Naked Season 2 Release Date: After Season 1 Flopped, Will Season 2 Come Or Not?

Sooraj (Aryaman Seth), a Mumbai police officer who is about to get married in a few days, is put in charge to solve a murder mystery, in which Natasha Kamra is the prime suspect. Standing a high-profile case, it is occurring seemed by Sapna, CID officer. Natasha has allegedly killed her fiancé, and her professional status does not help it is questionable and discriminatory. Naked MX Player follows in the web series, a series of dramatic inquiries, accusations, and replicas. Sooraj is seduced by Natasha and surprisingly, he also develops a soft spot for her and enters into a full relationship with her, which breaks her engagement.

While Sapna’s investigation considers Natasha a suspect, Sooraj refuses to do so. The plot takes many turns and Natasha escapes in the murder case. After his acquaintance, Sooraj develops dreams that he cannot understand and re-examine what is hidden beneath the surface, to explore the layers of the truth of the solved case.

Naked Season 2 Release date –

On 24 March 2020, its trailer was released. The web series naked first season was released on 25 March 2020. The performance of the series was not so good and the story did not have much impact on the audience. So, there are very few chances that it will come with its new season. And recently there is no official information about Naked season 2 release date.


Naked Season 2 Release Date
Naked season 1 Cast

Naked season 1 cast and performance –

The cast of season 1 includes Suparna Moitra, Tithi Raaj, Aryamann Seth, Vivek Kumar Ghamande, Hemant Choudhary, Sahil Shivram, Ratnakar Dutt Kumar, Nishikant Dixit, and Anindita Chatterjee.

The second area that is weak is the performance of Sooraj i.e. Aryaman Seth. Throughout the episodes, his character virtually hangs by a thread, with his dilemma about the case and the weak makeup of both qualifications. Natasha Kamra, written by Suparna Krishna, is a seductive character, who is graciously drawn, but when the real truth is revealed in the series, and the act has to act other than seduction or laughter in distress, Suparna has desired leaves a lot.

On the other hand, CID Lady Adhikar Sapna, essayed by Tithi Raj, does some justice to her protagonist, essays a calm sense and performance in the investigation. He can portray the secret experience of an officer, esp. In situations when he is provoked by Sooraj’s character.

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How many episodes will be in Naked season 2?

The first season of Naked contains ten episodes. In the second season, we expect ten episodes or more than that. But with the renewal, we want the best from the director, cast, and the whole team.

Naked Season 2 Release Date
Vikram Bhatt and Santosh Saroj

Will Anupam Santosh Saroj and Vikram Bhatt director season two of Naked?

Anupam Santosh Saroj and Vikram Bhatt direct the first season series. He disappoints, both his selection of the story as well as his main character. Vikram Bhatt web series Naked is trying its best to reach the finish line somehow. For example, Sooraj starts dream sequences after Natasha is acquitted. At best, they appear funny rather than a nightmare. Unfortunately, there is less possibility that they both again direct the series.

Background music is simple and sometimes manages to produce suspense but when assessed from the overall angle it is severely reduced.

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Synopsis of Naked season 1 –

The premiere episode of the naked web series begins with Suraj Kadam, a man in a sinful dream, a nightmare in all probability. He looks at himself in the mirror, instructing himself to wear slippers while a girl forcibly injects a syringe into his body. The next morning, the doctor visits, who saves him in the past. The man is a police officer who starts telling his story about how his life was.

Review of Naked Season 1 –

The naked web series by Vikram Bhatt is an attempt to recreate his movie magic on screen. However, for names like Vikram Bhatt who have given many hit films at the box office, Naked falls short on many fronts. To begin, the story splits with an expected story.

Even to a viewer, the fall of a police officer, who is using him as a pawn, is highly visible. However, Sooraj’s years of experience fail to record the same. Again, Suraj acquits Natasha and then begins to doubt herself, as she has strange dreams. Why dreams only after being acquitted?

Overall, the story is allowed to fall short due to average performance, weak and predictable plots, and poor direction. We see it is tough to stand through 10 episodes.


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