Simpsons Predictions for 2021, what is to come true now?

Simpsons is an American sitcom series in an animated form. It shows the life of Americans and takes in account a family. This family lives in a hypothetical town Springfield and exhibits American culture. However, this animated series consists of 32 seasons and 698 episodes in total. Also, it is not only the longest running American animated series but also the longest running sitcom. In addition to this it is also the longest running American scripted TV series. Simpsons had its debut on 17th December 1989. The period of its first nine or probably ten seasons is the ‘golden age’ for it. Matt Groening, creator of Simpsons, gives it a satirical look.
on the other side Samsung family has five members, Marge, Homer, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. Since its release, the series has won many awards that contributes to a long list. Moreover,

Simpsons has various characters most of which, are in supporting roles. Hence, it is difficult to list them down. But the main characters are Homer, the male central character, and his spouse Marge. The couple has three children, Bart who is 10 years old, Lisa an eight year old girl, and Maggie, the youngest member of the family. Hopefully, there are two pets in the Simpsons family. They have a cat as well as a dog named Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball II. Undoubtedly, this series is a still able to keep its audience engaged. Nevertheless, the popularity is increasing day by day and so the series is still in demand.

Simpsons Predictions of 2021

Starting from the predictions of Donald Trump becoming the President of US to the coronavirus all were true. Hence, this proves that there are a lot of predictions that become a reality later on. While 2020 was not less than hell and so, no one is looking forward for the Simpsons’ prediction for this present year. If it would have something and it could really feel so disappointing for the people. For 2021, there are assumptions of Dooms Day in November 2020. Therefore, Simpsons are done with the predictions that it is to happen in January this year.

Secondly, recently America had its presidential election. The elections were not so smooth as there was so many issues. But at last, Donald Trump has to to move back and Joe Biden along with Kamala Harris came into power. Keeping aside Joe Biden, the whole scenario of Kamala Harris was much similar to what has been shown in Simpsons. Actually, outfits of Lisa were similar to that of Kamala Harris. In the series, she becomes the vice president.

simpsons prediction 2021
Episode Showing The Spread Of Flu in The Simpsons

In the present time, globally people are facing the coronavirus pandemic. It was also pretty much predicted in this animated series. It is because in 1993, they had an episode showing a killer flu that hit Springfield. This particular story was shown in the 21st episode of fourth season. When this flu broke out the whole town got immersed in many chaos. Thus, a situation similar to this was in UK at the beginning of lockdown.

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The Simpsons’ Predictions about Future

It is not only the previous year when the predictions proved to be true. But also, there are several things that will accurately predicted by it. Starting from its release to the present times, Simpsons has many predictions that is often beyond our thinking. If you would have washed it since its first season, you will witness this many a time.

Fault in Voting Machines

simpsons prediction 2021
Faulty Voting Machines

One of the most rememberable prediction is about the faulty voting machines. In 2012, elections were to be held in America. That time there was a sort of fault in the voting machines. Because of this fault, whenever someone was voting to Barack Obama, the votes went in the account of Mitt Romney. Hence, accordingly in the Simpsons, Homer goes for casting a vote. But due to the fault in voting machine, his vote went to John McCain. Whenever he was trying to vote for Barack Obama, his selection goes wrong. Subsequently, in the presidential election of 2012, a video revealed the fault it and then after the machine was then kept out of order.

Olympic Gold Medal

Another prediction is about winning an Olympic gold medal for United States. The two central characters of the Simpsons, Homer and Marge win an Olympic gold medal for the team of United States in Curling.

Donald Trump’s Presidency

trump presidency simpsons

Again, one of the most rememberable prediction is about Donald Trump, becoming the President of USA. Before coming into power, Simpsons already showed Donald Trump’s presidency. He was the 45th president but many years back the prediction was already on the floors. This also came out to be true.

Smart Watch

Another in the list is smart watches. Technology is developing rapidly, and therefore, we are witnessing many advancements. Nowadays, smart watches are so common for us. It is in the 21st century when the idea of smart watch transformed itself into a reality.

smart watch simpsons assumption
Hugh with a Smart Wrist Watch

But in an episode of the Simpsons, this fact was already depicted. In this episode of 1995, we can see Hugh wearing a similar watch. He was playing the role of Lisa’s bridegroom.

Show of Lady Gaga

In addition to this, the 23rd season and predictions about the show of Lady Gaga. The Simpsons should her flying during her show with the help of suspended cables. She was doing a stunt. And the most amazing thing that it happened in 2017 during the Super Bowl halftime show. Clearly, it was in 2012, when the assumptions were made.

Furthermore, there are various predictions from the Simpsons which indeed surprise us. While this sitcom series has a different fan base across the globe, it also astonishes everyone because of its prediction. Whether be the historical events or political, the Simpsons has made many accurate predictions.

Some Best Episodes of Simpsons

Nearly, there are 700 episodes contributing to this American series. Out of which some of the episodes are the best to watch till now. First in the list is, ‘How I Spent My Strummer Vacation’. It aired in the year 2002 and contributes to the season 14. Next, we have the episode from the third season, ‘Like Father Like Clown’, that came in 1991. Then the episode, ‘Selma’s Choice’ and ‘The Cartridge Family’ from season 4 and season 9 respectively. Last but not the least, ‘The Way We Was’ is an episode from season 2 that premiered in 1991.
Above all, there are many more amazing episodes and seasons that gained high popularity globally. And it is still going to make a long way ahead for predicting future. Watch these episodes on Fox.

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