Disinfect Your Touch With Worlds First Atomizer SprayCare Band

spray care band

In 2021, hand sanitizer has become the must-have accessory because of this worldwide epidemic. But even a small bottle of the material can be a nuisance to hold up in a bag or pocket and operates the risk of leaking. Not to mention having to bring out the bottle every moment you touch a surface, which across the course of the day can be a lot. The SprayCare Band, a no-mess, no-fuss wearable hand sanitizer dispenser that assures the capacity to sanitize hands and coverings is always at hand. Not unlike Spider Man’s web-shooter, and only as potentially lifesaving. The SprayCare Band is worn on the wrist and allocates its disinfecting freight with an easy touch. But rather than a synthetic spider web. The equipment emits atomized droplets of sanitizer that can be captured in the palm of your hand or conducted onto any surface.

Spray Care Band Functions

The SprayCare Band boasts outstanding coverage of its sanitizing mist, with each shot eligible to cover a surface 5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide (12.7 x 6.4 cm).


Different some sprayers that unevenly distribute larger droplets and accordingly impel it essential to knead your hands or clean a surface to circulate the sanitiser around. Spray Care’s atomizing technology ensures large and even diffusion from a single application. Each spray lingers for three seconds. The capability for more than 40 applications of disinfectant from an entire bottle. The SprayCare defends throughout the entire day.

Measuring 43 x 40 x 15 mm. The SprayCare is comparable in size to a watch, and can carry 5 ml of sanitiser. Refills are prepared through a port on the side of the equipment. which will submit any fluid hand sanitiser. It’s also synonymous with other liquids you might need to restore it with, such as insect repellent or necessary oils. An LED indicator. lets you know when it’s time to recharge the device’s 80-mAh lithium battery. Which is performed via a Micro USB port.

Sanitizing hands and surfaces we come into touch with every day has never been more significant. The SprayCare Band furnishes the insurance you want in a convenient

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How Spray Care Band Works

spray care band

You can shortly disinfect any surface utilizing SprayCare. You may apply the sanitising liquid to any surface or palm of your hand. When it is time for SprayCare recharge to never leave you uncontrolled, an LED indicator may glow as mentioned before. SprayCare utilizes one of the latest generation atomizers to electronically spray the disinfectant at the touch of a switch.

Atomizer delivers outlets with elevated coverage. The effect is to use disinfectant effectively and economically as well.

Fashionable sprayers are less convenient for sanitising commons specifically because big drops of the liquid dispensed are formulated by the pins. These large drops enable the disinfectant to be utilized unevenly and leave some areas unclean.

SprayCare Is World’s First Wrist band Atomizer

The Automizer SprayCare is the worlds first convenient, fashionable and portable and very popular. Wearable fluid hand sanitiser dispenser to clean your hands and high traffic surfaces as well.

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