Tandav review and Mp Ravi Kishan statement on Tandav Movie

Saif Ali Khan starrer Tandav was released on 15 January after the maker Sankranti. Tandav is a political drama web series, and our Indian political culture after father-son takes his father seat is an issue show in this web series. According to this series, Politics is the main issue in our country. Every politician thinks only about his seat, and they only share the issue of development, but they do not take action for our society’s development. They also busy with the next election. Dimple Kapadia in the lead role and comedian Suneel Grover will show just the opposite on their character so let’s ready for full entertainment.

Tandav web series conflict: Tandav Review

In this web series, the controversy begins with an auto torium where some people are doing a play. In it, a boy holding a trident in his hand and talking with a blue mark on his face is talking. It is the character of Lord Shankar and a character of Narada. He is talking about making followers. He is saying that they want freedom in this country, not from this country. Some viewers have raised objections about this scene, saying that it is an insult to our Lord Shankar and Hinduism. Even before this, entertainment things like Ramlila, Ranglila, and Raslila have been happening in our country, and every artist plays every character in their own way. In this web series, too, in one scene, an artist has played Lord Shankar’s character in his own way, but people made comments, and the matter reached the court. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also sent a summons to Amazon India.

Tandav against Hindus and Lord Shiva?

Some people and the community against Tandav say this web series abuses Lord Shiva and against Hindus. They noticed the Amazon India office and said if our government does not take any action, they will Hungama. They demand from our government, and please take any action on Tandav. This is a fraud for our Hindus society and only for popularity filmmakers use abusing in their web series.

Ravi Kishan on Tandav:

Tandav Review

Speaking on this web series, actor and MP Ravi Kishan said that it had become a trend that the Hindu religion is repeatedly targeted. Ravi Kishan said that his films were also super hit at the box office, but we have not hurt any religion to date. He said that Hinduism is an extensive community. And Lord Shiva is our Idol and use abuse for Lord Shiva in this web series. And he says this is not the first time before this series filmmakers target Hinduism. He says our friend work in Tandav, but this is wrong, and we take action.

MP Ravi Kishan said, “His many movies achieve Silver jubilee and superhit, but never we hurt anycast and any Lord. Ravi Kishan said that he never did this on 650 films, and it is not understandable to do so intentionally. Freedom is in your hands. Things like this should be stopped. Do something that the Hindu religion, which is such a big religion, has such a large population, and it should be targeted deliberately. It is wrong. There are millions of ways to entertain in cinema, then why do such things happen.

Tandav web series story:

Tandav is a political thriller drama web series where a son murders his father for prime minister seat. The story revolves around Samar Pratap Singh. Samar Pratap Singh is the son of the Prime Minister. PM Devkinandan has completed his two terms, and after the election, the results are coming today, and Devakinandan is confident that he will win this election. His party is huge, and the leader of this party is Gopal Das. Due to Gopal Das’s support, Devkinandan is confident that this time he will become the same PM. Today his party’s supporters are standing outside his house as the results of the election are coming. Then Samar Pratap Singh walks out of the house and shakes his hand to greet his supporters, seeing it. Gopal Das says that seeing this, it looks like it will become a bigger politician than you. Devkinandan says that seeing its politics and diplomacy, and I am also afraid that he will not beat me and lead the party.

Devkinandan says to Gopaldas that by looking at the summer, I feel that I am Indira Gandhi and that Sanjay Gandhi, then Gopal Das says that you should not be like Indira Gandhi with you. On the second day, there is a media interview. In the interview, Samar talks about making Aditi a defense minister because Devkinandan is upset because he refused to talk to Samar. He wants Raghu to be the defense minister. Raghu is his illegitimate son. Raghu is Anuradha’s son who takes drugs every day. Devkinandan had promised Anuradha to tell Kiro Raghu as the defense minister. After this, Samar and Devaki Nandan were drinking wine for the third time in the joy of winning the election when Samar added poison to his father’s glass and Devaki Nandan died.

Tandav Review

After this, Samar feels that he will become the Prime Minister, but then Anuradha plays her bet, and she tells Samar that she knows that you have murdered Devakinandan. She blackmails Samar, then forcing Samar to In the core committee meeting, Anuradha has to become the PM. After this, he constantly tries how he becomes PM, then he does some more planning and plans to kill 3 students of Swami Vivekananda University. And Final Summer gets the proof, and he blackmails Anuradha and makes Gopal Das the interim prime minister, which makes everyone wonder why he didn’t become the prime minister himself? All these will be known in the next season.

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Dimpal Kapadia, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Zeeshan Ayub, Suneel Grover, Kritika, Kumud Mishra, Sara jane dies, Dino moria, Gauahar Khan, Sandhya Mridul, Anup Soni,
Paresh Pahuja, Sonali Nagrani, and other

Released Date: 15 January

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

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