Best Alternative Apps for SHAREit in India

Whenever it came to share data and other files, the first and popular name to do it was SHAREit, and SHAREit he used to rule in this segment. The SHAREit app is available for all android devices and was introduced by Lenovo. Earlier SHAREit used to offer a seamless experience. But with successive app updates and Google’s New Policies and Android’s updates. Consequently, the app delivers ads in every 3-4 actions, even the intrusive ones in the notification shade, which can be annoying. Tit for Tat! SHAREit is one of the 59 Chinese apps that were banned by the Government of India. So, we need to know what are some good and clean alternatives to the SHAREit app. In this article, we will explore the Android apps that offer similar features to SHAREit.

1. TrebleShot

Alternative Apps For SHAREit

Of course, TrebleShot is not even around to SHAREit in terms of efficiency and versatility. But still, TrebleShot has got enough notable features and potential to be an alternative to SHAREit and your dependable file and data sharing app. TrebleShot is an open-source and Android-only app with a clean and simple UI and runs smoothly. With this, you can send or receive files without an internet connection.

While sharing large files, TrebleShot does it perfectly without any complaints. And at one go you can share files with more than one or two devices. Furthermore, TrebleShot is available for free with no subscription, which makes it one of the best free alternatives to its opponent.


  • Comes from the open-source community.
  • Offer a simple and clean user interface.
  • Can share files with multiple devices at a time.


  • Fails to offer a unified experience.

2. Feem

“An ultimate file and data sharing experience” is claimed by Feem. According to reviews available on the web, we can say that Feem is one of the finest alternatives to SHAREit. Just like SHAREit, it also offers offline smooth and fast sharing. With large files, it offers seamless performance more than expected and handles transfer traffic efficiently.

Alternative Apps For SHAREit

All the local transfers with Feem are protected from prying eyes and are encrypted with Transport Layer Security. So, Feem is not behind its competitors when it comes to offering a trusted shield to local transfers. It also collaborated with many major platforms to offer a unified experience. So, it doesn’t matter on which side of the stream you are, transferring files wouldn’t be a hassle for you. Besides, with in-app chat features, you can send links, text, and communicate between devices.

Feem is supported by macOS, Linux, Android, Windows, iOS, and even on the Web. Feem’s premium version comes at a subscription of $4.99/year in which you can 1 to 4 devices but basic features are available for free. So, if you just have to transfer files then you can go for this option.


  • Protected transfer with TLS.
  • Offers unified experience
  • In-built chat feature to communicate while transferring files.


  • The UI has few glitches and does not work smoothly;y sometimes.

3. Send Anywhere

There are so many alternatives to SHAREit which are less or more than it but do you want an app that has more to offer, which is more worthy and efficient than SHAREit then Send Anywhere is a one-stop destination for you. The feature of attraction in Send Anywhere is the ability to send and receive files in their original size without any distortion, which could be a win-win deal for those who do not want to compromise with the quality. Unlike SHAREit you can send files anywhere in the world.

Alternative Apps For SHAREit

From security aspects also, Send Anywhere is the app on which you can rely on. The app offers a security key of 6- digits. You can even share files with multiple devices using a secure link that remains valid for 48 hours. The app gives an exceptional transfer speed but it requires a strong and high internet connection. Send Anywhere is supported by macOS, Linux, Android, Windows, iOS, and even on the Web.

Send Anywhere allows you to use basic features for free but if you want to surpass limits then you have to go premium with $5.99/month.


  • Can share files with multiple people at a time.
  • Do not reduce file size and share with the original size.
  • Send and receive files globally without restriction.


  • High speed and strong internet connection required for a smooth transfer.
  • Have to buy a subscription.

4. Files- by Google


Another alternative to SHAREit on which you can rely is Files by Google. Because it is part of Google, you will certainly get some good features in Files. Technically, it is Google’s file manager app. This app is available free to download from Google Play Store and is bloat and ad-free. Files work as an integrated and default file manager app on your mobile and allow you to organize your files better and clean your storage.

Furthermore, this app lets you share files, apps, videos, music to different devices without any active internet connection at a fast speed. However, Files are limited to Android only and can’t be for any use for Apple devices and desktops.


  • Can share without the internet.
  • High-speed file sharing.
  • Clean UI and easy to use.


  • Limited to Android only.

5. Built-in Service (Realme, VIVO, OPPO, Mi)

Alternative Apps For SHAREit

If you are using the latest Android 10 on Realme, VIVO, OPPO, and Mi smartphones then you did not need any external app to share files. Under an alliance formed by all four companies, every smartphone of these manufacturers comes with an in-built share service that is not bloated and works smoothly, and is a lot similar to AirDrop.

On each, sharing service is easy to use and fast. However, it is not a cross-platform service so you can’t use and pair it with other devices and desktops. But those people around you who are using phones from any of the above-mentioned manufacturers then you can do file transfer with them at a pretty good speed. These built-in apps can be prove good alternatives to SHAREit.


