The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date Announced!

The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date
The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date

The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date: AltBalaji appears to compete for makeovers as the streaming platform works in the direction of changing long-standing stereotypes. Ekta Kapoor, executive Producer is appealing to the younger viewers with some new productions and shows. This International Women’s Day Zee5 and Alt Balaji Monica Dogra-starer The Married Woman was released. The web series tries to bring us on a celebratory path beyond sexuality, showing a woman’s emotional journey of finding herself.

The series is based on ‘A Married Woman’ best-seller novel written by celebrated author Manju Kapur. Audiences have praised the web show for its stellar performances, impressive dialogues, great performances, and soulful music. The show ranked No. 2 on Oramax’s most-watched list twice in its third week in a row.

The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date

This is a Hindi web series, it’s the first season was released on Zee5 and Alt Balaji on 8 March 2021. Season 2 of The Married Woman is arriving and on Alt Balaji and Zee 5. It is going to be released in 2022, but the official date is still to be announced and makers will be disclosed after the script ends, don’t worry about it.

The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date: Not announced

The Married Woman Season 2 Cast

The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date
The Married Woman Season 2 Cast

Nearly every cast member from season 1 is going to return for season 2, the series may feature new characters to create new twists and turns. I am confident the second season is going to be greater and better in terms of production costs and more.

In the previous season of the web series some important cast members –

Monica Dogra –

With this web series, Dogra makes her official OTT debut. Actor, Singer, and performer Monica Dogra are well suited for the role as she looks very fit given her real-life aura of a fit artist.

Ridhi Dogra –

Ridhi, the Delhi girl in the lead cast of the series is playing the character of Astha (the married woman). The first time we will be watching Dogra on the OTT platform. She has made a name for herself in the Indian soap industry after occurring in Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak? and taking part in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Imaad Shah –

Imaad Shah musician and actor, is also playing an intriguing role in the series. He is the first person that Astha encounters after getting out into the world and her marriage. Son of Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah, he was last seen in the films Posham Pa and M Cream.

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The Married Woman Season 2 Plot

If we see the end of season one, we can discover that Season 2 is going to be more thrilling. As we have seen, Aashta has told her husband everything and has decided to go to Paris, and there are tricks to twist the story here, and here the story is taking tricks to turn, what would happen another morning, what would Aastha Do? all is going to come in season 2.


While there are no hints from the producers about the season 2 confirmation and plot, stay tuned to our social media handles and Telegram channels and we will keep you informed of all updates about the series.

Real Story behind the web series ‘The Married Woman’

Sahir Raza directs the web series is set during the 1992 religious and political disturbance in the country, which was caused due to the Babri Masjid destruction in Ayodhya and the slugging ban against homosexuality.  The official description of the story on its trailer is, “Beyond conditioning brings personality, Beyond belief comes spirituality, Beyond sexuality,

The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date
Synopsis from season 1

comes a connection.” The story is more than only a stage or mid-life problem; It is about two women at the risky and discharge crossroads of self-finding, who are unrestrained in our society.

The Married Woman, the story is about Astha, One who has made a good run so far in his married life. She does not have a loving still not so onward husband and a child. Yet,
losing to understand her life she is seen arriving out of her hands like sand, she gets prepared to experience fresh things.

Very few people know that her life will differ after meeting artist Peeplika. Their relationship challenges several stereotypes and losses of our society that fail to understand the human psyche.

The Married Woman Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of season 1 started with a voiceover of Ridhi Dogra’s followed by Gulzar’s recital of his poem “Aaj Phir Chaand Ki”. It speaks how the Supreme Court decision on Ayodhya on 9 November 2019, helped restore a 27-year-old defect and more. And Zee5 has released the official teaser of the series on 20 January 2020.

Manju Kanpur: Commonwealth Writer’s Prize winner –

Manju Kanpur, “mirror of society” kind of writer. Her “A Married Woman” novel aiming the series adaptation set against the Babri Masjid demolition backdrop will indicate the discomfort of her protagonists as well as the unrest of the world outside.

According to the author, all personal lives are influenced by the social, political, economic conditions in which they are located. Firstly the outside influences the inside. If you have something that goes as deep as suspicion of another religion or intolerance, it may not affect your day-to-day life. But It affects the larger fabric of society and it is disturbing, it is disturbing that we are still dealing with it, she said.

Kapur, the winner of the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize for teaching English at Miranda House, the University of Delhi in 1999, is the author of books such as “Home”, “Brothers” and “The Immigrant”. She is currently working on her seventh novel. Her motive was that her books could portray the harsh truth of the society.

The Married Woman Season 1 Review

The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date
The Married Woman Season 2 Release Date

The Married Woman is like old wine, in a packaged new bottle, which will not be perfumed or delectable, which again was not meant to be sip and drink because we have seen this same story better before. Also, the series takes too long to make its point, and many times, it doesn’t either.

However, some of which come out like a sore thumb, firstly, in the inorganic way in which Aastha loves to fall in love with the suddenly loving Ejaz, and secondly, despite the latter being attracted to Peeplika. The character was never established with bisexuals. Symptoms. Other negating points include faith breaking the fourth wall without any reason and poor editing.

Check out The Married Woman for its cast acting and taste some of the well-conceived dialogues that give this old wine a delicious flavor that you want to consume. Ekta Kapoor never succumbs to any form of pressure, big or small, no matter where she comes from and keeps putting out such unnaturally bold, inflammatory material that makes thinking truly personal.

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