In the Heights Release Date Postponed! Why is it So?

In the Heights has now a new release date! This statement is presently creating a buzz among people all over the world. Viewers are desperately waiting for the movie to hit the theatres. But, sadly they will need to wait a bit longer. The initial plans have changed, and therefore, the delay is likely to affect fans’ enthusiasm. What are the reasons behind the delay? Why the In the Heights release date has been postponed? Hence, let’s get to know about these questions in detail.

In the Heights Release Date

Undoubtedly, coronavirus has affected every aspect of our life. It includes the entertainment industry too. Thus, recently the upcoming film, In the Heights, has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, it was set to release on 26th June 2020. Sadly, now it is having a new release date. Therefore, now it will be releasing on 18th June, this year. This has now made the fans wait for Summer 2021, keenly. Despite having initial plans of production, Covid-19 hampered the process badly. Apart from it, In the Heights will be releasing in theatres and on HBO Max. the release date is the same for both platforms. So, till then, save the date!

In the Heights will be Dropping Earlier!

Meanwhile, there is good news for the fans. The director of In the Heights Jon M. Chu took it to Twitter for sharing a piece of hopeful news. According to his tweet, the film will be hitting the theatres one week earlier. He mentioned that after releasing the trailer this week, they have decided to drop the film a little bit sooner. Hence, it means that now the film will be releasing on 11th June 2021. In the Heights will be premiering on HBO Max before the expectations. Isn’t it a positive buzz? Yes, of course!

Ever since people have come to know that the filming of the film has started from June 3, 2019, they have a lot of enthusiasm till now but for now, they need to wait longer. We hope the release date doesn’t face any further delays. . Till then, don’t forget to watch the trailer of this film. Catch the thrilling trailer right here.

In the Heights is a musical drama film whose director is Jon M. Chu. It is an adaptation of Hudes and Lin- Manuel Miranda’s stage musical. This forthcoming movie will be released by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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In the Heights Cast

The film features an ensemble cast. Anthony Ramos is playing Usnavi who was also a part of Hamilton. Vanessa, his love interest, is played by Melissa Barrera. The role of Nina is acted by Leslie Grace. Apart from it, in the roles of young Nina and 12-year-old Nina, the film has Ariana Greenblatt and Ariana S. Gomez, respectively. Along with them, the movie is starring Stephanie Beatriz as Carla, Dascha Polanco as Cuca, and Jimmy Smits is in the character of Kevin Rosario. In addition to them, Corey Hawkins of Straight Outta Compton is Benny, Marc Anthony is playing Sonny’s father in the film. Further, we will see Gregory Diaz IV as Sonny.

In the heights release date postponed
Lin- Manuel Miranda joined the cast in June 2019.

Story of In the Heights

This movie is a story about Usnavi who wishes to establish a business in his country. The scenario is set in a part of New York. Then, Vanessa enters the plot. She works in a beauty salon. He then meets her childhood friend, Nina. How this story moves ahead? This all will be revealed once it gets released.

Upcoming films of Warner Bros.

Warner bros in the heights

Initially, several movies are lined up in the queue, waiting for the release. This is because many of them faced delays because of the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, 2021 will be having many theatrical films by Warner Bros. For this month, 31st March is the release date for one of the most awaited movies, Godzilla vs Kong. Furthermore, April is having only one movie, Mortal Kombat, that will be releasing on the 16th. The ninth month of 2021 will mark the release date for three different movies. In addition to this, till December we have a large pack of movies for our entertainment. All of these will also be available on the streaming service of Warner Media, HBO Max.

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