  • Default and native applications work seamlessly with device .
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • High-speed transfer.


  • Does not come with all android skins.

6. Zapya

How can we forget about Zapya when we are talking about file-sharing apps? Zapya being a popular file-sharing app is a strong contender or alternative to SHAREit. With its universal search function, you can search through all types of files such as audio, video, photo, documents, and others. Zapya has a few different features and a simpler and clean interface, rest of everything is similar to SHAREit.

Unlike SHAREit, Zapya offers seamless bulk transfer of big files fast and also connects and starts transfer with different devices by just scanning the QR Code. Also, Zapya is a cross-platform sharing service so no matter from what device you want to send or receive transfer takes place smoothly. It is free and that is why ad-based.


  • Transfer bulk files easily.
  • Allows sharing files in a group.


  • Ad-based and can be disturbing.

7. Windows Nearby Sharing

Microsoft has brought Nearby Share to answer Apple’s AirDrop feature and was rolled out somewhat around mid of 2020 for Windows OS users via Google Chrome. With this feature, users can share files instantly and wirelessly between compatible devices. With Nearby Share, you can share photos, files, contacts, videos, links, and even tweets. This feature is useful and handy in those times when you need to urgently send or receive presentations, documents, photos, or videos to another person without using cloud services, email attachments, USB Flash drive, or any other medium.

It is a really good feature if you do not want to use any external or third-party apps to share files. You can always ensure whether Nearby Share is enabled or disabled by using the settings app.

  • Go To Settings.
  • Tap on Systems.
  • Then Tap on Shared Experience.
  • Click on Toggle Switch to enable or disable the Nearby Sharing.


  • Hassle-free transfer and simple to use
  • Reliable and compatible.


  • Limited to windows platform only.
  • File transfer speed is not that great.

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8. Snapdrop

Snapdrop is one of the top competitors of AirDrop- Apple’s file-sharing feature. And from this fact, you can conclude that it is also a pretty good alternative to SHAREit. Its effortless and uncomplicated way of sharing and transferring files across devices makes it a good option. Snapdrop is a web app and has no restriction on the size of files.


  • Uncomplicated app and easy to use.
  • The interface is like AirDrop, easy to navigate.


  • Internet connection is necessary.

Indian File Sharing Apps

Share ALL

Alternative Apps For SHAREit

Created by Indian developers, Share All is the Indian file-sharing app and is a replica of SHAREit to some extent. The official website claims “No internet connection is required to share for any type of files (Apps, videos, photos, music, office, PDF Etc) , no mobile data. No USB cables, no 3G, no 4G needed. You can transfer files to friends’ mobile anywhere and anytime. There is no limit for file type or size. No matter how big, Share ALL can do the file share as fast as possible”. The app does not require an active internet connection for transferring files and is the one-stop solution for all the sharing woes.

Smart Share

Smart Share is another popular Indian file sharing app and is supported on both, iOS and Android. This application is free to use and with its simple and clean interface, anyone can use it. You can share photos, videos, music documents, and more with this. It is supported on Android only and just have to create a WLAN using hotspot to initiate a transfer.



JIOSwitch is another alternative to SHAREit and comes from a popular telecommunication provider, JIO. With this app you can share are types of files as well as websites. It is reliable and is supported by both iOS and Android. Being completely free, this app does not shows ads like other free apps. JIOSwitch is a cross-platform sharing service and requires a decent internet connection.


Alternative Apps For SHAREit

Swift File Transfer, like the name suggests, is an application with which you can transfer files between devices swiftly at a great speed. Claimed by its developers, SFT can transfer images, files, and HD movies only in 90 seconds. This application is developed in the Silicon Valley of India i.e. Bangalore.



Share Karo is one of the best file-sharing applications made in India. You can just not only connect your ShareKaro app with the ShareKaro app on other devices but also with SHAREit and Xender app on other devices. Without the internet, you can share videos, files, photos, and even apps.

There is no file limit and bulk transfers are seamless. Easy connectivity through QR Code for sharing purposes. And if your transfer got interrupted then you can resume it instead of starting over.

Follow the steps to start sharing:

  • Choose the app you want to share with Share Karo, SHAREit or Xender
  • Choose the files you want to share with Share Karo
  • Scan the QR code
  • Click “Send”

Z Share

Launched in June 2020 as a SHAREit alternative, Z Share is an Indian file transfer application. And within the 24 hours of its launch, it has received more than 4 thousand downloads. Using WLAN such as hotspot and WiFi you can easily share your videos, photos, music, documents, and other files. But its high speed and compatibility with dark mode make it different from other file sharing apps. Z Share is completely free and available for Android only.

Final Words

Above we discussed some best SHAREit alternatives, but the market is full of hundreds of different file-sharing apps. Not all of them can indeed beat and replace SHAREit for you. The apps we discussed above not only compete with SHAREit but also topple in a few features.

Let us know in the comment section which app you have chosen, and if we forget to mention your favorite file transfer then do let us know.

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