial killing, revenge, crime, and murder scenario.

Damaged 3 Release Date

When we come to the plot of Damaged 2, Like the first season, it’s a drama with a strong female character at the helm of the story. This season has an added thrill and excitement of supernatural elements with lots of twists and turns. Gauri Batra (Hina Khan) and Akash Batra (Adhyayan Suman) run a guest house collectively. While all may appear to be charming in their beautiful and charming guest house, things start to disentangle when a young lady remaining at the homestay disappears.

Investigations start, suspects arise and it is soon discovered that the vanishing is certainly not a detached occasion. Damaged 2 indeed has a nail-biting storyline which certainly blows the mind of the audiences. Regarding the plot of Damaged 3, we can’t assume anything yet and nothing is sure but what we can assure you is that we will get to witness some high-strung, edgy and in suspense chain of events and actions naturally.

Damaged 3 Episode Guide

In the original series, we got overall 15 episodes titled as follows: Ep 01-The Wall, Ep 02-The Victim, Ep 03-The Trust, Ep 04-The Pattern, Ep 05-The Backstory, Ep 06-The Ego, Ep 07-The Stalker, Ep 08-The Vanisher, Ep 09-The Perfect Guy, Ep 10-The Backfire, Ep 11-The Fear, Ep 12-The Trap, Ep 13-Keep Your Enemies Closer, Ep 14-The Revelation, Ep 15-Game Over? You can watch all the episodes of Damaged on Hungama Play, SonyLIV, MX Player, and on many other OTT Platforms.
The second part of this spine-chiller series comprises 6 episodes only since it is a tv mini-series. The episodes are titled as Ep 01- #2.1, Ep 02- #2.2, Ep 03- #2.3, Ep 04- #2.4, Ep 05- #2.5, Ep 06- #2.6. All the episodes are available free to stream on platforms like MX Player. Some other platforms like Amazon Play, Netflix, Hungama Play also have access to this series.

Damaged 3 Trailer

There is no promo, teaser, or trailer available to watch anywhere but for the time being while we wait, you can enjoy the trailers of its first and second season of Damaged which is available all over including YouTube. Till then, let’s wait together.

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