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Dota Dragon’s Blood Release Date Out Or In Process?

Dota Dragon's Blood Release Date
Dota Dragon's Blood Release Date

Dota: Dragon’s Blood is an American adult science fiction animated series. This series has based on a famous video-game franchise by Valve. The story tells about the renowned Dragon Knight, Davion who was devoted to wiping the scourge from the face of the world. They have an encounter with the ancient seldom. He also met with Princess Mirana who was on her secret mission. As the series proceeds, Davion becomes entangle in many such events, which he never imagine. Dota Dragon’s Blood Release Date has already announced.

Plot structure

As shown in the trailer, the story focused on the two points. Firstly, the Dragon Knight’s struggle with the dragons, and Secondly Princess Mirana’s quest to retrieve the theft Lotuses of Selemene.  The Moon Goddess also features prominently in the trailer and it will reveal many mythological stories regarding her presence. Kaden, another mythological character explored in this series. Heroes like Invoker also play an integral part in the play. We can also Luna rallying the troops of Selemene’s temple and encouraging them for war.

Terrorblade will also feature into the series and there will be plenty of mysteries waiting for you. To enjoy this mystical series tune into Netflix. It starts its premiers from 25 March 2021 on Netflix.

Dota Dragon's Blood Release Date
A scene from Dota: Dragon Blood

Dota Dragon’s Blood Release Date

Netflix schedule to release Dota: Dragon’s Blood on 25 March 2021. However, it releases all its series at midnight according to the Pacific Time. Indian subscribers can watch the series on Thursday from 1:30 pm. The British and Australian viewers can watch the series on their OTT platform from 8 am and 7 pm onwards respectively. As per Spain time, they will start enjoying the series from 9 am onwards.

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Voice Cast and Crew members of Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Dota: Dragon’s Blood is an adult animated mystical television series created by Ashley Miller. Netflix’s video game-based show has a total of eight episodes which is co-produced by Netflix Animation and Valve.

Here is the list of actors who are giving voices to their respective characters:

  • Josh Keaton as Bram
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Davion
  • Tony Todd as Slyrak
  • Lara Pulver as Princess Mirana
  • JB Blanc as Terrorblade
  • Anson Mount as Kaden
  • Freya Tingley as Fymryn

Trailer of Dota: Dragon’s Blood

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