Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date Soon To Be Announced!

Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date: Magi: Adventure of Sinbad had been a marvelous show that streamed in 2016, although there have been other Magi shows as well, just like Magi: the labyrinth of the magic & the kingdom of magic as well. All three shows have been set in the same theme and most importantly all other parts have a sequel behind them. Yet Magi: Adventure of Sinbad has fans eagerly waiting for its next sequel.

Adventure of Sinbad was released on May 08 2013 and has been written by Shinobu Ohtaka And the has been illustrated by Yoshifumi Other. The manga was made into a show later in 2016 and has gained a lot more hype since then, it’s season two has been long-awaited by the fans.

Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date

The show was based on the manga series that initiated in 2013 and continued till 2018, the show has enough content to premiere more than four seasons. Yet the makers have not continued the series in the past 4 years. The show was significantly less popular at the time it was released but more Magi series that came on their way made Sinbad even popular. There is a great chance after analyzing the success of season one there will be a season 2 for sure.

Although there has been no announcement yet the season two of Magi: Adventure of Sinbad will pop up in the upcoming year or two. As there is a ton of content that has to be worked upon. Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date could be announced anytime.

Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date
Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date

Magi: the labyrinth of magic and its sequel Kingdom of magic both were loved by anime lovers, the shows were based after 1.5 decades in comparison to Sinbad. Although the kingdom of magic has less rating as compared to the earlier part. But there is a high possibility that the shows will continue in the upcoming time. Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date can range from the next 2021 to late 2022. As soon as we’ll get any information we will surely tell you the information right here.

Sinbad Anime English Dubbed

The show has about 15 episodes and can be found on Netflix. The show has a great rating along with clear English Dubbing. The anime was originally recorded in Japanese just in the language the manga was written. If there is ever season 2 it will too be English Dubbing.


Sinbad Anime Season 1 Plot

All the Magi shows have been adapted by the Mythological and Historical stories. The tales that have been heard by everyone. Magi: Adventure of Sinbad has been adapted by the Arabian Nights and has Sinbad the sailor. The Magi: Labyrinth of magic includes the events that took place after 15 years of Magic: Adventure of Sinbad. The famous middle- eastern folks have been amazingly portrayed in the manga as well as the anime.

The story begins at a village named tison in the apartheid empire. A child is born into a mediocre soldier, both the wife and the husband are extremely happy for the beautiful child they’ve got. Just like the old days where there were myths and magic in the real world, the magicians got to know about Sinbad was born and according to them, he was a magical prodigy who had a purpose in his life.

Sinbad was considered as the child of destiny and had a satisfactory childhood where he had friends and proper care had been taken off. Even after the kingdom faced a lot of instability and poverty Sinbad was a happy child. Everything takes a steep turn when there a stranger arrives as he reveals something that changes everything.

Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date
Sinbad Anime Season 1 Recap

The stranger reveals his destiny and tells him about the dungeons that have appeared throughout the land. If you have watched Black clover that anime too had a part where there were hidden magical dungeons that consisted of great powers, and the one who conquered the deadly dungeons will become the bearer of those magical strengths. Thus Sinbad starts his journey to conquer the dungeons and use those powers to help people and prove that he is the great prodigy that everyone thought of.

On his way he meets Yunan who himself bears great powers and is much stronger in comparison to Sinbad, they both develop a great bond together and start their journey. Sinbad tells about his life how people have looked on him as a prodigy and expect him of great deeds.

His story moves Yunan and he sees ambitions and great energy in his body thus he directs Sinbad to a dungeon who he thinks might have the kind of power he is searching for. Yunan tells Sinbad about a dungeon which he knows who has the strength of “The Great King” which has the power that can move the world and if Sinbad conquers it, he will become the most powerful.

Sinbad and Yunan go on their way to conquer the great dungeon and complete the challenges which they get on their way.
Thus in the first season, he didn’t become the bearer of the great power that means there is a lot of stories that need to be shown. This increases the chances of Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Season 2 to release soon in the coming years.

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Sinbad Anime Season 2 Characters

Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date
Sinbad Anime Season 2 Characters

The show has two main protagonists Sinbad and Yunan who make their appearance after a few episodes. These two characters have the whole show surrounding them as their journey is to capture the great power of the kind. These two make the story interesting and have great powers within.

Talking about Sinbad he is one of the coolest characters you will ever find in any anime show, he’s a drunkard yet a fun-loving boy, he thinks about his fellow people his friends his family everyone is happy and loved by him.

His charismatic personality has a big space in the hearts of people around him. A marvelous swordsman and skilled in his art, a few can only defeat Sinbad. In the show, he keeps gaining abilities and also becomes the king as well as the master of 7 dungeons. He has a long way to go and more to achieve in the upcoming shows.

Yunan – the character is a god-like human being reincarnation. He has died about 8 times in the past and is in his 9 the reincarnation. He is one of the four Magi the universe has. Despite being so powerful he appears in a very basic appearance that looks more of a girl though a man.

Yunan holds the ability to bring dungeons into existence and make them disappear in a single hand moment. He is extremely impressed by Sinbad and he says he hasn’t seen such a human being in his lifespan although he is thousands of years old. He says Sindbad is a Miracle one who is born in a millennium and rarely seen. The extraordinary powers Sindbad beholds impresses Yunan and makes his best friend and the other protagonist of the show.

Sinbad Anime Season 2 Plot

Although the date isn’t final yet we know what’s gonna happen in season two. The show still has many things to be revealed as the manga is long gravel written in a time span of 6 years. Adventures of Sinbad Season 2 has a lot to offer, Sinbad yet to become the king and conquer the dungeon with King-like abilities.

The show has a potential of about season 4 or five and being a series of Magi the show has an incredible storyline that will be engaging for the audience. Sinbad will have more power and along with Yunan, many battles have yet to be fought.

Binge watch the first season on Netflix. 

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