Here’s How and why we use React hooks?

It’s been a while since react hook was released, react developers still seem to shy away from using it, there could be many reasons for that, one of it is maybe familiarity in using it, which helps keep a check on the already established projects easily and the other is a migration of entire codebase due to large project continuation.

Quoting react documentation “hooks is a special function that lets you hook into reacting features.” When the hook was introduced it was done with the intent that it’ll not replace your knowledge of the current concept obsolete.

 It was introduced to make a more direct approach of API to React concepts that were already known, such as props, state, and lifecycle, etc. As hooks give the freedom to apply and combine them in more powerful ways.

What are Hooks?

 In simple terms, hooks make it easier to organize logic, without a need to write a class in components.

 It can’t be used inside classes as hooks are functions. In the old version of React, you always had to switch between functions, class, HOC, etc.

 But hooks enable you to use the only function to reduce all the complexities in concepts and make your code simple and readable.

Hooks Vs Classes

Make reusing functionality between components, it’s a powerful way to express hook’s functions. Before React released its new version, classes had been used extensively.

 It’s usually the case when react component starts with a functional component depending on props and ends up with class components having states. Which increases factoring effort.

 Hooks can tap into the state as a functional component minimizing the factoring effort. And also classes and functions can be mixed in a single tree of hooks, but hooks can’t be used in class.

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 Why To use React hooks?

Why We Use Hooks In React
Under Hood Of React Hook System

There are a lot of ways to repeatedly use logic in React.

We can use a simple function to write something simple to calculate or we can write components that can be used in both classes and functions.

Components are powerful but to render UI makes them inefficient, that’s how we end up with a pattern like HOC and render props.

Wouldn’t it be better if we use the same logic repeatedly instead of so many? 

It takes the least amount of effort to move logic in between functions but we can’t use local React state in functions.

 Hooks solves the problem as it lets you use features like state. It also lets you use or combine built-in hooks for making custom hooks for your use. This helps in making your code much shorter and easily readable.

 Why We Use Hooks In React?

  1. Duplicated logic in components.
  2. Huge components.
  3. Complexities of patterns like HOC and render props.

 It seems hooks are not going away anywhere. If you’d thought through using hooks in your new project please give us feedback. As function provides less code writing to arrive at the same results as class components. It feels nice to just write class vs function.

React Hooks are a big help in saving time and make code syntax clear and concise in every way possible. If this is not enough to compel you to use React hooks, it’s okay. But do explore!

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