Constantine 2: Storyline, Producers, Cast, Release Date

Constantine 2: Storyline, Producers, Cast, Release Date
Constantine 2: Storyline, Producers, Cast, Release Date

Constantine 2 movie is the most awaited sequel of the movie Constantine that was released in 2005. Constantine 2 will be the follow-up of the Constantine. The movie Constantine was about the girl Angela who was a detective, she approached Constantine who was an exorcist, Angela was having a twin sister who unfortunately died in the movie Angela wanted to investigate her sister’s death. As Constantine started the practice of exorcist and he gets deeper into the reason of the death. At the point he realized that the dark conspiracy is behind her sister’s death and that can threaten or harm the world. There have been many rumors about the sequel but the production house not yet confirmed about any of rumors. Constantine 2 was confirmed by one of the cast member Peter Stormare who played the role of Lucifer shared the news on Social media by posting “Sequel in Progress”. This post confirmed about the Constantine 2 because the actor was dressed in Lucifer’s costume. There is no doubt that Peter Stormare along with Reeves are in the in sequel.

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Is the movie coming?

There were rumors for the sequel that had been swirled around the internet for many years. This rumor was confirmed by Keanu Reeves who has already starred the Constantine with Peter Stormare, who has confirmed the rumors that there would be coming with a sequel. Stormare confirmed the rumors by posting himself as Lucifer in Constantine by posting it with the caption “The Sequel in the work”. This made the fans of Constantine on the cloud nine as the film was rated 7/10 and 92% of the google users have like the movie.

Directors and Producers of Constantine 2

Constantine 2 is the sequel of the existing movie Constantine that was released on 2005. The Constantine movie was completely based on the comic book Hellblazer.

Directors: Francis Lawrence

Writer: Jamie Delano (comic book writer “Hellblazer”), Garth Ennies (comic book writer “Hellblazer”)

Release Date

The Constantine movie was released two decades ago that is 2005. Since then, there was no news for Constantine 2. After all the rumors that have been there on the internet about Constantine 2, the rumors were clarified by Peter Stormare who played the role of Lucifer in the movie, took Instagram to share the news all dressed in Lucifer’s custom with a caption “Sequel in Progress”. DC Films and Warner Bros. have to confirm the release date yet. The movie was started back in 2020 which shows that the movie is expected to release at the end of 2021 or by 2022.

Why there was no release of Constantine 2 till date

The production cost of Constantine movie was 10 crore US Dollars, which was considered as much more another reason which made the Constantine 2 to be this late was the Rating. After the release of the movie, the movie earned about $230 million. The movie also gained mixed reviews by the critics which also made Lawrence give the sequel a second thought. One of the reasons was also that Constantine was supposed to be rated PG-13. But MPAA slapped the movie with ‘R’ which made Lawrence upset, he thought if he starts making a movie with the ‘R’ rating this will make Lawrence very difficult to survive in the industry. As he already worked very hard for Constantine’s movie. After MPAA viewed the movie within five minutes of time they rated the feature tone of the movie.


Constantine 2 Cast

Nothing yet confirmed about the cast yet about the cast by the director or the production house yet for the sequel. But we can expect the following as the faces that will be seen onscreen in the sequel.

  • Keanu Reeves (John Constantine)
  • Peter Stormare (Lucifier)
  • Djimon Hounson
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince
  • Tilda Swinton
  • Shia LaBeouf
  • Gavin Rossdale
  • Rachel Weisz

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About Keanu Reeves and Peter Stormare

Image Credited: NTV

Keanu Reeves who played the lead role in Constantine film of John Constantine in 2005. Keanu Reeves will also be seen in the sequel of the film that is Keanu Reeves. There is no doubt that he will be back in the movie as he expressed his interest in playing the character of John Constantine again in the movie.

Peter Stormare

Image Credited: Dread Central

Peter Stormare played the role of Lucifer in the Constantine with Keanu Reeves. The confirmation of the sequel was confirmed by the Peter Stormare. He took Social Media Platform (Instagram) to share the news.

Storyline of Constantine 2

Constantine’s film was completely based upon DC Comics who is also among one of the production houses of Constantine 2. The movie was the video version of Hellblazer comic book whose plots were taken from the story arc of “Dangerous Habits” and from the “Original Sins”. In the first part, the movie portrays John Constantine as the pessimists who have the ability to communicated with the half-angels and the half-demons in whatever form they are. He helps souls from the eternal damage that is being done in hell to those who do suicide attempts in their youth. Constantine performs exorcises a demon from the hell just to earn the favor of Heaven but his exorcisms turn wrong. In the movie Constantine was having lung cancer, he still helped the detective to learn the truth about Angela’s twin sister. At the same time, he keeps on discovering the darker side of the conspiracy. Yet, Constantine was ended clean so, we cannot judge or imagine the storyline of the sequel. There as no hints and rumors are available on the internet about the story of the sequel as the production houses, its casts, or the director had raveled. As soon as something about the storyline of Constantine 2 comes we will keep let you know. STAY TUNED !!!


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