Secret City Season 3 Release Date Is Probably Canceled!

Political thrillers are interesting to give a binge-watch. Not only the youths but the senior citizens watch this genre. If it has strong content then, it will compel you to watch until the climax arrives. Presently, many OTT platforms have immense political dramas available on them. But whenever there is a buzz of Secret City, it hits amazingly different. Globally, this series has established its own fan base. We all know about House of Cards. It was the first original content of Netflix that falls under this category. Till now, there are many series and movies available on Netflix based on this political content. Secret City is one of those. Currently, the fans are sitting in the wait for season 3. Here, we will let you know everything about the Secret City season 3 release date and other details.

Release Date of Secret City Season 3

secret city season 3

It would be a little disappointing for the fans after knowing the recent update. For now, season 3 is not having a sure release date yet. It is because there is no official statement that could give an update associated with this topic. Considering its popularity, we expect the renewal of Secret City. On the other hand, if it doesn’t make a comeback with season 3, it will be very disappointing. Although we are very hopeful about the forthcoming season, we cannot give it a green flag at the moment. Meanwhile, there were expectations according to which it was predicted that March 2020 may have the third season. Unfortunately, that assumption failed.

The first season of Secret City was premiered on 5th June 2016 and the last episode of it was dropped on 3rd July, that year itself. Moreover, Secret City season 2 started premiering on 6th March 2019. This sequel is called Secret City: Under The Eagle. However, the second season aired two days earlier in Australia. Fans had to wait for almost three years for the second season after watching Secret City.

Is There A Trailer for Secret City Season 3?

Fans will be disappointed enough to know that there is no trailer available for season 3. Once this series gets an official announcement for the third season, we could hope for the trailer to drop soon after that. Till then, have a look at the trailer of season 2 to go through those flashbacks. If you wish to watch the past episodes, make your way to Netflix. Once the makers will drop an update, we will surely let you know.

Trailer: Season 1
Trailer: Season 2

Cast of Secret City

Secret City has Anna Torv in the role of Harriet Dunkley, who is a senior media advisor to Karen Koutoufides. Joining her, Jacki Weaver is playing Catriona Bailey. This is the role of the minister of home affairs. Further, Daniel Wyllie plays minister of defense, Malcolm Paxton. Karen Koutoufides is enacted by Daniel Cormack. In season 2, she was the Independent MP from Wakefield. Treloa is played by Laura Gordon. She is a drone pilot that was evident from Secret City season 2. Further, the series featured Dalip Sondhi in the role of Pakistan ambassador to Australia, Yasir Younis. Joel Tobeck played the defense minister but later on, a minister of home affairs. On-screen, he was named Jim Hellier.

Meanwhile, the first season also featured an ensemble cast. The Australian PM was played by Alan Dale. The name of the role is Martin Toohey. Among the prominent characters we had, Damon Herriman as Kim Gordon, Miranda Tapsell playing Sasha Rose, a journalist.

About the Series

Secret City Season 3 Release Date

Secret City is originally an Australian series based upon some novels. They are Shadow Game, The Marmalade Files, and The Mandarin Code. The writers of these novels are Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis. It is a political drama spy thriller TV series. Starring Anna Torv, Jacki Weaver, and Daniel Wyllie, the Secret City is produced by Foxtel and Matchbox Pictures. To date, it has two seasons and 12 episodes in total. The first six episodes are titled as follows:

  • A Donation to the Struggle
  • The Watchers
  • Beware the Jabberwock
  • Falling Hard
  • Ghosts in the Machine
  • The Light on the Hill

Secondly, the name of the episodes of Secret City: Under The Eagle are:

  • Run Little Rabbit
  • The War Zone
  • Pale Horse
  • Broken Bird
  • From Whom The Bell Tolls
  • Two Cheers for Democracy

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