Upcoming Gaming Events of 2021 You Can Participate

In the last few years Gaming Community in India has progressed a lot. And Live Gaming has emerged as a full-time profession in India. Gaming has been addictive is an exciting way to have fun and relax. It is also a way to escape from your day-to-day struggle for a while and get recharge to face them again. And, nowadays it is becoming a part of a different culture, and many countries out there have electronic gaming as their national sport. With physical abilities, gaming also enhances our mental abilities as it requires imagination and brain to move ahead in a game.

And other countries also understand that there is great potential in the gaming industry to provide the country’s economy a boost and generate employment at a large level. Thus to encourage eSports more various institutions, counties and even big game studios organize their own eSports event, convention, or summit. If you’re also one of the emerging stars in the gaming industry then you must participate in one of those international events to slay your skills as well as to improve your knowledge about the gaming industry.

1. PlayAway Games Festival 2021 (Online)

Upcoming Gaming Events
PlayAway Games Festival 2021

To celebrate the imagination, creativity, innovation, diversity, and creativity in video games and interactive media for over 2 weeks from 22nd February to 5th March PlayAway Games Festival 2021 is going to be held virtually. More than 30 artists, researchers, designers, musicians, and all others related to games will come together through various workshops, live music performances, panel discussions, virtual play sessions.

This festival is funded by various donations so that it remains accessible and free to all, and artists and performers can pay their fees too.

You can watch the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/tinderboxplayaway


2. Assembly Winter 2021

E-Sports Events
Assembly Winter 2021

Assembly Winter 2021 is an E-sports gaming event in Finland. Jussi Laakkonen and Pekka Aakko are the main organizers of this event. This eSports event has two editions, one is a summer edition that takes place between late July, and the other is a winter edition that is held in January or February. Both editions last for 3 to 4 days.

With gaming other technology-related things, works, one to one interaction are there in Assembly. Assembly events started back in the early 90s by demo groups and individuals from the demo scene, which today emerges as a nonprofit organization, “Assembly Organizing Oy”.


  • Start: February 25
  • End: February 28
  • Registration Cost: €17 – €72
  • Event Categories: Esports, Festivals
  • Event Tags: Assembly, eSports, LAN
  • Website: https://www.assembly.org/winter21/
  • Venue: Messukeskus Helsinki Messuaukio 1 Helsinki, Finland

3. Going Hyper Winter 2021

Upcoming Gaming Events
Going Hyper Winter 2021

Are you one of those who are more interested in developing a game instead of playing it? Then Going Hyper Winter 2021 is an online game jam you will love!

This is a virtual event where Developers and creative people get a whole weekend to create a real game or even a prototype individually or in a team. The best part is you can bring your team or even form a team with unknowns. 

Organizers provide you a team of few experts who will help you and give feedback on your projects.

Hyper Winter will start with a segment that consists of various educational webinars from few top experts.


4. Electronic Gaming Convention 2021

E-Sports Events
Electronic Gaming Convention 2021

Electronic Gaming Convection aka EGC is the newest fighting game tournament in San Antonio. EGC always tries to bring the best of the best from the Globe together to compete with each other. It is a thrilling exhibition of fun and skills where fans and players celebrate the competitive spirit and find a champion among all.

This tournament is much more than just winning. These tournaments will be accessible to every individual attending their event. They will feature unique opportunities to interact with people from vivid countries to form a community of people of the same interest, and segments available for relaxed free play.


  • Start: February 26
  • End: February 28
  • Registration Cost: $54 – $104
  • Event Category: Conventions
  • Event Tags: Electronic Gaming Convention
  • Website: https://www.theegcsa.com/
  • Venue: San Antonio Event Center 8111 Meadow Leaf Dr San Antonio, TX 78227 United States

5. London Games Festival 2021 (Online)

Upcoming Gaming Events
London Games Festival 2021

With the mission to make London the game capital of the world every year London Games Festival is organized to support videogame creators and videogame culture in the city. London Games Festival successfully  bring exposure and investor to the gaming sector and already generated direct investment of more than 40 million Euros and generated more than 500 jobs since its first edition in 2015

London Games Festival is the world’s biggest celebration for interactive media and video games. In its previous edition of 2019, across the city, it covers almost 40 events, offers more than 400 games to play and activities over 12 days. Due to COVID-19 in 2020, the format of the event was changed to online, and this year too London Games Festival 2021 is going to be held virtually.


6. Gamethon Expo 2021

E-Sports Events

Gamethon Expo is the first gaming and eSports convention of India consisting of the entire gaming ecosystem. It is an overall place where you can meet the popular gamers of India and experience the coming highlights live.

The main objective of this event is to bring together the entire community of gamers from India and overseas together so that the Indian gaming industry can achieve new heights and explore business opportunities in India in this sector. Moreover, with an emerging user base and e-commerce solutions, the game developers of India have a big opportunity to innovate and provide mesmerizing content with a cultural and social sense, which is the key to attracting the Indian consumer base. 


  • Start: March 24
  • End: March 26
  • Event Category: Conventions
  • Event Tags: Gamethon
  • Website: http://www.gamethonexpo.com/
  • Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 110001 India

7. Games Careers Week 2021 (Online)

Upcoming Gaming Events

It is not an event where you can compete and play games but an event to inspire people from every background to discover careers in one of the UK’s fastest-growing creative sectors – video games.


