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All life, we miss school days. We can not forget this time. Our teachers said – ” enjoy and learn this school time because afters school life you miss so much this golden life.” School life is a “golden life,” and school time is a golden time. On school days, we do only entertainment, and a tiny group of students constantly study and around a lot of students entertain their school life. Some web series and movies explain our school days very much like immature, Kota factory and college life like 3 idiots. Here we share with you some web series so that you can imagine your school days. Let’s know the most famous Web Series Like Immature that you are searching for and will love watching.


This is one of the best web series of student life and explains the school days. After the 10th class student imagines he is growing and now he is mature, he can do anything. And students love stories always so romantic. School love is real love. This web series remind us of our school life.
At the starting of this series, we saw school and students firstly. Any nobleman said, “if you want to know any country’s future, you should watch their school and college student.” But according to this web series, our student’s future is dangerous. They follow only class topper girls and after the waste of time. They drink and smoke. They are abusing so much. Here one sight love story so interesting.
This web series explains four types of friends. The first type – every time brave and always use their body power not mind power, and if you follow these friend you always beat. The second – this type of friend always switches off; what’s energy? He does not know. And the third type of friend is brilliant, always a homework finisher, a class topper, and a sports topper. And the fourth friend is a waste of time friend. He always thinks this is right or this is right? And one class topper girl.

Kota Factory

Web Series Like Immature

This is a top-rated web series in India because India is the world’s biggest coaching country. There are many coaching centers for studies. And Kota(Rajasthan) is the coaching hub of engineering and medical entrance exams. There are many coaching institutes in Kota. And these institutes earn billions of rupees through entrance exam coaching. Because I study in Kota, so I know everything about Kota. Their economics depend on the coaching center. There is the world’s biggest coaching institution, “Allen institute of Kota.” Kota mess system is so good. Students feel safe in this unknown city. Kota administration also supports every student who comes to India’s different cities.
Kota Factory story based on young students who prepare in Kota for Jee main and NEET and their problems for study, food, topic, etc. This movie support Maths and Physics but against Inorganic Chemistry. Series actor says – ” this inorganic Chemistry is a terrible subject because every question needs a different formula and opposite Physics, only Newton finish half Physics.”

When is coming, Kota Factory season 2?

The release date does not confirm but season 2 coming soon. Because fans were demanding season 2 then they are making Kota Factory season 2.

Laakhon Mein Ek season 1

Web Series Like Immature

This is a very emotional web series and based on student life. And this series IMDB rating is excellent. A boy passed in 12th, and after 12th, he wants to choose Comers because he like Comers, but his parents forced him and send him to IIT preparation. For IIT preparation, he lives in Hostel. After 1-2 months, he did not cover the IIT syllabus and back compression to another student. He calls her mother and shares their problem, but her mother says, “work hard.” After facing weekly tests, he is cheating and buys answer sheets. And now his marks are very high, and management shifted him from group 3 to group 1 because his tests mark so impressive.
His friendship is naughty boys, and he enjoys those days, but management explores his cheating and tensions him one day. He is saddened and finally depressing. And one day, he suicides. The web series shows our competitive education system.

Available on: Amazon

Laakhon Mein Ek season 2:

Season 2 is too available on amazon prime video.

Engineering girls

For engineering students, this web series is real. Especially girls are studying at any engineering college, enjoying this series. Engineering girls is a drama web series, and at the starting, we saw Sharda University. And three friends who follow 3 idiots movie. And they say, we are 3 idiots girls. Farhan and Raju character always fight, but after they close friend. They support and hard work. Some boys and girls do ranging. They torture Junior students and enjoy. In the last, Sabu steals a file because he was late and the professor does not submit their assignment. And HOD suspends her for one year, but her friend support her, and her suspension order was canceled. Sabu gets a job, and they achieved her goals.
Engineering girls story around 3 Idiot.

Available On: Youtube


Flames is a romantic love story based on school days. Panjabi Bagh, Paschim Vihar, Vikaspuri, Janakpuri, and other Chemistry students come to coaching in Sunshine Coaching classes. All topper students come here, and Pradeep Kaushal teaches Chemistry. Rajat is a brilliant student, but he is also late. And his friend Gaurav always support him. One day Rajat saw Ishita, and he loves Ishita. Finally, Ishita and Rajat love, and they enjoy their school and coaching days. Flames season 1 is so beautiful.

Flames season 2

Flames Season 2 released and Season 2 trailer is very sadful. Rajat hates Ishita and the bus stop scene is heartbroken.

Available On: MX Players and also Youtube

Girls Hostel

Girls Hostel is an Indian web series based on girls’ school and college life, where they live in a hostel. It is a normal web series. And only school life fight, enjoying show us. Many girls live in a hostel, and their story like a comedy. A girl is a girl president, and she shows her attitude than a girl against her and won the student election. You can watch this series on youtube. Girls hostel season 2 released, but It is too normal, and there is no advanced level drama. But season 2 connected with season 1, so we understand this web series easily. Here we can not share with you this story so you can see this series and enjoy your student and hostel life.

Girls hostel season 2

Girls hostel season 2 released and available on YouTube and MX Player.

Available on: MX Player and Youtube

College Romance

College Romance is a drama web series. And here are three friends and their partner. This is a college life series but and romantic atmosphere series. There is a college group, and they always enjoy the party. Many times they use to abuse for communication. So this is not right for youth, especially school and college students. So if you want to see any romantic student series, this is a good option.

College Romance season 2

College Romance season 2 was released and you can see this web series on Youtube easily.

Available On: Youtube

What’s Your Status

Web Series Like Immature

This is one of the best web series based on higher education like Manipal institute of technology. Same here love story but web series shooted in Manipal Instituted which is India most university. And this series easily available on Youtube, so you can watch this. What’s your Status? Remember our college life when we enjoy our golden life. It’s such an amazing web series, and we can not explain it through words so that you can watch it.

Available on: Youtube

Class of 2020

Web Series Like Immature

This is a very romantic and criminal-type web series based on student life. Where students love, sex and affairs are normal. This is a good start because of the college and school life scene, but after the interval, these web series convert criminal type show. Breakup and once again another affair show this series. This is not available on YouTube, but you can watch this on ALT Balaji.

Available On: ALT Balaji


Web Series Like Immature

If anybody should find love and education both and their choice not accept his request, what will happen? Mismatched is a wonderful web series where a girl wants to create apps. But his parents said you could not create another Bill gates so you can open your cybercafe after marriage.
She got admission to a technical college and learned the Java language. And he meets a boy and gets friendship. They and another group make the app, and the best app maker will found a free internship. Dimpal and Rishi app won the best app prize, but their relationship mismatched so, this web series name is “Mismatched.”

Available On: Netflix

Some students life movies like 3 idiot

(1) 3 idiot
(2) Tare Zameen Par
(3) Student of the year
(4) Main Hoon Na
(5) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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