Going to Shimla? check these Haunted places in shimla and be amazed

Haunted places of Shimla
Haunted places of Shimla

Haunted Places Of Shimla: The queen of hills, Shimla in India has many visitor attractions. Occurring a hill station that has seen and known for many centuries and even the British Empire, almost every place in Shimla is a testimony to many large and small incidents that have taken place over a long period. Certainly, the supernatural sites in Shimla are at different places, even – you have to read to know about the local legends. So, here we tell you about some haunted places in Shimla which are popular among the locals.

Haunted places of Shimla
Charleville Mansion

Charleville Mansion –

It is a 100-year-old palace dating back to the time of British rule in India. Once, it served as the home of a British officer named Victor Belle and his spouse. After staying in the property for several months, the couple did not find anything scary or strange on the premises. But one day, while they were out for a party, their domestic help, an Indian man noticed that a man was walking into the house and then passing through the main door as if it were a ghost! It was a polymorphism that had been haunting the place for years. After that incident, Victor and his wife left there. However, an Indian man bought the mansion and renovated it.

Haunted places of Shimla
Tunnel 33

Tunnel 33 –

It is the most haunted place in Shimla. British engineer Captain Barog was entrusted with the responsibility of constructing the Shimla Kalka Highway for the construction of this tunnel. He failed to finish the assigned task and was thus punished and humiliated by the supervisors. Due to infamy and desperation, Barog committed suicide.

Citizens think that Captain Barog’s soul yet strolls the tunnel. Several people have watched a woman roaming on the railway track and slowly disappearing.

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Haunted places of Shimla
Indira Gandhi Medical College

Indira Gandhi Medical College –

It is the biggest medical college established not just in Shimla but also in the entry of Himachal Pradesh. At the same time, it is the most haunted place in Shimla. Patients, their households, doctors, and other faculty have at periods complained of unusual activities in corridors, rooms, and elevators.

In addition to strange noises and strange noises, some have also reported being pushed from behind while being carried upstairs. There is a general belief that all these activities are caused by the presence of spirits of people who die in the hospital. Even the forest road near the college is spread by the ghost of an orange vendor. While there is no reason for these souls to drop out of college, the campus is sometimes quite scary.

Haunted places of Shimla
Convent Of Jesus & Mary

Convent Of Jesus & Mary –

Apart from being a famous convent school in Shimla, Jesus and Mary are popular for more than one terrible story and event; Although most of them are rumors. There is a story when a headless horseman seems and gives a rose to one of the girls. He takes along those who approve and kills those who do not. The second folk tale of CMJ hostels being set on flame for orphans during British rule. The existing play area is where the children were buried. Among the various ghost remarks, there is a young girl who asks for her doll and other young women who were sent by a horseman.

Adding power was the tragedy of 2012 when two IV standard students seemed dead near the school. Friends and family of the victims insisted that they had committed suicide due to nuisance and mental harassment by their teachers. Few claim that the building is haunted by their spirits as well.

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House Of Dukhani –

Dukhani is a wonderful house on one of the hills of Shimla, which is said to be wearing a gown by the ghost of an old man. An old story of the British period says that he shot himself in a similar dress in the Dukhani house. A frightening incident, narrated by Sir John Smith – one of the guests at Dukhani, when the spot was occupied by an old British Bucky – is the most famous haunted story of this house. In the Dukhani visit, Sir John Smith felt the ghost of the old man, he shot himself in a similar room. Saying that this is one of the scariest places in Shimla.

Haunted places of Shimla
Chudail Bawdi

Chudail Bawdi –

One of the most famous haunted places in Shimla, Chudail Bawdi is situated between the road from Chhota Shimla to Shimla Highway. It is expected that when you are crossing this point the speed of your car will automatically decrease and the evil will not end here. You will be stopped by an old woman and like in the movies, she will ask for a lift. The only difference is whether you say yes or no, she will be sitting on the seat next to you. There are a lot of accidents at this place.

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Haunted places of Shimla
Kingal Road

Kingal Road –

In Shimla, Kingal is a village and the locals have seen strange lights on it while driving on the road at night. No one has a valid reason for the illumination but locals believe that it is due to some supernatural phenomenon. Be cautious while you are in Shimla and do not cross this road at night. If you want to have an encounter with supernatural forces then you can check it out. These were some of the scary places in Shimla that you should visit while traveling to the beautiful land.

IGMC Road –

The forest road that oversees IGMC, include in the haunted places in Shimla. Shimla is invaded by several ghosts. He was a man who sold oranges on this street in the 1960s. It is told that he died there and yet some people have watched him roaming on this road, with his orange basket. Although he does not harm anyone.

Castle Naggar –

From Manali, there is almost a half-hour drive on Naggar Road, which is quite a beautiful place. The city has many resorts and a beautiful palace that was built in the British period where types and queens were present. In the late evening, unusual activities occur. People hear voices of different people like talking or agitating and this is something unusual. Though these souls do not harm people it is scary.

Many horror ghost stories have been discussed in the city of Shimla for decades. These stories have always been electrifying people in and around Shimla. It is up to us whether we let them disturb us or forget them.

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