5 Web series like Kota Factory : Watch them for free

Kota Factory, the first black and white web show of earth. In India, every house has a fan of this Kota Factory. Kota Factory is an Indian web show which has received rating through different channels. Once you watch it, you will know what is there to be so much loved. This series is about students, the students who prepare to give IIT (Indian Information Technology)examination. Kota is a place in Rajasthan where every year more than 1.5 to 2 lakh students go for IIT preparation. In India Kota is known for its best institutions. Thus this web series, being the best holds the story of a typical boy whose dream is to crack the IIT exam. So are you searching a web series like kota factory or not?

After watching such shows we often find ourselves in a dilemma in selecting shows like what to watch next, Though there are crores of series and shows but you wish to watch a similar kind of the previous one like here you are searching web series like Kota Factory. It often happens as it is a common human nature. So, I have prepared a list for you and mentioned 5 web series like Kota Factory.

web series like kota factory

Web series like Kota Factory

  • Engineering Girls
  • Operation MBBS
  • Immature
  • Selection Day
  • Gullak

All the above listed are so popular that I can expect you have watched already but in case you haven’t and you are looking for a series like Kota Factory then it’s just for you. And I must say one thing, The series mentioned are not just like Kota Factory. All the mentioned ones are one of their kind. Based on expectations as students that what a student expects from a series they can be similar. So don’t judge whether they are super same or not and why not?

Engineering Girls

web series like kota factory

Engineering Girls, A series about girls who have dreams and are on the way to reach. This series is just too famous among girls ‘Engineering Girls’ have got a rating of 7 out of 10 in IMDb. Before going further let’s read few basic details like:-

Platform/Available on – Youtube
Channel Name -The Timeliners
Directed by – Apoorv Singh Karki
Language – Hindi
Promoted by- Sharda University
Produced by – Arun Kumar
Genre – Adventure Comedy
The Timeliners, is a YouTube Channel that provides web series and more entertainment videos. It has more than 6 million subscribers.
‘The Engineering Girl’ is a show by Timeliners. So, It is available for free on YouTube. Also, it has its website from where you can watch it free of cost. It is of five episodes:-

  • Episode 1 – Practical file
  • Episode 2 – Ghar Ke Laddu
  • Episode 3 – Happy Birthday
  • Episode 4 – Mistakes
  • Episode 5 – Awazein

So, the series is about three girls from three different families. The lead cast includes Sabu (Barkha Singh), Maggu (Kritika Avasthi) and Teja (Sejal Kumari). So, Sabu, Maggu, and Teja are the three friends through whom the series has tried to show the life of girls in engineering colleges like Sharda University and also any of the hostel girl life.
Sabu is a fearless lively girl and best friend of Maggu and can do anything for her whereas Maggu is a topper but she is not so tough and often stuck in bullies. Teja is studying engineering but confused about her career. She wants to enter the college drama club. Thus their life in the hostel is screened to us with the different problems they deal with reaching their goals. It is a very interesting series and it also has basic moral values.

Operation MBBS.

web series like kota factory

As mentioned earlier in terms of student’s expectations from a series these are the best option. Operation MBBS is one of the best options for you. This is not about engineering as the name depicts itself. It is about medical students. Again here you need to know the important details about Operation MBBS.

Directed by – Pravin Yadav
Produced by – Ajay Kumar
Platform/Available on – YouTube
Channel name – Dice Media
Language – Hindi
Genre – Adventure Comedy
Operation MBBS is comprised of five episodes. It has not declared its end but there are only 5 episodes yet may be due to COVID-19 more episodes get stuck. However, the 5 episodes are:-

  • Episodes 1 – Infection
  • Episode 2 – Diagnosis
  • Episode 3 – Complications
  • Episode 4 – Surgery
  • Episode 5 – Recovery

