Yasuke Season 2 Release Date And Plot Expectations!

Yasuke is the anime series about Black samurai that is trending at 7 on Netflix top 10. This is enough to explain the series popularity right now. Moreover, the lead character is being voiced by LaKeith Stanfield. It is a 6 episode animated show created by LeSean Thomas. Yasuke is based on a warrior’s life who served as a samurai in feudal Japan. After watching all the episodes of this animated anime series people are willing to know about its second season. Although it is trending on its streaming platform, fans cannot wait to quench their thirst with the details of Yasuke season 2 release date and other potential announcements.

Will There Be Yasuke Season 2?

After the release, the general reactions of the audience are cherishing. After going through the reviews and ratings of the series, it looks like Yasuke season 2 will be on the floors very soon.

It seems that the story will continue further and this makes a greater possibility for the people to expect season 2. Therefore, the return of Yasuke season 2 will get its green light soon in the future. However, there is no official announcement that could guide us to the confirmed news about the second season. But, meanwhile, the creator has given a hint according to which the expectations for the continuation of the series are going to last long.

In an interview, he said that he cannot say too much about it but the response the show has gained is great and it would be also great to become more than what it is now. Adding to the statement, he said that he is excited after knowing the fans are interested and digging into this. Well, he didn’t disclose much but the series but it seems like he is planning to continue it in the coming time and is interested in it particularly. If it happens, it will be a positive piece of news for the fans. Secondly, the major aspect of Yasuke season 2 depends upon Netflix’s announcement. They will acknowledge the viewership level and then decide whether to give it a green flag or not. Consequently, this series has gained positive responses from the audience and so there are much higher chances for season 2.

Yasuke Season 2 Release Date: When It Will Return on Netflix?

Yasuke Season 2 release date

Since there is no official statement for the renewal of the series, we can only expect or assume the time around which it could make it on Netflix. Since the creator has stated that it will be good to see the things going on, season 2 can come sometime in 2022. Yasuke anime is produced by animation studio MAPPA. It has given much popular anime such as Garo, Banana Fish, Dororo, etc.

The studio has released many shows and the schedule for 2021 is quite busy for it. Hence, it might consider the second season of Yasuke in 2022. We are not very sure about it but this can prove to be a considerable issue. So far it has released Attack on Titan season 4 and Zombieland Saga season 2 this year.
Yasuke season 1 was recently premiered on Netflix. All the episodes were dropped on 29th April 2021. The action events and animation is grabbing much attention. On the other hand, according to the latest Twitter post by the official handle of Yasuke, the album/OST is finally out.

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Yasuke Season 2 Characters And Cast

lakeith stanfield yasuke

The protagonist of the story is having the English voice of the Academy Award nominee, LaKeith Stanfield. This famous artist gave a tremendous sensation to Yasuke’s character. In addition to this, the English voice cast of the series includes Maya Tanida for Saki, Ming-Na Wen for Natsumaru, and Gwendoline Yeo for Ichika. In addition to this, Ishikawa, Abraham, Haruto, Nikita, Morisuke, Achoja, and Yami were voiced by Dia Frampton, Dan Donahue, Darren Criss, Julie Marcus, Paul Nakauchi, William Christopher, and Amy Hill respectively.

Since it is also available in Japanese audio, so there were artists for this too. Jun Soejima is giving the voice to Yasuke. The little girl, Saki, and her mother, Ichika, are having the voice of the artists, Kiko Tamura and Rie Tanaka. Eri Kitamura, Yu Kamio, Fusako Urabe are voicing the animated characters of Ishikawa, Morisuke, and Natsumaru. In addition to them, Abraham is voiced by Shigeru Ushiyama, Haruto and Nikita have the Japanese audio by Shunsuke Kubozuka and Hiroki Nanami, Kenji Kitamura is voicing Achoja, and Yami is voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara. Among all these characters, Oda Nobunaga has the voice of Takehiro Hira in both the audio, English, and Japanese. The main characters would certainly reprise their roles while some of them might not appear in season 2.

Yasuke Season 1 Ending Explained and Recap: Did Yasuke Died?

Yasuke is all about black samurai who encounters a mother who dies in protecting her daughter, Saki. This little girl has some strange yet powerful powers and strengths. This has created problems for her as many threats and dangers are following her to get control of those powers. The story comes to its actual point when this fact was disclosed that Saki is the owner of mysterious powers. Meanwhile, the series lets the audience into the past of Yasuke. It shows how he was saved by Odo Nobunaga and was named “Yasuke.” In a few years, he showed the qualities and capabilities of a great samurai.

Later on, after a leap of 20 years, Yasuke was living in a village as a boatman. But he was possessing a new name, Yassan. One day, he meets Saki and Ichika and that’s exactly when his peaceful life got disturbed. Ichika requested him to take them to a doctor as Saki was ill. Throughout their way, there were many hurdles and they were being attacked several times by different hunters. Dr. Morisuke is trying to defend his people from Daimyo.

Yasuke Season 2 release date
Daimyo is a witch against whom Saki and Yasuke will fight later on. He has been trying hard to capture Saki. Morisuke is also trying the best to help them and save Saki from the witch. During the fight, Yasuke sacrificed himself and lost his life. But, Yasuke was revived with the help of Saki’s incredible powers. The battle continues and more force is brought up by Daimyo but ultimately, Yasuke and Saki head on to fight and win against the evil.

Yasuke Season 2 Plot

We can expect that the second season could pick up a new adventure story. However, we might also see Daimyo coming before Saki and Yasuke as the witch doesn’t seem to be dead.

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