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Best Free Movie Downloading Apps

Best free movie downloading apps

Around everyone knows about the movie in the world. Today Cinema is the most significant entertainment medium and industry. The film, TV serial, and web shows are viral, and after Corona, OTT platforms and mobile apps are touching the sky. Every human locks in the house, and then they use mobile very much in the lockdown movie, watching time growing very much. People demanded movie downloader apps. These apps help you find any Bollywood or Hollywood movie online, and you can watch it easily. Some apps only Bollywood movies and some apps for Hollywood movies, so it’s depended on your choice. We are sharing some Best Free Movie Downloading Apps that you can download and see any movies.


YouTube is the world’s best second search engine and video or movie downloader. We can easily watch any movie on this platform. The world’s biggest social platform is YouTube. There is every content like Education, entertainment, spiritual, learning programs, etc. every part of life available on YouTube. And also, there are many teaching programs, and there is every part of life. There are many Hollywood and Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. There are many south movies, and Hindi dubbed Tollywood movies. We can easily download movies on youtube and can see them anytime offline.

Cinema HD

This is a good option for watching and downloading movies. You can easily download any movie for free. Without any cost, you can enjoy any Hollywood movie. Search any movie and click the download button. There are many options so that you can manage your movie. There are 1080P video support and high-quality video so that you can watch any time HD quality movie, yes “Cinema HD” support HD. Around Ads-free app. We can download movies and watch them anytime too offline. This application is easy to use and support like friendly. At present this app not available in the play store, because of some Google conditions so you can search, and sometimes this application show on the play store.

Best Free Movie Downloading Apps

Movie HD

There are many movies and TV shows. One of the best free movie downloader app without any charge. You can easily get it for Android. This app especially makes for Android for free movies. This application does not require any subscription and signs in. This is good for a large number of movies and their video service is high quality like Amazon prime video.
There are no ads and any problems so it best supporter face. After downloading the movie, we can watch it offline. There is no issue with the registration. Collection of many movies. Parents control it like parents control Youtube for kids. A favor for chrome cast and fire tv.

Vid mate

For movie download searching, if you are late then no wait and you can download without any tension “Vid mate”. You can download a youtube video in your gallery from helping of vid mate. This is so good for video and movie download. There is a large collection of movies. For Android, this is a very popular app and easily you can use it. Large Hollywood movies and large Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies are here and Tollywood also. Bollywood and classic movies also here. We can download any movie on our sd card or gallery . Firstly install vid mate on Google play store and allow their service. After downloading you can search millions of videos. You can see high-quality video service. There is a download option like curve and download video in the gallery. And enjoy the movie without net or offline.


This is one of the best movie downloader app and video streaming applications. There is very high definition quality. Video streaming and downloading quality are good and we can easily download movies and videos. This application provides us a large number of movies and TV shows. Modbro content is very well and easy to use similar to other applications. There is no subscription charge and it is free. You can easily download a new movie. Some pros point of Modbro are like it provide us clean UI and different languages are available. Some cons point like some time we find playback issues.

Popcornflix™- Movies. TV.Free

This is the next application for movie download. Popcornflix provides us around 700 free movies. All movie is available in High definition and good video quality. There are not millions of videos or movies but this is enough for one year. But Popcornflix regular updating and adding new movies so that we can enjoy them enough. There are many types of movies like romance, love, drama, thrillers, Bollywood, etc. This is a legal application and we can download it from the play store. Some pros of this application like available on the play store and also new content and annoying advertisements. Some CONS points like slow streaming speed and limited movies.

Best Free Movie Downloading Apps


For Android and IOS, Crackle is the best free application for downloading and free movies. Crackle has a large number of movies and TV shows. There is a big collection of exclusive movies. This app provides us fast streaming service and cleans UI. We face some advertisements on Crackle but they do not create any problems, so don’t worry about ads. Trailers, last movies, recent episodes, and everything do you want. Firstly you log in then the application will start. And you can enjoy movies and TV shows without any watching limits. Some PROS of this app examples: streaming speed is very well and fast downloading the app and available on Android and IOS. One CONS: limited UI features are available.

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Megabox HD

This is one of the best next application for movie downloading. There are many latest and collect movies, so you can download them free. This application name is Megabox HD, so there are movies collection with HD quality. After downloading movies, you can watch them offline and free. Megabox HD is not available on the play store, so you should choose manually and download it from their site. But this app available on PC (Windows ), so it is a bonus point. You can see any movies on the big screen. You can save movies to watch the letter.

Best Free Movie Downloading Apps


Tubi provides us thousands of movies and shows for free and it is a good application for downloading free movies and TV shows without any problems. Here you can bookmark your wish list of movies, who you want. Tubi updated regularly and added new movies and TV shows. Tubi mostly content available in HD quality. This is a legal application and safe. Tube also supports apple tv, Amazon fire tv, Chromecast, etc. Some PROS of Tubi like available on the play store for PC and support Chromecast and fire stick TV, Dark theme. One CONS point is limited UI

Popcorn Time

For Android and Windows, it is such a useful application and one of the best app for movie download. You can find almost every movie and TV shows on Popcorn Time. There is almost every movie in high definition. And every content also provides subtitles. This application also available for Windows, Android, IOS, and Linux. You can change your language anytime, so this is good. Some PROS point of Popcorn Time – movies and TV shows available on HD mode. And CONS point that sometimes it takes time for streaming.


For free TV shows and movies, Lifetime is another app. Lifetime has a large collection of movies and documentaries. It is based in the U.S. satellite channels. For free service, you have to provide valid ID proof. But this is a good movie downloader for watching online movies. Some PROS point of Lifetime a large collection of Anime and an impressive homepage. And CONS points are sometimes audio and video freeze and there is no latest movie collection.


The next movie app is Iflix. It is a free app and earns currency from advertisements. You can stream two devices at the same time. Without any problem, you can download Iflix from the play store. There is a lot of content in HD. You can found easily many languages variety. Lastly, there are many news and content for kids. Some PROS points of Iflix like easily support Chromecast and a large collection of famous titles. And CONS point is that many times we face slow stream speed.


Vudu is a very famous movie app, and you can download it from the google play store. It takes some rent from the user for movies and TV shows. But this is free for a limited time. So you can watch free movies but for a limited time. Vudu provides us UHD quality and good sound service.


Netflix is the best movies and TV shows app, but this is paid app.

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Amazon prime video

This is the second-best movie and TV show or web series app, but this is paid app. If you want any other application or help, please comments in the comments section.


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