Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date Expectations!

Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date: Ajeeb Dastans made a blistering entry into Netflix today, which Netflix has been sharing fiercely on social media for several days. And why should we not see such a movie after a long time? The name of the strange story itself shows that there will be many such stories in the movie which may be strange to hear, and indeed it is. There are four such stories in this film, which you can hardly forget once you see them.

Fans are now already wondering for Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date as its part 1 is already premiered. So let’s not waste any time and get into Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date.

Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date

Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date
Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date

The first part of Ajeeb Daastaans has just released on Netflix on the 16th of April, 2021. As the first part has gained immense popularity all over India there are great chances for part 2 to release. The production house has not announced for part 2 of the show yet but seeing the popularity the show is gaining there are great chances for the movie to return with great societal stories.

Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date has not been confirmed and the movie has not been renewed yet.

 Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Plot

The first part of the story consisted of 4 different stories of 40-45 minutes each. Each story is totally different from the others. It will not be in chronological or linear order. Ones who have seen ‘Lust Stories’ may be familiar with the concept. The story mainly focused on societal problems in India. So if the second part of the story returns you will not relate to the first part at all. It will have totally different short stories.

Apart from this, no official announcement related to the part 2 storyline has been announced yet as the show is not been renewed. Part two can also have some social problems Stories which may inspire many people.

Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Cast

As each of the stories in part 1 had different cast members, there could be no predictions made regarding the cast of the show. The cast in part 1 includes- Fatima Sana Shaikh,  Nushrat Bharucha, Jaideep Ahlawat, Nushrat Bharucha, Konkana Sen Sharma, and other cast members.

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Ajeeb Daastaans Ending Explained

First Story- Majnu

Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date
Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date

The first story is about Bablu Bhaiya and Lipakshi’s unsuccessful marriage. At the very beginning of the story, Lipakshi sets the atmosphere of the movie with such a strong dialogue, she says “why are all the men of this country impostors”. In fact, Bablu is married to Lipakshi in political pressure and Bablu would not be able to love Lipakshi even on the very first day of marriage, because he was in love with someone earlier and he is no longer in this world.

On hearing this, the brain of the newly fledged bride gets worse and curses a lot and tells this world the world of men. The next scene is a few years ahead where Lipakshi is treating an unknown man like a tawaif. The man asks her to wear a nightie and she agrees. Then Bablu Bhaiya enters and gives a lot of beating to his employee, who has come to make love with his wife. Lipakshi lashes out at every man because she did not get the happiness of her husband and there is no love in marriage.

Then there is the entry of Raj, who is the boy of Bablu Bhaiya’s driver. Raj has written his studies from Mumbai and now gets his job in a good company in London for a package of 12 lakhs a month. Raj dreams that he can improve the condition of his family and give a better life from the atrocities on his father. When Bablu meets Raj, he is happy with his clever mind for 25 lakhs per month.

Raj happily says yes to this. The real game starts after this, Lipakshi Raj prides her a lot and wants to establish a relationship with her, but Raj does not give a lot of fear to Bablu Bhaiya, one day Raj will send Bablu Bhaiya to Lucknow and send him In the day, Lipakshi and Bablu get tied up in a physical relationship. But the story must have told such a simple twist yet. Lipakshi tells Raj to run away with her and Raj also agrees with her.

A few days later, some photos come to Bablu Bhaiya, in which his employee is seen making love with Lipakshi, seeing this he gets very furious. He Calls Raj and tells him his story and also accepts that he is gay. Bablu Bhaiya tells how at a young age his father had killed his love, not only that his entire family was also put to death.

Bablu asks Raj to kill Lipakshi and Raj agrees to it. On the other hand, Lipakshi prepares to elope with Raj and leaves for the station. But there is something in the last that will blow everyone’s senses. After Raj fooled everyone, he leaves pregnant Lipakshi in the station and goes outside India along with the family after taking 10 crores of Bablu bhaiya. Raj sends a video in which he speaks of avenging his father and misbehaving with him and this is how the story ends.

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Second Story-Khilauna

The title of the second story is “Khilauna”. In this story, Meenal works as a maid in the city along with her younger sister, one day the lights go off at home, which bothers her because rich of the colony cut off the light of her house, on the other side there is Sushil who is a woman Vali works in the same colony, Meenal and Sushil want each other very much, but due to poor economic conditions, they have lived a poor life.

