Best Adult Web Series On Ullu You Should Add To Your List!

Best Adult Web Series On Ullu: Ullu app is an Indian on-demand streaming adult-oriented platform. Ullu provides you with a large variety of web series movies and shows to watch and stream online. It has its original series. As It is an adult-oriented platform all of the content is considered 18 plus. Even though it is not on-demand like Netflix and Amazon Prime video, but it can be considered as an alternative for them.

Yet the app is becoming very famous and growing with a good number of subscribers day by day. The app is owned and maintained by Vibhu Agarwal. How to download the app and the plan of the subscription are discussed in this article. It has a large content of Indian hot shows and Best Adult Web Series On Ullu you should definitely check out:

Best Adult Web Series On Ullu


Best Adult Web Series On Ullu

Peshawar is based on the real terrorist attack that took place at the Peshawar Army Public School situated in Northwestern Pakistan on 16th December 2014. The massacre left people in shock and sorrow over 148 people died including most of the children. The casting includes rakshanda Khan as Fatima, Amitriyaan, Ashmit Patel, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Simarjeet Singh Nara, Sakshi Pradhan, Rushad Rana, and Rajiv Sen.

It was released on 16 December 2020 on the ullu platform. It is comprised of four episodes a series begins with the morning of 16th December when the Talibani extremists attack the peaceful army school of Peshawar. This is one of the Best Adult Web Series On Ullu you should see.

2. Kasak

‘Kasak’ will give you goosebumps for sure. It is based on a true event that you might have heard before. A young nurse who tries to unearth the corruption with medicines happening in the hospital where she works. The nurse’s name was Sheetal who was violently attacked and raped as a result of standing for good. The brutality took her in a semi-comatose state where she has been for the rest and most of her life.

Sheetal’s condition of being semi-comatose was so painful to survive that her lawyer at the end demanded euthanasia to free her from pain and let her rest in peace. The series is an emotionally based story that left everyone in pain after watching.

Best Adult Web Series On Ullu

3. Paper

Was paper was released on 13 November 20 2 0 the series is about a scam. It is the journey of Abdul played by Rohit Bose Roy who is a coconut seller but turns into a millionaire by performing different scams. You can say something you like 1992 camp but it is just a different one. He becomes rich through different tactics the scam deals with the biggest fake stamp papers. The series is directed by Deepak Pandey and the cast includes Rohit Bose Roy, Parag Tyagi, Dushyant Uday Wagh Priti Soni, and Kate Sharma.

Overall, the plot is interesting. This is one of the Best Adult Web Series On Ullu you should see.

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4. Woodpecker

Best Adult Web Series On Ullu

Woodpecker was released on 14th August 2020 it is a Romance drama suspense series tracking four different stories. It is like for different types of characters playing the old stories having worried about dream one deals with the love problem clever and the others forced by circumstances. All of the circumstances happening in their lives makes it interesting to watch and when it deals with lots of problems. The casting includes Parag Tyagi, Surbhi Tiwari, Manish Tyagi Dipesh Samantaray, Anupama Prakash, Nehal vadoliya, and Lira Soni.

5. Tadap

Tadap the name depicts itself about what it is in the series It’s a love story of Mohit and Madhu Mishra played by Param Singh and Shiny Dikshit respectively from a small-town which reaches a big town in Kolkata. The lovers face every kind of problem which every other lover faces in being in a kind of society this is. Mohit and Madhuri’s life goes well together even after the challenges they are overcome very problems but everything gets ruined suddenly when divorcee young Businessman Azeem Qureshi comes into their life and it all becomes a love triangle.

Madhu gets into Azeem and their life changes. This is one of the Best Adult Web Series On Ullu you should see.

Best Adult Web Series On Ullu

6. Bhasudi

It was released on 7th October 2020. The story revolves around the life of a gangster group. They work with dangerous weapons and perform criminal activities. The series is an action crime thriller tracking story about a group of boys who involve themselves in various fights among their types with back-to-back dangerous attacks.

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7. Blue lies

The crime thriller ‘ Blue Lies’ was released on 7 August 2017 around the murders happening in Mumbai city. Several youngsters of the city are found on the streets dead. it is about a mysterious criminal activity that left people finding young boys missing. The Mysterious tragedy continues with the boys and no one was able to find the reason behind the tragedy. The series gives the audience a great visual impact and it is very interesting to solve the mystery by watching them.

All make it a worth watching web series. This is one of the Best Adult Web Series On Ullu you should see.

Best Adult Web Series On Ullu

8.The Bull of Dalal Street

Everybody knows the reality and the bitter truth with money related to the world. so the series the Bull of Dalal Street just focuses on the darker side of the money. You can say it is inspired by the stock exchange with a scam that happened in Mumbai in 1992. The series features some good actors like Iqbal Khan Ashmit Patel Kunal Verma in a pivotal role. The protagonist of the story is Harshil Mehra who gets into earning a lot of money and ruling over people with the help of money.

It is interesting to see how he starts employing through stock marketing and becomes so rich. if you have not watched it yet you should find out what happened next by watching.

9. Pasta

Pasta web series got its name as pasta because of the pasta that revolves between the complications of the happily married couple. The famous actor Sharad who has recently appeared in Naagin 5 and Madhurima Tuli who got famous after coming into the Bigg Boss season 13 is the lead performers of the pasta web series. The series revolves around the struggles and complications that appeared in the happily married life of Sharad and Madhurima on-screen characters.

Shared Is not so physically strong due to which Madhurima tries to fulfill her desire through her boss, the third person in their life. This is one of the Best Adult Web Series On Ullu you should see.

Best Adult Web Series On Ullu

10. Ashuddhi

Ashuddhi has been released in two parts. It is a horror-thriller series with which shows the very hidden scary concept of Illuminati society. Ashuddhi can be considered as the first-ever story in Indian cinema which involved the concept of the Illuminati kind. It is a good horror series starring Hiten Tejmani as Karan Naam, Kavita Radheshyam, and Chandana Gowda. Directed by Faisal Saif the plot of the story is about Karan Naam who is an Aspiring actor and comes to the city for following his dream. Things get changed when he met a stranger woman in the flat after then there comes the life of the show.

So, this was the list of Best Adult Web Series On Ullu, which you can add to your watchlist.

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