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Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games!

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games: Gaming has been addictive is an exciting way to have fun and relax. It is also a way to escape from your day-to-day struggle for a while and get recharge to face them again. And, nowadays it is becoming a part of a different culture, and many countries out there have electronic gaming as their national sport. With physical abilities, gaming also enhances our mental abilities as it requires imagination and brain to move ahead in a game.

In this article, we will tell you about some reliable websites and platforms from where you can easily download cracked games for PC without spending a single penny. So without wasting further time let’s begin.

Problem with Website Offering Cracked Games For PC

There are two problems with gaming. First, with more than a billion people active in the gaming industry, gaming sites are quite popular and widely accessed by users. As a result, all these websites are vulnerable to all types of threats like adware, hacking, malware, and scam and other. Therefore, it is really important that you must access only those sites which are reliable and safe for you and your details.

Second, electronic games are pretty expensive and not all can buy them. You will also want and have a strong desire to play new games but good games are not often cheap.

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games

Ocean of Games

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games
Ocean Of Games

Ocean of Games as Name shows is an ocean of games available for free. You can download Nascar 2015, Games of Thrones, Grand Theft Auto 5, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 3 from the website with ease. This is a site that gives you that which it promised.

You can even download compressed versions of games.

It offers games of genres action games, song games, arcade games, RPG, survival and fantasy games, etc. Ocean of Games allows both single-player and multiplayer gaming. It also provides features like networking by its community forum where all the users can meet new users and chat even during gaming.


GameTop is for casual gamers. This site doesn’t offer premium games but has plenty of cool games like Three Musketeers, Time Machine, Statue of Liberty, and many more. The new game is released on a regular basis on this.

Importantly, it is free of malicious adware and spyware. It has a simple layout and you can easily download games from it.

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games
Game Top

My Real Games

If you are one of those who love card games or pool games then My Real Games is for you. You can download these types of games on this site easily for free. Girl games, car games, action games, and sports games are also available on this site.

My Real Games is also somewhat free from viruses and malicious spyware and freeware.


SkidrowKey is one the biggest websites for free video games. Games of 20GB to 50GB can be downloaded in parts from this website in zipped format. You can either download or play online. It offers both single-player and multiplayer. However, games are not of high quality on this platform.

Some of the latest games in the collection are Tekken 7, Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed Origin, InJustice 2, GTA V, BattleField 1, No Man’s Sky, and many more. You can even request games on this platform.

PC Games Labs

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games
PC Games Lab

PC Games Labs is a site that has games for every person. Whether you love horror games or adventure games you get all types of games here to download for free. PC Games Labs has active customer support. Its repository is updated regularly.

Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, Doom Eternals, Metro 2033, Dead Cells, Bright Memory, Dead Rising, and more are some popular games available on PC Games Labs.

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Games Jolt

Jolt has a large collection of indie games along with fangame, horror, action, etc. Both single-player and multiplayer gaming. It has active customer support.

Games Jolt also helps to create communities for support within the gaming consoles. Games like Crown Trick, DarkStory Online, Who Needs a Hero, Vault, Retrograde Arena, Vagrus, Inspector Waffles are there to download.

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games
Games Jolt


In your life you all at least one time come across this website. Softonic is a name when it comes to downloading software. Along with software, android, and iOS apps, games are also available on this website to download.

Softonic supports multiple languages. Popular games like Shieldwall, GTA, Call Of Duty, Predator, CyberHunter, RL Craft are available on this.

Ova Games

Ova Games is a website with a large variety of video games. Whether role-playing, horror, action, adventure, decision making, fighting, racing, or puzzle you will find all types of games on it. You can even request games on this platform.

Both paid and free games are available on it. Ova Games supports multiple languages.

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games
Ova Games


GameSpot is a website providing views, updates, and reviews about games. But you can also download video games from this website. You can also make friends and can also chat with them. Report features are also there.

Games like Trial’s of Mana, Assassin Creed, All the World is A Stage, Fallout, Sakura Wars, Cris Tales, Dying Light are available on this website.

Miniclip.comMiniclip is a hub of battle royale games. These games are of high quality and downloadable. Somehow these games have large files and you need plenty of data to download them.

Ball Pool, Soccer Game, 3 Foot Ninja, BadaBoom, Hexxagon, Astroid Rush, Commando 2, Snowboarder, Horsey Racing are some popular games available on Miniclip.


FitGirl is similar to SkidrowKey and Ocean of Games. Dozens of games are available on this site which can be downloaded in zipped format. There are so many games available for free to download. Some of them are genuine while some of them are crack versions.

