new Bhojpuri movie 2021 that you must watch now

Here we come up with all the upcoming Bhojpuri movies which are going to release in the Year 2021 with the latest trailers and casts. Below is the list of cast information, official trailers, and updates about all the stars like Pawan Singh, Monalisa, Amarpali Dubey, Ravi Kisan, and many more New Bhojpuri movie 2021.

Here is the list of Upcoming New Bhojpuri Movie 2021:

Movie: Kashmir Hamara Hai

  • Genre: Romantic, Drama
  • Director: Aravind Choubay
  • Producer: Raj Jaiswal
  • Cast: Pawan Singh
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Allahabad Naam Hi Kaafi Hai

  • Genre: Drama, Action
  • Director: Mahesh R. Gupta
  • Producer:
  • Cast: Manoj R. Pandey
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Laga Deb Jaan Ki Bazi

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Mithilesh Avinash
  • Producer: Mithilesh Avinash
  • Cast: Avinash Shahi and Vishnu Shakar Belu
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Tumhare Pyar Ki Kasam

  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Director: Shad Kumar
  • Cast: Eenu Shree and Arvind Akela
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Doodh Mango to Kheer Denge Kashmir Mangoge Cheer Denge

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Arivind Chaubey
  • Cast: Pawan Singh
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Pyaar to Hona Hi Tha

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Pramod Shastri
  • Producer: Amit Hindocha
  • Cast: Arvind Akela, Yamini Singh, Kanak Yadav, Sushil Singh
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Baapji  

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Dev Pandey
  • Producer: Ramjit Jaiswal
  • Cast: Khesari La Yadav, Kajal and Ritu Singh
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Ek Prem Kahani

  • Genre: Romance
  • Director: Ranjan Nishant
  • Cast: Manoj R. Pandey, Monalisa, Neha Shree
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Garam Masala

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Ajay Jha
  • Cast: Aditya Ojha, Neha Shree, Sanjay Pandey
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Arzoo

  • Genre: Action
  • Director: RamJ. Patel
  • Producer: Regal Film and Music Production.
  • Cast: Prem Singh, Tanu Shree, Umesh Singh, Sagar Chaudhri
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Subh Gari Ayo

  • Genre: Comedy, Action, Drama
  • Director: Chandan Upadhy
  • Producer: Abhishek Srivastavas and Rita Vidyarthi
  • Cast: Arivind Akela kallu, Akshra Singh, Bipin Singh, Nilam Singh
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Munna Misir Bima Agent

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director:Dheeru Yadav
  • Producer: Durga Prasad and Dinesh Raihan
  • Cast: YAsh Kumar, Chandani Singh Manoj Tiger, Poonam Dubey.
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Shrimaan Shrimati

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Art Director: Rahul Kumar
  • Producer: Sandeep Singh and Ajay K Ojha
  • Cast: Aditya Ojha, Rani Charejee, Kunal Singh and Parakash Jayesh
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Sita Aur Gita

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Sushil Kumar Upadhyay
  • Producer: Maya Yadav and Murat Yadav
  • Cast: Arivind Akela Kallu, Kajal Yadav, Manoj Tiger, Maya Yadav
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Mohabat Ki Jung

  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Dinesh Yadav
  • Producer: Rajesh Singh
  • Cast: Yash Kumar Mishra, Sweety Chabra, Awdhesh
  • Release Date: 2021

Movie: Dulhan Vahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye

  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Producer: Abhay Sinha, Prashant Jammunwala, Samir Aftab
  • Cast: Kajal Raghwani, Khesari Lal  Yadav, Madhu Sharma
  • Release Date: 2021

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