Bombay Begums Ending Explained! How It Went?

Bombay Begums is a web series whose entry on Netflix is on a very special occasion. The release of Bombay Begums on International Women’s Day surely gives a powerful hint. This Indian drama web series is directed as well as written by Alankrita Shrivastava. Starring Pooja Bhatt, Aadhya Anand, Shahana Goswami, Plabita Borthakur, and Amruta Subhash, it centers on the life of five women. Bombay Begums is a film that marks the comeback of Pooja Bhatt after a long time. However, the story is strong but it’s the characters that added more strength to it. Further, this series isn’t about the restriction of audience based on gender. Hence, Bombay Begums is a must-watch for both sections of society, men and women. The series is elegant in its own way. So, let’s head on to know about the beginning and end of Bombay Begums.

Bombay Begums Cast

Before coming to the explanation of the climax, it is important to know about the characters. As already discussed, it is a story of five women living in Mumbai. All of them are exploring their own lives. Shai is the narrator of the story.

Pooja Bhatt is in the role of Rani, Amruta Subhash is playing Lily, Shahana Goswami as Fatima, Plabita Borthakur is in the character of Ayesha. In addition to this, the narrator of the story Shai is Aadhya Anand.

Bombay Begums Season 1 Episode 1

Bombay Begums Ending Explained
Bombay Begums Lead Pooja Bhatt

Firstly, this episode is about women working in a male-dominated workplace. The story of the first episode depicted how Ayesha was fired. This was because of messing up a deal. She begs for another chance but there was no hope. Further, Rani informs Fatima about the promotion opportunity. But as Fatima is pregnant, she explains how she will have to choose between her job and family. Therefore, Rani faces disappointment as she declines the offer because of her husband. Later, Fatima’s husband arrives and the film shows his point of view.

In the next part, people saw how Zuravur gets into trouble. Moreover, Rani offers Ayesha a new opportunity. After this, Ayesha moves in along with her ex-boyfriend. On the other side, Fatima’s husband is eager to speak to her HR. He wants her wife to be at home. Also, he is not in favor of supporting Fatima’s career. Lastly, Fatima becomes the new deputy MD. This news was announced by Rani.

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Bombay Begums Ending Explained

Fatima faces a miscarriage, and so, she feels very disturbed. Before her miscarriage, Arijay, her husband, wishes congratulations in a sarcastic way for her promotion. In the other part, Ayesha is talking with the singer after the event at the workplace ends. Thus, the first episode shows how women from different phases of life are struggling in their life.

Ayesha posts her experience with Deepak in an unknown place. She also receives a salary offer for Deepak’s department. But, she refuses and goes to other colleagues including Rani and Fatima to share her experience. As she was narrating, the story seemed more brutal. Further, Rani promises to look into this matter. Later in the movie, Deepak sends a warning to Rani for dropping out of the investigation against him. In the other part, Fatima is not in the mood to celebrate. For celebrating their baby, Arijay manages a surprise but Fatima says that she is busy.

In the previous episodes, the audience came to know about Rani’s affair with Mahesh. Also, the affair of Jeff and Fatima continues. He calls her to meet him in London. She is mentally very disturbed regarding her career and baby. Moving further, next we will get to see how Rani threatens Ayesha. There is a little conflict between them regarding Deepak. Secondly, Ayesha feels guilty for being sexually abused. She is put in this situation by Deepak’s wife.
Lastly, Shai, stepdaughter of Rani, goes on to attend the house party of Imran. The party had alcohol and cocaine. Afterward, she finds herself in the bathroom. Therefore, this episode was about the issue of women’s sexual abuse and assault.
Apart from this, she is eagerly waiting to become an adult.

Trailer of the Series

The trailer, released by Netflix, for the Bombay Begums, revolves around the character of Pooja Bhatt. Rani (Pooja Bhatt) and Fatima (Shahana Goswami) are the protagonists of this story. As per the teaser, Lily has an important role as well. Rani’s son gets involved in a road accident where he hits Lily’s son. Besides this, Ayesha has to follow and make her way. While Fatima is trying to keep a balance between her career and personal life. So overall the trailer shows how these five women are struggling to win in this patriarchal society. Whether be a career or a love life, they want to live it on their set of rules.

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