How To Fix It Queued Email In Gmail

If you are one of those people who use Gmail a lot or whose sending and receiving emails on Gmail is a part of daily life then you must be confronted with a thing called “queued email”. Even when you’re connected with high-speed internet, sometimes you’ll not able to emails and it went in your Outbox Folder in Gmail along with Queued error message. And sometimes it stuck there for hours and later gets failed.

But do you ever think about what does ‘Queued’ means and how to troubleshoot this problem? No!. Don’t worry that’s why we are here. In this article, we will discuss what ‘Queued’ means and how to get rid of this.

What Queued Means In Gmail?

What Queued Email In Gmail & How To Fix It

In general, a queue simply means that a sequence or lines of something waiting for their turn or to get proceed. Similarly, when an email in Gmail gets Queued it means your email is not able to send the outbox mail to deliver at that time and it gets queued will send out sometime later.

Why Emails Gets Queued?

1. Low Storage

If your emails are getting queued then the low Storage of your device may responsible for this. When you send an email it occupies some space in the Gmail application. Thus if you’re running out of your storage then there are chances that the Gmail app is waiting for little extra storage to send out your email.

2. Threshold Limit is Achieved

Each email sending and receiving application including Gmail has some limitations. It includes the number of emails you can send in a short duration of time. If you exceed that limit then your email may get queued. The size of data and files are also included in this limitation.

What Queued Email In Gmail & How To Fix It

3. Server Issues

Usually, the issues associated with queuing are limited to the Gmail application itself. But sometimes there can be issues related to the network between serves and the app.

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How To Fix Queued Email in Gmail?

Before you start to troubleshoot this issue there are few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that you’re getting this issue only because of the Gmail application and not of servers. To do so try to use Gmail on the Web and send a test mail and if it’s working then you can proceed ahead. And if you’re still facing the same issue on the Web interface then below discussed tips won’t work for you and this can be resolved from Gmail’s end.

What Queued Email In Gmail & How To Fix It

Secondly, you’re using the latest version of the Gmail application, you’re not trying to send an email with an attachment greater than 50MB as Gmail won’t support files greater than 50MB and you’re using a decent Wi-Fi network or Mobile data.

1. Clear App’s Cache

You should try clearing the Gmail app cache and stored data on your device. To do these quickly follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1. Go to Phone Settings.

Step 2.  From there, navigate to the Application Manager.

Step 3.  Select All there.

Step 4.  Find Gmail from the available apps.

Step 5.  You’ll get buttons that say Clear cache and Clear data.

Step 6. Tap on both buttons.

2. Try Enable and Disable Gmail Sync

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings in the Gmail app.

Step 2. There, click on Accounts.

Step 3.  Then, select a Google Account.

Step 4.  Select Email Account and the account you have been having issues with.

Step 5.  Tap on Uncheck email

Step 6. Restart your phone

Step 7. After Rebooting is complete you just have to recheck or enable the check box again that we unchecked again.

3. Force Stop Gmail

If you have not restarted your phone in a while then force stoping the Gmail app will help you.

Step 1. Go to Settings 

Step 2. Navigate to Apps

Step 3. Find Gmail in Apps 

Step 4. Click on Force Stop

Step 5. Start the Gmail app again

4. Remove and add Gmail account again

As compared to the above three this is a bit lengthy process. You just have to remove the Gmail account in which you’re facing the problem.

Step 1. Go to Settings

Step 2. Select Accounts options from the menu

Step 3. Choose Google Account from the list and

Step 4. Select the Email Account within

Step 5. Tap to Remove association completely for a while

Step 6. Clear cache and data from the Gmail app

Step 7. Reboot your phone and

Step 8. Reconfigure the Gmail Account on your phone

5. Enable background data

Generally, background data is enabled by default. But you may disable that mistakenly.

Step 1. Go to Phone Settings

Step 2. Tap to Data Usage option

Step 3. Scroll down to “Gmail” App

Step 4. Make sure Restrict background data is not selected

Step 6. Decrease syncing days

What happens, when you configure your device Gmail, it backup the emails for a few days. And when you use the Gmail app, it Syncs with old emails and this ultimately increases the storage and cache size of the app.

Thus you should limit the Sync for a maximum of 30 days. Emails of a period over 30 days will automatically rectify from the storage.

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