Bard of Blood Season 2 Is Not Announced!

Bard of Blood is an Indian web series and it is full of the spy thrillers. The web series is the digital series of the novel written by Bilal Siddiqi of the spying novel with the same name. The show was produced by Red chilies entertainment along with the director Ribhu Dasgupta. The series stars Emraan Hashmi, Vineet Kumar Singh, Kirti Kulhari, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Sobhita Dhulipala. The web series itself was released on 27th September 2019 on Netflix. It has 7 episodes in season 1. The story of the series revolves around the ex-IIW agent. The article will try to answer all your questions that you are searching for on the internet concerning Bard Of Blood Season 2 Release Date.

Must know

  • Synopsis of season 1
  • Plot for Season 1
  • Is there any other season?
  • Synopsis of Season 2
  • Is bard of blood is based on a true story
  • Is there Shahrukh khan in Bard of Blood


The first season of the bard of blood is all about the RAW agent Kabir Anand who was banned from his services and was a fearless agent, and a sleeper specialist agent who was appointed on a mission in Balochistan where four of the Indian spies were caught; after that, the mission quickly turns to the past where Kabir have to face evils or demons from the past.

Plot for season 1

Follows four Indian intelligence officers who work with the Indian Intelligence Wing (IIW) who are undermined before they can provide an important piece of data to India. They get caught and are going to be beheaded. A lot is on the line. Back in India, the intelligence veteran Sadiq Sheik, the controller of the caught agents, acknowledges he should lead a covert mission to save his men. He contacts a previous covert spy and now who works as a teacher of Shakespeare, Kabir Anand – a man who knows the territory and governmental issues of Balochistan back to front. Kabir should come to an obvious conclusion from the obscure data that he has available to him. The lone path for Kabir to find the solutions is to set out upon a dangerous journey and complete incomplete business.

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Bard Of Blood Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the series is loved and liked by all around the globe, there are lots of fans who are expecting the second season. There is no news yet related to season 2 of Bard of Blood to date. Neither the production house of the series has confirmed season 2 nor did Netflix, this result is considering that the series Bard of blood is finished as there is no update for its other season. If we review the ratings of the series, we can predict that there are fair chances of that season will release by the end of 2022, and season 2 of the web-series will be in news by the end of 2021. Netflix takes considers the viewership ratings a lot before talking about another season. 

The storyline of Season 2

The first season of the series is were stuck into some pieces, but the end of the series has completely changed the purpose of the drama, there are chances that in the next season the things went well between Netflix and Red Chillies Entertainment and they declare about the season 2. The fans will come to about the reason for the death behind Vikramjit and they might come to know about the truth of his death. And the reason why Vikramjit did not manage Kabir as his colleague. Almost 90% of the book Siddiqi is covered in the first season whereas 10% of the book which will be full of suspense and raveling is needed to be covered in the second season. 

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Is bard of blood-based on a true story? 

So, here is the answer, the bard of blood is not based on any of the true stories, the story of the web series is based on the novel that was written by Bilal Siddiqi. Netflix creates content in the form of web series that is based on novels. There is a huge collection of novels that are available in India, which has given benefits to both Netflix as well as Amazon Prime. They usually pick the best story among all the novels to give them the best look.

Is there Shahrukh khan in Bard of Blood?

Yes, Shahrukh Khan is in the Bard of blood team but not as an actor. He is the producer of the show, as it is Shahrukh khan’s banner who produced the show. Shahrukh Khan is known as the king of the romance, as the storyline of the web series was completely based on the novel of Siddiqi so, he added some portion of emotion into the series. 

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