Will there be Season 3 of The Letdown?

The Letdown is an Australian Comedy series that first aired on ABC in Australia. It reaches the global audience with the help of the OTT platform Netflix. Currently, two seasons of the Letdown with all total 13 episodes aired on Netflix. As you, watch the two seasons of the series, you start craving for more to come as it holds its audience. The trouble comes when you want more and not enough. As season 1 and 2 excites us, do we get Season 3 of the Letdown?    

What will be the Plot of The Letdown Season 3?

Season 1: The Letdown follows the adventures of Audrey. She becomes a new mum. This series shows her struggle as a new role of motherhood, often focusing on difficult and dark situations with great humor and warmth. It also delves into sleeplessness, shifting relationship dynamics, her issues with her mother, and her partner’s career ambition. The series premiered on 25 October 2017 on ABC and internationally premiered on Netflix on 21 April 2018.

Season 2: At the end of the first series, Audrey was pregnant with a second child. She wants to abort the child as her gynecologist told her that this pregnancy might rupture her uterus. She shares the news with her mum and got to know that her mum also had an abortion. In the last episode, she shares this news with her mother’s group, and they all were supportive of her. This series was produced in 2019 and broadcast on 29 May 2019.  

Season 3: Though not much known about what will be the plot of Season 3 of The Letdown but then it wraps up with an outstanding cliffhanger of the abortion news. Let see what happens when all her family knows about the news and what the reaction is.

The letdown Season 3 release date

Cast and Crew members

The Letdown is directed by Trent O’Donnell. It is written and created by Sarah Scheller and Alison Bell.  The executive producers are Julian Morrow, Rebecca Anderson, and Rick Kalowski. The two seasons cast Alison Bell as the main protagonist. It also stars Duncan Fellows, Noni Hazlehurst, Sacha Horler, Xana Tang, and many more. Some guest stars include Patrick Brammall, Brendan Cowell, and Maggie Kirkpatrick. As for season 3 all, the main cast will expect to return for the series. So far, no new cast for Season 3 will be announced yet.

Trailers of the Letdown Season 3

The Trailers of Season 1 and 2


To watch all the season of the Letdown download Netflix and enjoy!

As per the sources, there is no official trailer released for Season 3.

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