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IObit iFun Screen Recorder : Free And Easy To Use Software

There are a sufficient number of screen recording tools out there but I will prefer a free, easy-to-use, simple, and easy-to-handle software named iFun Screen Recorder with its latest version. The screen can be recorded with Light video editor and also with the helo if webcams too it can be recorded.

This software has an enormous number of features, there is no time boundation for recording any kind of stuff. There is also a pro version available that this software offers in which if a watermark or any other privacy issue appears then this problem easily gets resolved through orbit iFun screen recorder. The pro version supports many unique features though many users ignore this it provides something very user-friendly which resolves screencasting issues.

Steps for installing iFun Screen Recorder

This screen recorder is not that tough to set up. For installation just go to the below-mentioned website

There is an install button that appears, just click the install button and it will easily be downloaded to your pc or laptop.

When you will done with installing, a window will appear in which you need to select certain features as default so whenever you will use this software those features will be already selected and will not interrupt your screen recording and can be used in immediate situations too like if you suddenly wants to record a meeting, or part of a meeting or movies anything.There are features like you want to record the full screen, a specific window, or your decided region particularly as per your needs.

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How to USE iFun Screen Recorder?

When you are done with alk the selection of default section and everything, then a final screen will appear where you can select the random options like camera, webcam, mike, audio, speaker, etc. To his, all options will be visible on yours. The selection of default features is a must as it will ensure your screen recorder more efficiently. You can click and drag the webcam option anytime on your screen or just put it at one corner of the screen.

 iFun Screen Recorder



There are options in settings where you can enable or disable the watermark option, you can select audio formats like mp3 and the folder in which you want to save your screen recording. Also, these options can be accessed anytime.

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Now after all this,you can start your recording either by pressing F9 or the main button for recording. Also if any floting dialogs from Ifunscreen recorder apoears then you dont need to worry, it will not appear in this final record of the screen.If you want to pause your recording you can press F10 for this and If you want to just caoture a singke screen you can press F11.

Now when your recording is finished,you can visit it anytine on the software ,a option vissible at a dropdown menu My Creation where you can just access you recording easily. In this, there are options to edit it too, like trimming, cutting unwanted noises or clips.Now when you are done with ediring and other pieces of stuff just save the final clip and you can share that recorded video on your drive, youtube,whatsapp,facebook and wherever you wanted to share.

Features Of iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is available for Windows 7 as a freeware software
.The pro version of iFun screen revorder costs you approx $30 for a year which will make your software handier with an enormous number of features.

 iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder Pro features

-GPU acceleration for laf free recording
–HD video recording
-You can add a customized logo
–You can add a customized watermark
-60 FPS for smooth recording

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