Call Forwarding in Jio. How to Activate, Use & Deactivate it

A few years ago Reliance JIO Infocomm Limited launched VoLTE 4G services as their commercial telecommunication services and continuously expanding their network coverage and working on new technology and features and has more than 50% market share. However, sometimes due to the huge amount of users being active at a particular time the network gets congested and sluggish which ultimately leads to a bad signal. To eradicate this problem, JIO offers a Call Forwarding feature with which users can receive their JIO number by diverting or forwarding them to an alternative number. This JIO’s Call Forwarding services are presently available for the 4G network and users whose mobile supports this feature can use it.  

This feature is available to all major telecommunication network provider companies and you can use them very easily. In this article, we will only discuss JIO’S Call Forwarding feature.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a very useful feature dependent on the device which comes into play when you want to divert phone calls to different numbers so that in any case you’ll not miss any calls. In other words, this feature forwards incoming calls on your number to another number when your mobile number cannot connect at that time.

Poor signal strength, out of coverage area, or when the mobile phone is switched off you can use this feature in such conditions so that your work does not get affected.

How to Check Whether Your Device Support Call Forwarding or Not!

Not all smartphones come with this feature and low-end smartphones are incompatible to support this feature. So, to activate Jio call forwarding services you need a phone that supports this feature.

To check if your device Call Forwarding is enabled or not follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go to Settings on your device.
Jio Call Forwarding

2. Click on the Search Settings bar at the top.

Jio Call Forwarding

3. Search “Call Forwarding”.

Jio Call Forwarding

If the search results in you with the option Call Forwarding Settings then your device supports Call Forwarding. And if you get no results similar to this so unfortunately, your device does not support it.

Watch video to know more about configuration of Call Forwarding or Call Waiting.

Activate Call Forwarding via Settings

To activate Call Forwarding follow the below-mentioned steps.

1.Go to Settings on your smartphone.

Jio Call Forwarding

2. Navigate to Call Settings.

Jio Call Forwarding

3. Then in Call Settings select Advanced Call Settings.

Divert Call

4. Click on Call forwarding option if available.

Jio Call Forwarding

Activate Call Forwarding via Codes

For those users who are unable or getting trouble finding the feature or navigating through the above steps, they can use this alternative method of Call Forwarding Code to enable this feature. For different purposes, there are different codes available. You can choose one or all as per your requirement. You just have to dial a Call Forwarding from your JIO number along with the 10 digit number to which you want to forward the call.

“Unconditional” Call Forwarding Code

Using this you specify that there’s no particular condition to forward the call and you just wanted to forward the calls from your number to any other preferred number. All your classes get forwarded with this setting.

*401*<10 digit number to which you want to forward the call>

Divert or Wait Call

“No Answer” Call Forwarding Code

When you are in a meeting or middle of something where you cannot pick up phone calls then you can use this code to forward calls to your manager, other family members, or colleagues.

*403*<10 digit number to which you want to forward the call>

“Busy” Call Forwarding Code

If you are busy on a call with someone and at the same time you don’t want to miss any phone calls as those phone calls may be important for you then you can forward those calls to another number so that anyone else pick-up those calls for you when you’re busy.

*405*<10 digit number to which you want to forward the call>

“Conditional” Call Forwarding Code

Many times your number is out of coverage area, not reachable, switched off, or in a weak network, you can forward calls to another number for your as well as for the caller’s convenience.

*409*<10 digit number to which you want to forward the call>

How to Deactivate Call Forwarding Feature

With activating it also important to know that could you stop or deactivate this feature on your JIO number. This is a pretty simple task as compared to activation. Just only dial the codes mentioned below and not the 10 digit number to which you want to forward the call.

*402Unconditional Jio Call Forwarding gets deactivated.

*404No Answer Call Forwarding gets deactivated.

*406Busy Call Forwarding gets deactivated.

*410Conditional Call Forwarding gets deactivated.

*413To deactivate all Call Forwarding.

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