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7 kadam release date is out! here’s when it is to premiere?

7 kadam

7 Kadam is a sports drama that is soon to be released on Eros Now. Starring Ronit Roy and Amit Sadh, this web series is gaining much attention before its release. As the series is already on hype, 7 Kadam is expected to be successful. Recently, the teaser has managed to quench the thirst of the viewers so far, revealing the theme of it. The director, Mohit Jha, did a great job that is evident from the trailer. Eros Now has some amazing series waiting in the queue, and 7 Kadam is among them. If you are in search of the details about the show, then you are at the right place. Here, in this post, we will share everything we know about the 7 Kadam release date and related queries.

7 Kadam Trailer: What are the Expectations?

Bollywood actor Amit Sadh shared updates of his upcoming web series, 7 Kadam. On social media, he shared a small clip from the trailer that revealed pretty much about the synopsis of the film. Moreover, the makers release the trailer on 5th March 2021. Consequently, after having a look at it, we could tell that the series is based on football. The scenes are pretty intense and feel the moment with an adventurous feel. The father and the son duo have done a fantastic job.

Further, the story is set in Kolkata. Amit Sadh can be seen as enthusiastic whenever it comes to football. While Ronit Roy, his onscreen father, plays the part of a football coach. The trailer has its first shot on a football ground. The first dialogue says: A player who asks who scored a goal is stupid. A good player always thinks of letting his team win. And then Amit Sadh enters the story with all his energy. According to the trailer, Ronit Roy was a former football player who has to quit because his leg broke. 7 Kadam focuses on the relationship between a father and his son.

This official trailer on YouTube is released by Eros Now Music. This film’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that the trailer of this film has been seen in large numbers on YouTube. Approximately 5M+ views in just ten days is a sign showing the eagerness of the people for it to release. However, Amit Sadh also took to his Instagram profile to share the trailer.

On the other hand, the teaser also received positive responses from the audience that was released on 2nd March this year.

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7 Kadam Release Date

Eros Now has announced the release date for the upcoming web series, 7 Kadam, while sharing the trailer. 24th March 2021! This is the date for which you all were searching desperately. Hence, it is now your turn to save the date! It will be available on Eros Now to its subscribers. And, if you face difficulty in understanding Hindi then, no problem. It will be releasing along with the English subtitles. Thus, you can watch it without any worries and any difficulty.
On the other hand, Amit Sadh also shared the release date on his social media account. People are excited, which is evident from the comments section. They are expressing their excitement and fascination.

Cast of 7 Kadam: Which Actors are the part of it?

Apart from Amit Sadh and Ronit Roy, there are several other actors that we saw in the trailer. Deeksha Seth is playing the role of Ravi’s love interest. However, her name in the movie is not revealed yet. Saar Kashyap is playing television news presenter while Nivaan Sen is Ravi’s friend in 7 Kadam. In addition to this, the series is starring Rohini Banerjee, Ashok Singh, Shilpi Roy, Bidisha Ghosh, and Karamveer Chaudhary. But until now, the name of their characters are not out. Not only this, but their roles are also not specified.

Story of 7 Kadam: What’s the series is about?

7 kadam release date
Father-Son Relationship

The story revolves around the father-son relationship. The son, Ravi, loves playing football, and therefore, his father wants him to remain dedicated towards it. But, after seeing the financial situation of the family, he decides to raise money. Further, this makes him play against his father. Overall, it is going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions. How and why all these happen? Who is likely to be the winner? To land on a conclusion, you’ll need to watch the 7 Kadam on Eros Now.

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