Is TVF Aspirants Episode 5 Release Date Delayed? Know Here!

TVF is one of the amazing YouTube channels that comes up with realistic content and has a relatable story. It is also known as The Viral Fever and has gained popularity among the youth. It has released many mini web series and Kota Factory is one of them. The show was focused upon the JEE aspirants and portrayed how students from all over the country went to Kota for the preparation. Now, TVF released a mini-series that revolves around the life of UPSC aspirants. Although it is a short web series consisting of five episodes, TVF’s Aspirants is on the way to become a widely popular series. After the release of episode 4, fans of TVF eagerly waiting for the final episode to release. Therefore here we have details about TVF Aspirants Episode 5 release date.

TVF Aspirants Episode 5 Release Date

The series was started when the first episode premiered on YouTube on 7th April. Since then, every Wednesday a new episode was released. According to this trend, the season finale was to arrive on 5th May 2021. But strangely, this Wednesday we are not witnessing this episode on the TVF channel. What’s the reason behind this?

Well, there is a twist that has made the fans wait a bit longer for the creators to drop episode 5 of Aspirants. The creators at the end of episode 4, announced that they will be releasing the fifth and the final when the channel will reach 10 million subscribers. After this official announcement, the comments section was full of comments made by the fans where they are waiting eagerly for the channel to gain 10 million subscribers. Currently, this YouTube channel has 9.08 million subscribers. The target is still far, and hence, creators cannot wait for long to delay the release date of TVF Aspirants episode 5.

However, the semi-final episode i.e. episode 4 has a comment made by the creators themselves. It states that the season finale will be going live this Saturday at 12 noon. As a result, now the episode has been pushed back to Saturday. After this comment, people are excited and can’t wait for episode 5 to be released. The last episode titled Plan B Kya Hai premiered on 28 April and till now it has reached 10 million views on YouTube.

Where to Watch TVF Aspirants Episode 5?

The episode will be available on the YouTube channel of TVF. The previous episodes are also available on this platform. Watching them is free for the people. One can also watch these episodes on the official site of The Viral Fever. This series is also promoting Unacademy where it is providing a code (ASPIRANTS2021) that can be used by the people to take tests and analyze their competitions.

TVF Aspirants Cast

This series is starring Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Sunny Hinduja, Namita Dubey, Kuljeet Singh, Bijou Thangjam, and Neetu Jhanjhi. The series revolves around three friends, Abhilash, Guri, and Sandeep. These roles are being played by Naveen, Shivankit, and Sunny Hinduja respectively. The other characters include Namita Dubey as Dhairya, Kuljeet Singh as Walia Uncle, and Walia Aunty is being played by Neetu Jhanjhi.

About TVF Aspirants

TVF Aspirants is about three friends who are UPSC aspirants and are living in Old Rajinder Nagar of Delhi. It shows two timelines that consist of the past and the present. The past timeline shows the struggle of UPSC aspirants. It also shows the friendship of these 3 persons. The entire plot seems realistic and shows the actual struggles of those people who have a dream to crack UPSC exams. Because of the powerful characters and realistic story, this series has received an IMDb rating of 9 out of 10. To date, The Viral Fever has come up with 24 series that have constantly garnered positive reviews and great ratings on IMDb. TVF Aspirants is created by Shreyansh Pandey and Arunabh Kumar. The latter has served as the producer as well. The direction part is done by Apoorv Singh Karki. The story is written by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish.

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