8. Game Con Online 2021

Game Con is said to be the world’s first virtual gaming event in which you can Play with tons of others during this 3 day Indie Game & Board Game Convention! For all, it is free to participate in this convention.

GCO was founded by Xyphien LLC and was held from May 1st – May 3rd, 2020 for the first time. With its huge success and positive feedback, its organizers decided to organize it twice a year. They created an MMO Game that enabled people virtually to attend their convection. Originally GCO was known as eTableCon but when eTC turned its focus on all games, video games, online games, board games, and more, and then it was renamed GCO.


  • Start: April 30
  • End: May 2
  • Registration Cost: Free – $25
  • Event Categories: Conventions, Online
  • Event Tags: Game Con, Online Events
  • Website: https://gamecon.online/
  • Registration: https://gamecon.online/

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Events to Promote Gaming Community and Gaming Technology

1. Game Global Digital Summit 2021

E-Sports Events

Game Global Digital Summit 2021 is going to be a two-day virtual event dedicated to video game localization, functional testing, and QA. After the runaway success of its first edition in June 2020, its organizers are excited to host the next edition of Game Global Digital Summit 2021 in March 2021.

In this event, you can enhance your knowledge one step ahead with high-quality live presentations and panels. Connect and interact with your peers and create new contacts through their app. During their virtual happy hours, you can also chat with peers.


  • Start: March 2
  • End: March 3
  • Registration Cost: $225 – $350
  • Event Categories: Conferences, Online
  • Event Tags: Game Global Digital Summit, Online Events
  • Website: https://gameglobal.events/events/game-global-digital-summit-march-2021/
  • Registration: https://gameglobal.events/registrations/gg06/

2. Indie Game Business 2021 (Online)

Upcoming Gaming Events

This year Indie Game Business is the eighth edition of its own. And they’re inviting you all to know about the wide variety of business, marketing, and licensing sessions in the gaming sector. All these lectures are free to attend for all.

Besides all this, you will also get a chance to meet and interact with publishers, industry leaders, Marketing firms, representatives from developers, investors, and other executives.


3. Indie Summit Valencia 2021

E-Sports Events

This year Indie Summit Valencia is organizing its 4th edition. It is an international event and only in its first edition, Indie Valencia gathered more than 400 professionals, fans, and creators of the gaming sector.

Summit Valencia is intended to an annual event with an objective to strategic meeting point for this professional sector and opening new international borders for creators and companies. From 4th to 6th March this event is going to be held and has two sections: the first two days are for video game professionals and the third day is for general people. Registration is free but you have to register as soon as possible.


4. Hamburg Games Conference Online 2021

Upcoming Gaming Events

This convention is aimed to offer talk and Content to a large crowd who are into the gaming business from students to CEOs. Hamburg Games Conference’s theme for this year is “Discoverability”.


5. Gen Con Spring Showcase 2021 (Online)

E-Sports Events

Join Gen Con Spring Showcase 2021 and get a chance to get a glimpse of some of your all-time favorite game developers and publishers this march to preview brand-new games on Twitch. Besides, get more newsletters, games, blogs, and other activities on the web from us. Start the season with good vibes related to gaming with Gen Con Spring Showcase 2021.

Participating publishers, games, and streaming schedule coming soon!


  • Start: March 6
  • End: March 7
  • Cost: Free
  • Event Categories: Conventions, Online, Tabletop
  • Event Tags: Gen Con, Online Events
  • Website: https://www.genconspringshowcase.com
  • Registration: https://www.genconspringshowcase.com/

6. Games ED 2021 (Online)

Upcoming Gaming Events

A GAME ED 2021 is the current year’s edition of Games Ed which is a conference aim to bring game educators and the games industry together and fill the gap between them.

More than 30 speakers from the United Kingdom’s top gaming universities, game development studios, and colleges will share their thoughts on how the gap between the games industry and game educators can be filled to encourage employability, work placements, diversity, skills, and apprenticeships in the gaming sector.

Over 100 leaders from UK’s top game universities with the largest games studios, games technology providers, recruitment companies, and 3rd sector games organizations were gathered last year to debate and discuss the importance of this sector in coming years.


7. FMX 2021 (Online)

E-Sports Events

FMX 2021 is a conference event by Filmakademie’s Animation Institute on games, animation, immersive media, and effects. At Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart, this event takes place every spring.

Through its international but friendly exposure, FMX offers students and professionals a great stage to interact with each other, sharing insights about art, business, and technology related to games.


  • Start: May 4
  • End: May 6
  • Event Categories: Conferences, Online
  • Event Tags: FMX, Online Events
  • Website: https://fmx.de/home/
  • Registration: https://fmx.de/tickets/

8. BIG Festival 2021

Upcoming Gaming Events

BIG Festival stands for Brazil’s Independent Games Festival which is the largest market and international festival for independent games in Latin America.


  • Start: May 5
  • End: May 9
  • Cost: Free
  • Event Category: Festivals
  • Event Tags: BIG Festival, eSports
  • Website: https://www.bigfestival.com.br/homeen.html
  • Venue: Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca R. Frei Caneca, 569 – Consolação, São Paulo, Brazil United States

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