Was Amartya Rao real gangster and was he killed by Thakre – DK Rao Biography

Did you just watch Mumbai Saga and are curious to know what was the real story behind it. You’ve landed on the right spot to get everything from the movie and how it was related to real-life events. In the movie, Mumbai Saga, the real name of Amartya was DK Rao or in fact Ravi Mallesh, and on the other side, the role played by Emraan Hashmi as Savarkar’s person reality Kajal Agarwal.

Was Amartya Rao a real gangster?

A lot has been revealed by the movie about what happened in 1990 and 1980. The Underworld of Mumbai was at its peak and that had a lot of politics going behind his hands. As shown in the movie Amartya Rao was a normal civilian but due to personal riots and gang war, he turned out to be the greatest villain of all time. At that time Amartya Rao was also considered to have connections with Chhota Rajan who was the don of that era. Not only this he had various sources of illegal activities and money laundering through the channels. Almost most of Mumbai’s industrial activities were controlled by Amartya.

Did Amartya Rao die in real life?

amartya rao in real life
Was Amartya Rao real gangster

DK Rao or as shown in the movie Amartya Rao was considered as the right hand of Chhota Rajan and in fact, Dawood Ibrahim was after his life. Now you might be thinking that did Amartya died in real life but the answer is he was one of the most savage criminals in the history of India. He managed to survive about three encounters faced by the Mumbai police and is currently living in jail.

Amartya Rao has been living in jail for the past 23 years and he was even released in 2016. But after he came out he again started doing the same mischief as he was doing earlier as he asked for extortion money from a builder he was again taken back to jail in October 2017.

Was Amartya Rao real gangster
Mumbai mill owner mumbai saga

How was Ravi Mallesh known as DK Rao?

There was a very interesting incident that took place back in 1990. While Ravi Mallesh was caught in an encounter with the female officer he managed to escape but meanwhile, ki also dropped an identity card. The scene was being taken place at a bank robbery and with that identity card, it came to be known as DK Rao. After this incident, Ravi Mallesh was famous in the Underworld by the name DK Rao and as in the movie, Amartya Rao was the remake of his name to keep things fictional.

Was Amartya Rao real gangster
Was Amartya Rao real gangster

Did Savarkar kill Amartya Rao in real life?

Emraan Hashmi played the role of Savarkar in the movie Mumbai Saga. In real life, Savarkar was called Kajal Agarwal and there was indeed an encounter that took place where DK Rao was wounded badly but somehow he managed to stay alive and was sent off to jail.

DK Roa had faced about 3 brutal encounters in which many people were dead. The most brutal encounter was done by the super cop of that time d Shivanand who almost shot 7 bullets in the body of DK Rao but still, somehow DK managed to survive. There was another encounter in nagapada where police inspector Mahabole shot various fires at DK Raand killed four of his allies he managed to survive that encounter as well. Dk Rao started his own thanks after the deposit of Chhota Rajan from India. Hatred various crimes and about dozens of active cases over him from the time span of 1990 to 2016. He had strong political connections as well and he was about to come into politics that’s the reason for being a culprit for more than 24 cases he managed to get bail. Later after he was released he asked for about 50 lacs from the builder in Mumbai and he started his illegal activities again. And return the builder filed a case against him in Mumbai and he was caught after a few days.

Was Amartya Rao real gangster
Savarkar – Kajal Agarwal

As shown in the movie Mumbai Saga he had his friends his wife and his brother as well. Whom he sent off to London to be safe. Although they have also included some fictional parts in the movie, that was not at all realistic. The movie in the starting states that the movie is based upon true stories there have been a few fictional parts included as well.

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