Is Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date Confirmed Or Not ?

Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date: Are you a sitcom lover? Are you a Not Going Out fan? Are you waiting for the twelfth season of Not Going Out after eleven rocking seasons? Then obviously you are coming on the right spot. This eleventh season’s series now renewed for the twelfth season. Is it confirmed or not? Here you got all the answers to the unanswered questions. So, read it till the end you will get all information regarding the Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date.

Not Going is a UK-based television series. This is a situational comedy, first premiered on 6 October 2006 on BBC One. Initially, after two seasons BBC canceled the series whilst season 3 was still airing. But due to the heavy sales of DVDs and fans signed an online petition, the decision to cancel the show has been reversed. And because of this, the show renewed for the fourth season on 6 January 2011. Recently the eleventh season has been premiered on 8 January 2021 and off aired on 5 February 2021.

This season contains five episodes in total. The show was also had two additional sequels which follow a commission again in June 2019 for taking the total episodes up to 100. So, this was the small synopsis regarding Not Going Out for those who have not watched the show yet. This show has a huge fan base. And they are eagerly waiting for the Not Going Out Season 12. Know here, Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date.

Not Going Out Season 12 Cast and Crew

 Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date
Not Going Out Season 12 Cast

The cast members of the series are amazing. But as the series reached the eleventh season the cast members kept changing by the makers. Or we can say the cast kept shuffling to different seasons. So, if we talk about the whole cast of Not Going Out, this is as follows: Lee Mack as Lee, Sally Bretton as Lucy Adams, Katy Wix as Daisy, Tim Vine as Timothy Gladstone Adams. Then, it also has Hugh Dennis as Toby, Abigail Cruttenden as Anna, Geoffrey Whitehead as Geoffrey Adams. Deborah Grant as Wendy Adams, Bobby Ball as Frank, Miranda Hart as Barbara, and Megan Dodds as Kate.

In Season 2 and 3, Timothy West was seen playing Geoffrey and in Season 1 Miranda Hart was played by Acupuncturist. And Charlie was played by Finley Southby, Benji played by Max Pattison and Molly performed by Francesca Newman as a recurring actor.

Not Going Out is created by Lee Mack and written by Lee Mack, Andrew Collins, Daniel Peak, and Sarah Morgan. From 2006 to 2021 it was directed by Alex Hardcastle and Nick Wood. And one additional episode, named Children in Need- Wogan in 2012 was directed by Ed Bye on 16 November. The music is composed by Alex Hardcastle. The distributor for distributing the show was Avalon Distribution but the original network was BBC One. Maybe some of the starting names from the cast would be returned to play their respective roles in Not Going Out Season 12 in the near future.

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Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date

As we said the last episode of the eleventh season has been recently released in February 2021. And fans are now waiting for the next season to be released. According to Wikipedia, the twelfth and thirteen seasons were announced in 2019 but due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a gap of more than a year between a tenth and eleventh season. So, Season 12 of Not Going Out will be expected sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. But till now, there is no official information from the side of the makers regarding the Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date.

As soon as we get the information we will surely update you with the latest and further information about the Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date.

Not Going Out Season 12 Plot

Not Going Out is a situation-based comedy. The story revolves around Lee, who was an aimless man in his late thirties. He was living in a flat as a lodger in London Docklands. He is basically from Chorley, Lancashire, and was a careless, unmotivated kind of deadbeat. On his duty days or between the jobs he spent most of his days lying on the sofa and watching television or at the pubs with the best friend Tim Gladstone Adams. He has been a friend with Tim for 15 years. Tim had been worked as an accountant from Henley-on-Thames who owned the same flat in which Lee accommodated as a lodger.

 Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date
Not Going Out Season 12 Plot

Lee also has a very problematic relationship with his father and remarked for his cheeky wit. Lee shared many characteristics with his father and his father openly mentioned that Lee was unplanned and born at the end of his marriage. This was the small plot of Not Going Out, and what it is about?

In the last episode of the eleventh episode, the Adam family prepared to visit the war graves of World War Two in Normandy. Normandy is the place from where the history of their family comes out. After some time Wendy disclosed that she is two years older than she declared and Jack, her father actually was never disappeared Colditz, her March 1945 birthday revealed some harsh facts regarding the original parentage. Later when everyone got over with these disclosed facts, now it’s Frank’s chance to disclose everything, which had happened to his mother as well.

Lee Mack has not told much more things about Season 12, but he currently said that he is planning to begin the next season with a Frank, Lee’s Father’s funeral. Frank was played by Bobby Ball unfortunately, he was passed away in October 2020 at the age of 76.

Not Going Out Season 12 Release Date has not announced yet, the page will be updated as soon as we get the updates till then watch the previous seasons on BBC. 

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