Here’s what we know about My Girlfriend is Alien Season 2 Release Date?


My Girlfriend Is An Alien is one of the most love Chinese drama series among all the youngsters. It was very popularised and attracted a large audience. Every aspect of the series was appreciated and received a positive response from the audience. The story was written by Dong Chen Jing. Season 1 was loved by the audience, now fans are desperately waiting for the second season. Directed by Deng Ke Gao Zong Kai and produced by Ki Eryun Zhang Xinju, Liu Zhimin. The production location in Shenzhen. To know more about season 2 release date and other details you all are at the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you everything about the My Girlfriend is Alien season 2 release date .

My Girlfriend is Alien Season 2 Release Date

There’s no official announcement for the release date yet, but the Makers have confirmed that the series will be coming soon with its second season. According to our sources, it can be expected in ending of August month or starting of September. Once will get any official announcement we will definitely let you know.

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My Girlfriend is Alien Season 1 Recap

It was released on 19 August 2019. It consists of 28 episodes. One hour each and the running timing of the series was 40-45 minutes. The series includes all the genres of Drama, Romance, comedy, and Fantasy. It was released in Mandarin Chinese language. Which was also dubbed in the Hindi language by Tencent video (WE TV) You can watch the Hindi dubbed on MX player and it is also available on YouTube for free.

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My Girlfriend is Alien Season 2 Plot

The first season consists of 24 episodes. The Chinese fantasy, romantic series. The story is all about the two Fang Leng and chai chaoqi. Chai chaoqi was an alien from another planet Cape Town. Fang Leng was the owner of the future group of companies. Fang Leng met in a car accident and injured badly. Chaoqi puts her life in danger and helps him. As she was started working in the restaurant. And the restaurant started delivering food to Future group of companies and unfortunately, Fang Leng has also eaten the food as he has an allergy to seafood he has fallen ill. Then chaoqi help him take him to the hospital. After when he was fine he gave an exclusive interview to the media regarding his health. He said that it was not because of the food, the season of my illness was my allergy-related to seafood.

Fang Leng with Jiang Xue went to the same restaurant where Chaoqi worked. Fang Leng thought that Chaoqi would be jealous of them. But she does not seem to be jealous by seeing this Fang Leng was upset.
How they both fall in love with each other and what twists and turns their love story has taken. Fang Leng every time say’s that he doesn’t want to see her again but he always does the opposite. He asks chaotic to be her girlfriend. But he was jealous because he thought that she likes her brother. Insight all these misunderstandings they both come close to each other and fell in love.How they both belong to a different planet, how they managed all these things the story is based on.

my girlfriend is alien season 2 release date

My Girlfriend is Alien Season 2 Cast

It would be the same as it was in the first season of my girlfriend is alien. Some New characters can also be expected for the next season . Starring Hsu Thassapak as Fang Leng, Wan Peng as Chai chaotic in the lead role. Wang You Jun as Fang lie, Xang The as Jiang Xue, Ashin as Dr. Zhang, Wang Haozhen as Han Jinming, Christopher Lee as Father Fang, and Zhang Meng as Sister.

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