The Gone game season 2 Release Date out!

This Indian webseries of the genre, psychological thriller, The Gone Game, made a good impression on the screens of Voot, and now there could be the second season for it. Directed by Nikhil Bhat, this web series had full episodes in the first season. It was in August 2020 when it made its entry on Voot. So, for now, as per the latest announcement made by the team, season 2 is likely to come up. Scroll down to know every sneak peek of The Gone Game season 2.

Release Date of The Gone Game season 2

Till now, there is no official statement that could confirm the release date for this upcoming season. But we can expect it to arrive soon in 2021. Although this series is not in a need of much cast and crew members, so they can wrap up the filming soon. However, we cannot say much about it right now.

Trailer for The Gone Game Season 2

Sadly, the trailer for season 2 has not been on the Voot’s screen yet. Once it gets a confirmed release date, the teaser would be out soon to accelerate the excitement of fans.
However, the trailer for the first season was quite engaging. The entire web series was shot from the confines of the actors’ home. The trailer showed how the Gujral family goes through many strange events after Sahil Gujral goes missing. The first look makes the peoples see Shreya Pilgaonkar, playing Sahil’s wife, to be the murder’s prime suspect.

The Cast of the series

the gone game season 2

Almost everyone in the gone game has equal importance, and so, all of them can be a part of The Gone Game’s second season as well. And thus, the lead actors will be leading the show again.
The cast includes Shweta Tripathi as Amara Gujral and Sanjay Kapoor playing Rajeev Gujral. In addition to them, Arjun Mathur is in the role of Sahil Gujral, while Shriya Pilgaonkar is playing Suhani Gujral. They are joined by Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Subhash Chaudhary, Rukhsar Rehman as Suneeta Gujral, Lubna Salim as Barkha Kapoor, and Indraneil Sengupta is in the character of Pratik Jindal. Also, Harleen Sethi is joining the show.

The Storyline of The Gone Game

the gone game season 2

This series depicts the scenario of coronavirus pandemic. The health condition of Sahil and his symptoms was indicating being Corona positive. Meanwhile, the police is investigating Sahil and whether he was behind everything. He manages to escape from Mumbai by travelling through migrant special trains and decides to leave the country through the Bihar Nepal border. The series gets more intense in the end, and the climax must be confusing for many people.
Therefore, it can be expected that we would see police chasing him in season 2 and therefore, we may experience much more mystery and twists in this series of Voot.

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