Meenal finds a good place to work, the owner of the house has some pregnancy issues. She has not had a baby for many years and she becomes quite happy to see Meenal’s younger sister. It takes advantage of this and intentionally lets her younger sister stay in her house so that the mistress of that house gives her younger sister to eat good food. As time goes on and the light of her house is still not coming back, she speaks to her mistress that the light of our house has been missing for a long time.

Then the mistress of that house tells about Vinod Agarwal, the secretary of that colony, she says that if you go and talk to them once, then maybe the light of your house comes back. Vinod Agarwal’s character is

Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date
Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date

very stubborn, he has a bad eye on Meenal. One day Meenal tells Vinod the problems she was facing, then Vinod tells her that if she works in her house then the light of her house will come back. She leaves her old mistress and goes to work at Vinod Agarwal’s house. Vinod’s wife is pregnant and needs utmost care when Meenal’s younger sister comes to the house and the mistress of that house is very happy.

Meenal works for a few days in that house and after a few days, Vinod Aggarwal tries sexually assault her, and all of this is seen by Meenal’s younger sister. Vinod Agarwal gets very angry when Meenal stops and starts beating Sushil out of the house and people gather there and to tried stop Vinod And tell him what the brother is doing, now Vinod invites Suresh to his house to have a child party in such a situation.

Meenal is cooking food at the party and a cooker is on the gas, only then Suresh enters the party and makes a salute after seeing Vinod. After some time the light goes out and in this darkness, the little child disappears, goes down in search of humor, and looks towards the cooker, there is blood coming out of the cooker. Now the police investigate and their entire suspicion rests on Meenal and Suresh as Meenal came to work at their house a few days ago and Suresh and Vinod also had a fight.

After doing an investigation for a long time the neighbors are called and they tell the police officers that they saw Meenal’s small sister with Vinod’s child for the last time. Officers get shocked and ask her small sister to open the bag she had, they find a small playing bike in her bag. Her sister says that was just a toy. The story portrays that Rich and poor are still differentiated in society which makes the situation of the poor worse in the society.

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Third Story- Geeli Pucchi

This is the story of Bharti, who is a Schedule cast, has been working in a factory for a long time, and is in a desk job. A few days later, a new girl suddenly arrives and sits on her desk, seeing that Bharti gets very angry and enters the boss’s cabin. Bharti tells the boss that she too has all the qualifications needed to do this desk job, yet why did she choose that new girl, in such a situation, the boss says that you have no knowledge of the new software and that’s why they had to bring a new girl.

The new girl who gets that new job is named Pooja Sharma and the people working in the factory tell Bharti that she is a Schedule Cast and hence she has no right to sit upstairs. That is why a girl from a Brahmin society has been given a note desk job. Knowing this, Bharti feels very sad but shortly after, Bharti and Pooja create a very good bond. Bharti is a very modern-day girl and she has accepted herself. In the story it is revealed that Bharti is a lesbian who loves girls, her husband has left her, and at 32 years old she also got an abortion.

On the other hand, Pooja also felt more attraction toward girls. Both Bharti and Pooja were girlfriends at one time and both slowly start loving each other, now Pooja gets confused because she is married. And that could be the reason they started falling apart. Pooja starts behaving strangely when she hears about Bharti’s truth. As Pooja is from General she prefers staying away from the Scheduled cast.

When it was Pooja’s birthday she was treated very respectfully by the boss when she was cutting her cake. But Boss discriminates against Bharti based on Her caste and that’s why she was told to distribute the cake. Bharti understood that she was being discriminated and then she mocks Pooja to go and have a baby and Pooja does that. At last, she had a baby and she was stuck in-home while Bharti gets the oldest job.

The story indicates how people from the upper caste dominates the ones who are below them. They face discrimination daily.

Fourth Story- Ankahi

The fourth story is about a family of husband, wife, and their small daughter. Their daughter is dumb, she cannot speak. The wife keeps telling her husband to learn sign language so that he could talk to her daughter more clearly. But he is very busy in his business and doesn’t have a single minute for his family. This makes her very sad. One day she goes to a library where she meets a man who is also dumb, he talks in sign language very well.

Soon they get in love with each other. But she sees that her husband is now being more interested in her daughter and is learning sign language. She doesn’t want to break a happy family. So when her boyfriend comes to the door, she shuts the door and starts crying. The daughter knew what was happening.

In Ajeeb Daastaans, these four stories have thoroughly crushed the practices of the society and the evils of the society and few such pictures help to make the society aware.

The page will be updated as soon as Ajeeb Daastaans Part 2 Release Date is announced! You can stream part 1 on Netflix.

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