Izzy’s Koala World Season 2 Release Date Is Coming Or Not?

Izzy’s Koala World is an Australian documentary series of Izzy Bee. It was first premiered on September 15, 2020. This was produced by Nomadica Films. Dodo, the digital media brand has been running this series on Animal Planet under the show ‘Dodos Heroes’. This series shows the love of Izzy, an 11 years old girl for Koalas. This was a short clip, but it reached a great audience. So, Netflix decided to showcase Izzy’s friendship with these tree-climbing marsupials. So, in 2020 they made a full-fledged series on this. After watching the first season of Izzy’s Koala World the fans are anxiously waiting for the second installment. Today, we are taken some great information about Izzy’s Koala World Season 2 release date, cast, story, and trailer. So, let’s get started.

Izzy’s Koala World Season 2 Plot/Story

On the east coast of Australia, there is Magnetic Island, which is home to hundreds of Koalas. These are the tree-climbing marsupials who feed and live on the eucalyptus tree leaves for 18-22 hours while sleeping in a day. Izzy lived with her parents and they help in the rehabilitation and rescue of the wild Koalas, whenever Koalas needed. The show is not only about Izzy Bee but her whole family works for Animal safety. They welcome Animals to their home and grows them until they are ready to go back to their wildlife.

Koalas are Izzy’s best friends and siblings both. But among all of them, her favorite is Princess Leia. Earlier Leia had been saved when she was a baby and she believes that Izzy is her mother. There are other Koalas also in Season 1 like Rosie, Juliet, Muffin, and Chompy. Thanks to Izzy’s charitable, deep, and unique spirit and intuitiveness, she is able to connect with the Koalas. And in the end, we can see Izzy’s emotions as she allowed Leia to enter her real home that is wildlife.

Izzy’s Koala World Season 2 will continue with the same plot. But in the story, the makers may showcase to you the deeper friendship between Koala and Izzy and other animals on Magnetic Island.

Izzy Bee
Izzy Bee

Izzy’s Koala World Season 2 Cast and Crew

You know, it is useless to say that Season 2 will be going to have a new cast. In Season 2 you will be able to see Izzy Bee, an 11 years old girl again. The series shows that she lived on the Magnetic Island of Australia. Izzy has an immense capability of communing with Koalas and therefore she is known as the Koala Whisperer. Izzy lived on Magnetic Island with her mother Ali and her father, Tim, and their dog, Princess. Their home works for the rescued Koalas as a Sanctuary. Along with Izzy, we will see her whole family coming back in the second season.

If we talk about its crew members so they will also be the same. Music Composers of the series are Art Hays and Devin Moore. John Collins, Jr. Suzanne Kolb, Izzie Lerer, and Jared McGilliard are the executive producers for the same. The show is running under the production company, Nomadica Films. Izzy’s Koala World streams on Netflix.

Izzy's Koala World
Izzy’s Koala World

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Izzy’s Koala World Season 2 Release Date

As we said earlier Izzy’s Koala World Season 1 was first premiered on 15 September 2020. It contains eight episodes. This inspiring series arrived on the screens on the launch of Dodo Kids- the extension of the production company The Dodo’s Kids. Because of the partnership with Netflix, this series reached a huge audience. And its first season was amazing and gave the viewers an incredible experience to make Koalas rescued and released. By looking at the praise earned from season 1 the makers wanted to launch the second season. And it is officially announced that Izzy’s Koala World Season 2 will be going to release on April 20, 2021. So, just a few days are left your wait will be ended soon.

Izzy’s Koala World Season 2 Trailer

As the release date of Izzy’s Koala World Season, 2 is coming closer day by day. It is on 20 April 2021. So, Netflix Jr.has released the trailer for the Season 2. You can see the trailer below.

Izzy’s Koala World Episodes

The first season of this series contains eight episodes. And all the episodes were released on the same day that is 15 September 2020. All the right episodes are:

  1. Rossie’s Rescue
  2. Baby Chompy
  3. Leia Has a Cold
  4. Muffin Moves In
  5. Julliete’s Release
  6. Twinkle’s Rescue
  7. Leia’s Ready for Release
  8. Goodbye Leia.

If you are also an animal lover or not, you must show it is something new and knowledgeable. Watch the first season on Netflix and wait for the second season till 20 April 2021, it will also going to stream on Netflix.

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