Operation MBBS has got an 8.1 rating on IMDb and has more than 30 million views. The series is started by Ayush Mehra, Anshul Chauhan, and Sarah Hashmi. The series is about three friends again Huma (Sarah), Sakshi (Anshul), and Nishant (Ayush). All of them have different backgrounds. Huma is a topper one who cannot tolerate her fewer marks. She has her dark past. She lives with her mother, she lost her father and not got selected in AIMS. Huma keeps a secret about it. Sakshi belongs to a middle-class family in Maharashtra. She got into this college with lots of struggle. Sakshi had a dream to become a doctor and she lives for it. On the other hand, Nishant, is a frustrated boy who is just fulfilling his father’s dream. He holds the burden of his father’s title as his father is a great doctor and everyone knows him. He always has kept the dignity of being the son of his reputed father which is opposite to his dreams.

Thus, this series is filled with entertainment and has many liberal values that will take you to their college through the screen. This show is provided by Dice Media. Dice Media has always provided us with many beautiful videos and shows and this is one of them like TVF provide web series ‘ like Kota factory.

Immature, a web series like Kota Factory

Immature, the name itself is justifying the story of the series. The best part about it is, This is produced by Viral Fever, a channel which has a tag for providing good shows. Even Kota Factory is produced by The Viral Fever. So in terms of adding this one to the list of web series like Kota Factory, there is the biggest similarity they both are produced by Viral Fever, and one is that they both have Jitendra Kumar as a character one has Jeetu Bhaiya, Physics teacher and another has drama teacher. This is available on the MX Player app for free. It has a rating of 8.8 out of 10 in IMDb. Now, let’s overview the important details about it:-
Directed by – Prem Mistry
Produced by – TVF
Platform / Available on – MX Player
production Company – The Viral Fever
Genre – Comedy-drama
Immature is India’s first-ever web series Nominated for Cannes Film Festival. The series is comprised of 5 episodes. They are :

  • Episode 1 – Daddy’s Little Princess
  • Episode 2 – Being HUMAyuN
  • Episode 3 – Pahla Pahla Pyar, Pahla Pahla Bar
  • Episode 4 – Unstable Equilibrium
  • Episode 5 – Triple H Versus The Rock

The cast includes Omkar Kulkarni, Rashmi Agdekar, Chinmay Chandraunshul and Vishlesh Tiwari. Immature follows the story of a teenage boy named Dhruv (Omkar Kulkarni). The series name Immature perfectly suits its leads character Dhruv being a teenager. The scenes are narrated from Dhruv’s point of view. The problems of a school time life are not so easy for the one experiencing at that time. The innocent, stubbornness, careless and awkwardness of first love that happens to every school student is depicted by this series making it one of the best series to watch especially for students. Young boy Dhruv just wants to grow up as soon as possible because he gets fed up just the same as every teenager once feels in a particular period. Dhruv makes friends and enjoys wrong things with them like drinking, smoking. He also falls in love along with his friends’ as they are of the same age group, they get their hearts broken but friendship helps them.
TVF is the artist of a masterpiece of series and Immature is also one of a masterpiece.

