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Movies like 365 Days on Netflix add to your watchlist!

The erotic drama of 2020, 365 Days has a reason for generating a storm on social media after its release. Not just various memes were made on it, but it also attracted a lot of attention due to its imaginative plot. If you have seen the movie, then you know a lot more about why the film is so popular. The erotic thriller, despite having a Rotten Tomato score of only 30 percent, topped Netflix’s most-watched list. All of this is due to the highly realistic lovemaking sequence in the film, which is the majority of the film. Not something you would like to see with your family.

This gives us the reason to think about some other movies like 365 Days on Netflix that anyone can watch. It turns out, there are quite a lot of risk Movies like 365 Days, really good movies, and a story, incredible cinematography. We selected some movies as titles, but with better stories, and better ones.

Don Jon –

The writer, director, and main lead Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this American romantic comedy movie. It is the part of movies like 365 Days on Netflix. Other casts include – Julianne Moore and Scarlett Johansson, the movie story revolves around a person who is addicted to porn, inside of having a rather hyperactive sex life.

Fifty Shades Of Grey –

Movies like 365 Days on Netflix

It was only to make a list. Fifty Shades had books everyone was talking about in the early to mid-2010s. Naturally, the film also sparked everyone’s interest. The movie, played by Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, is a decent story, in addition to some steamy lovemaking scenes. Also, the cinematography is fantastic.

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Addicted –

It is a good erotic thriller. Although the movie begins rather novicely and indicates a rather happy setting of a family, it goes through a wrong turn that modern-day family relationships have developed.

White Girl –

White Girl is an extremely dark erotic thriller, which is openly said is a little annoying at times. The film’s protagonist, Leah, gets into a drug habit and falls in love with her dealer. What ensues is a gory, but beautifully shot series of scenes that show that, if avoided with some sort of high, it is best.

Nymphomaniac Volume 1 & 2 –

Nymphoménic is the story of a woman who is diagnosed with the apocalypse, remembering the ecstatic life of her. The reason I recommend watching the movies is that it bears the fact of how complex and ultimately traditional human relationships can be found. And yes, of course, there are a lot of steamy scenes that advance the hypothesis that the trilogy tries to push forward.

Cruel Intentions –

Movies like 365 Days on Netflix

The first Cruise Intentions showing Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon will go down as a classic. The film is not like a thriller because it is a drama. However, this does not take away from the fact that it is rather raunchy, and a bit unnecessary at times.

Love –

It is an exciting film that gripped a lot of attention in 2015 when it was released. This does not preclude doing anything, except the depth of the character. The movie cast – Karl Glusman, Klara Kristin, and Aomi Muyock, who put themselves out there with graphic sex scenes, un-simulated.

Below Her Mouth –

A relationship becomes so greater in Below Her Mouth, a movie about two odd women who fall in love with each other. Jasmine is already engaged, but she is fascinated by the mysterious Dallas, who meets her during a night in the city. Both connected quickly with each other, in a way that changes both of their lives.

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After –

Movies like 365 Days on Netflix

After that is based on the steamy novel of the exact name. Bookish college sweetheart Tessa Young is a who stumbles upon bad boy Hardin in the first week of college. They begin an intense relationship, even following along. Hardin starts to question Tessa’s life: she wondered what she knew about herself, and where in the world she was going.

Indiscretion –

Indiscretion -

Her family is away, psychiatrist Veronica Simon has a charming sculptor over the weekend with Victor. But the relationship remains longer than Veronica thinks it will. Victor declines to let go of her and is ready to go to a big duration to win her back. When his fascination becomes risky, Veronica must discover a way to save her family.

Amar –

It is a Spanish movie that shows two young hot adults watching to find themselves, both spiritually and physically. Carlos and Laura fall in love — but this first love probably too serious to mature. While their feeling for one another is unquestionable, the couple struggles to hold adulthood together.

Newness –

During the horrors of online dating, Gabriella and Martin discover each other. But an affair is not as simple as the apps create it to look: they begin hooking up with other people and finally settle on a proper relationship. Newness follows Martin and Gabriella’s steamy efforts to settle down and be loyal to each other.

Gerald’s Game –

Think up that 365 Days scene where Laura is bound on the bed, but then visualize it all gets on incorrect and the actors are a slight bit aged. It is very much Gerald’s game. Is the story is about a woman who unfortunately murders her husband during a kinky game. On her bed, she is then leave handcuff with no possibility of return. She starts hearing sounds and watching different visions and it gets mess up, very immediately.

Cam –

Cam -

A psychological horror movie Cam put in the world of webcam pornography. Here an erotic cam girl discovers her famous channel hijacked by the same. She has to chase this person down and get her show back.

Movies like 365 Days on Netflix is based on Blanka Lipińska first of three novels. The second movie has already been announced in the franchise, and 365 Days 2 is the first yet untitled movie to start shooting this summer in the same Sicily locations. However, the current global situation has delayed it. It is expected in 2021.

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