Games like Shadow of Tomb Raider, Fallout 76, Far Cry 5, Fifa 19, and many more are available on this.

Large Free PC Games – Highly Compressed Cracked Games For PC

If you want to download premium games for free then this website is for you. Large Free PC Games provides you with games in highly compressed format. You can download games like Saint Rows 2, GTA V, GTA IV, GTA Vice City, Hitman 4, San Andreas, and many more at a high download speed.

Compressed PC Games – Download

Like the above one, this is another website to download your favorite games in compressed format. This website offers games like Assassin Creed 3, Call of Duty Game Series, GTA games compressed at KBS.

Best Website to Download Paid PC Games at Great Discount

1. Steam

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games

Developed by Valve Corporation, Steam is the biggest digital video games distribution platform. Steam Supports 28 languages and has been functioning for the last 13 years successfully. Along with paid games, it also has some top games available for free.

Even, Steam has few sales around the year in which you can purchase an original copy of games at a lower price. It is supported on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Besides, if you have Steam installed on your PC then occasionally you can get access to the Beta version of the latest game for free whenever its launch is announced.

But wait, Steam is much more than just a platform to play and download games. With single-player games, you can also play multiplayer games with your friends or with any random player. You can also stream videos related to games on Steam in the form of tutorials, movies, demos, or episodes. You can create clans and can chat with other users and thus can be used as a social networking platform too. And the most interesting, you can also create your own game on Steam with its ‘Steam Workshop’.

Pros: 1. A large number of games are available on it and even big game producing studios also launch their games on Steam directly.

2. It is supported by Linux, Windows, and Mac so you can switch your platform and can play your games anywhere and anytime with your account.

3. With its built-in translator, Steam works in 28 languages which makes it user-friendly.

4. It has a simple interface and is easily accessible.

Cons: 1. Though it has free games also but some of the paid ones are expensive.

2. Games available for free also lack variety and options with the same old style. After a period free games become boring.

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2. GOG

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games

Previously known as Good Old Games, GOG.com is developed by GOG Limited which is a subsidiary of a Polish company CD Projekt. Just like Steam, it is also a digital platform for video game distribution.

Every year GOG.com provides at least three premium games for free. And this giveaway is of duration 48 hours. With just one click you can download games and you did not require any third-party client to run or download games. It also provides automatic updates to your downloaded games. And if you don’t like any update in-game then you can even uninstall that update and can play the same game with a prior update.

To play games downloaded from GOG.com you do not need an internet connection. These are available to play offline and your progress will be saved once you go online.

Pros: 1. It can operate on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

2. Paid games are not very expensive. Plus GOG.com puts many premium games on sale occasionally and you can also use gift cards.

3. Big repository of games of all genres.

4. It is user-friendly, and easy to access, use and download.

Cons: 1. It lacks many new games and has the same old games.

2. It does not support multiplayer gaming.

3. Origin

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games

Origin is also a digital video game distribution platform developed by Electronic Games, a company that is a name in video games format and behind many world-famous games. With this, you can buy games on your PC and on your mobile phone too.

Being a gaming platform, Origin has much more to offer. It has features like video streaming, in-app chatting with your friends, and profile management. You can also connect your social network apps profile like Facebook with it.

From classics like Plants vs. Zombie to Fifa, Origin has a large variety of games available for its users. Like Steam and GOG.com it also puts few premium games on sale occasionally.

Pros: 1. It comes from a successful and popular company thus it can be trusted.

2. It is user-friendly, and easy to access, use and download.

3. Provides video streaming feature.

Cons: 1. Customer service needs to be improved.

2. Its interface updates frequently which are time-consuming and requires a reasonable amount of data to install the updates.

4. G2A

Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games

Unlike the above three, G2A is not a video game distribution platform. G2A is a digital marketplace that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers and connects them. It does not purchase or sell video games itself but only provides various platforms for its users to buy and sell digital products.

Also, G2A with almost 2 million sellers and 12 million users is one the fastest growing digital marketplace. It provides its services for all types of platforms like PSN, Apple, Steam, GOG, UPlay, etc.

It is a good platform to buy premium video games as they are available with a handsome discount on them from the original distributors.


CAUTION! It is not safe to download cracked games for PC and install unoriginal copies of the games as they can contain malicious adware, malware, virus, and other threats to your security. So, we never advised any of you to download games from any suspicious website which offers games to download free. Always research about it on the web and then go for it. Still, if you are not sure then download the games from their official websites by paying the developers and justify their hard work on developing that game. That was the list of Websites To Download Crack Version Of Games.

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