Selection Day

Selection Day is a Netflix series produced by Anil Kapoor and directed by Udayan Prasad. This series is an adaptation of a novel of the same name. ‘Selection Day’ was written by Arvind Adiga. This series has got a rating of 7.4 out of 10 by IMDb. The cast includes many young actors. Read below to know everything.
Directed by – Udayan Prasad
Produced by – Anil Kapoor and Marston Bloom
Available on – Netflix
Genre – Fictional
language – Hindi
Casts – Mohammed Samad, Yash Dholye, Karanvir Malhotra, Rajesh Tailang, Mahesh Manrekar, Ratan Pathak Shah, Shiv Pandit and Akshay Oberoi.
Original release – 28 December 2018.
It is composed of 12 episodes divided into two parts. The first part contains 6 episodes released on 28th of December, 2018 and the second part contains 6 episodes released on 19th April, 2019.
Storyline details about ‘Selection Day’ revolves around two cricketers who are brothers Radha and Manju. They are trained by their father who is super obsessed with cricket and wishes his kids to become the next great pair of cricket batsmen. They come to Mumbai in the hope to get selected to play in the domestic leagues which are going to be held in the upcoming election season by their father. Cricket is the dream of their father and not theirs thus he puts relentless pressure on the boys to play at their best. Among the two brothers and the elder one Radha loves cricket but the young one Majnu doesn’t, he plays just because he cannot dare to deny his father. Majnu loves science and has a keen interest in it. Life gets difficult when they move to Mumbai as they have to wander various institutions looking for an opening that could allow them to attend school and participate in the local school-level tournaments.
The series shares an intense feeling of wait and patience, the selection day comes with a long procedure as the main destination of the series is based on that day. There comes the Javed Ansari who captains the school team. It is very interesting to see the climax and the ending of the series. Many of the platforms gave it poor ratings because they regard its script to be not so perfect. The actors have given their best and praised for their acting by almost all platforms that give reviews.
And what happens at the end is, Manju gets selected to play cricket professionally, Yes Manju gets selected who loves science, and not Radha who loves cricket, how ironic. Manju plays for three years in the Under – 19 league, then he is transferred to a batting role as a noncelebrity in a celebrity cricket league.
So the series is not only about the true rules of cricket but also about certain rules of life that you have to live your life by yourself and not by anyone else. And I recommend you to go for this web series it is like Kota factory.


Gullak web series like kota factory

A SonyLiv web series released on 27 June 2019 Gullak is very much loved by the audience. Gullak has launched its second season just a month ago on 15th January 2021. The series revolves around the Mishra family with a crumbling house and so many hearts. Gullakha got a rating of 9.2 out of 10 by IMDb. Now let’s have some important details:

No of seasons – 2
Directed by – season 1, by Amrit Raj; season 2, by Palash Vaswani
written by – season 1, by Nikhil Vijay; season 2, by Durgesh Singh
Produced by – Zaid Ali
Production – The Viral Fever
Available on – Sonyliv, and TVF play (for free)
Language – Hindi
Genre – Comedy family Drama

Gullak is comprised of 5 episodes in both seasons. The casting includes Jameel Khan as the father of the family, Geetanjali Kulkarni as the mother of the family, Vaibhav Raj as Anand Mishra, Harsh Mayar as Aman Mishra, Shivankit Singh Parihar as Gullak, Sumita Rajwar as Bittu ki mummy and Deepak Kumar as Tyagi Ji.

The Plotline of the series revolves around the Mishra family as mentioned above who relates to a small town in the heart of North India that is the U.P. This series is filled up with the little things which seem important to the middle-class family of a small town. The script touches each one’s heart with so actual presentation that makes it worth to be watched. It provides the beautiful chaotic tales of the Mishra family which represents every family from the same problems. It has Santosh and Shanti Mishra and their kids Annu and Aman and many more interesting characters filled with different thoughts and dreams sharing the love. The episodes of season 1 are ;

  • Episode 1- Tehri
  • Episode 2- Hum Do Humare Do
  • Episode 3- Itwar
  • Episode 4- Batti Aa Gayi
  • Episode 5- Tyohaar
  • The episodes of season 2 are;
  • Episode 1- Bijlee ka Bill
  • Episode 2- Cheeni Kam Paani Zyada
  • Episode 3- Saparivar
  • Episode 4- Kal board Ka paper hai
  • Episode 5- Kirana

The series has its psychological balance and if you are a fan of Kota Factory, You can go with Gullak for next because this web series is like Kota factory

Final Thoughts on Web Series like Kota Factory

There is the best news for you, you need to know that Kota factory Season 2 is coming very soon. I have written everything about it read the article below by clicking on the link attached.

Thus, the above series must have made it easy for you to decide whether to watch them or not and what to watch first? And all other doubts. I hope this article would be helpful for you, the above-listed series are not just like Kota Factory but in terms of entertainment, they are.

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