Tips On How To Increase Camera Quality On Android

To capture a magical moment for your life, you need a good snap. And to create that magical moment in the form of a snap, good camera quality is a must. A camera phone is much easier to carry than a much bulkier DSLR. We all mostly underestimate smartphone cameras and think that we can only get good quality pictures with cameras. This is because we all dont know much about the capabilities of smartphone cameras. Using multi-featured apps, tools by exploring various settings, angles, lighting, we can capture more beautiful and magical moments than a camera can. These are some tips to increase camera quality on your Android so that you can enjoy more exciting snaps easily by using your phone camera.

1. Clean The Lenses Properly

 How To Increase Camera Quality On Android

The lens plays a vital role while taking photos. So, cleaning them is the first and the most necessary step you should follow to increase camera quality on your android. Take a wipe and clean all the dust and fingerprint stains you see on your smartphone’s lens. This simple and easy step can make a wonder for your pictures. You can also try attachable lenses to get more of your smartphone camera. These lenses have many special effects like fish-eye shots or macro. You have to attach one to the top of your camera lens. You can find many lens choices from BrandoINK361Photojojo.

2. Explore Your Smartphone Camera Settings

 How To Increase Camera Quality On Android

Most of us rely only on the phone’s default auto mode. If you explore your phone’s camera settings, you will notice many other camera settings. Although different smartphones have different settings, most of all, you should know about how to control exposure, focus, and white balance. You can change the lighting of your photo by focusing on it. By using the smartphone’s camera settings, you can improve the quality of images. Also, there is a panorama mode available on most phones. This mode is great for taking landscape photos, and you can grab a well-stitched shot by keeping your hand steady enough.

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3. Use Back Camera More

The front camera is used mostly to take selfies and for video conferencing, but use the back camera more. The front camera has fewer megapixels than the rear camera, so for better picture quality, use the back camera more. You can also use both front and back camera by using Frontback app. This app allows you to take pictures with both the rear camera and the front camera.

4. Set The Resolution High

 How To Increase Camera Quality On Android

The better quality of the pictures depends on how much high the resolution is. While taking photos with a smartphone, don’t zoom in on the subject because you will not get the better resolution then. You can go close to the subject for better resolution. The high-resolution picture also needs high storage memory to store them, and to solve this problem; you can keep your photographs externally instead of your phone memory. You can use an external SD card or try many photo-sharing apps or cloud storage services.

5. Tripods & Monopods

 How To Increase Camera Quality On Android

Tripods and Monopods provide the clarity that you will appreciate. Monopods allow you to take a shot from a distance away. It is perfect for taking selfies of yourself from a distance. Tripods are good to shoot at slow shutter speeds. Tripods and Monopods are mostly small and portable, so these are always to carry. You can take pictures from impossible angles using tripods. These both are great for professional photography, and you can easily rely on them for better quality pictures.

6. Better Lighting

While taking pictures, always go to the place where there is better lighting. It can be any corner in your house with beautiful lighting or prefer outdoor shoots more. Better lighting can increase camera quality of your android and make your images look more cheerful and welcoming. While shooting indoors, you can go to the windows or doors. Try as much as you can to click pictures in natural light. Also, you can use night photography apps for a better picture-taking experience.

7. Use Third-Party Camera Apps.

You can consider third-party camera apps because they have many additional functions compared to your phone’s camera. Camera+ (iOS) and ProCapture Free (Android) are some apps having many additional features. Many third-party apps update new features, modes, filters regularly. You can definitely play with them to get more quality pictures.

8. Use Photo-Editing Apps

Photo-Editing Apps can enhance the quality of your pictures more. After taking the images, install some useful photo editing apps and edit your pictures to make them look more lavish. Some of the excellent photo editing apps are Pixlr Express (iOSAndroid) and Photoshop Express (iOSAndroid), which provide different editing functions. You can crop your picture, straighten it, rotate it, flip it, and use various filters. Not only for pictures, but photo editing apps can edit your videos also.

Shooting pictures from different angles can make your photos look more attractive and flattering. Try out new things regularly and play with them, explore them. You will learn a lot and get to know many new things daily about professional photography. Just keep Exploring!

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