Steps to make a steam account on mobile and pc for free

Similarly, Steam is Valve Corporation’s digital distribution platform for video games. Steam is one of the biggest repository and community of gamers and games. Here game developers and players can easily sell and buy video games online. There are various ways to make a steam account on mobile as well as pc, let’s get into the depth how this can be done in the easiest way possible.

About Steam

It has been in the market since last 16 year with more than 46 million daily active users. Valve Corporation’s continuous improvements and efforts to satisfy and make Steam compatible to their users made it the most popular platform in its league.

Initially Steam’s services are limited to PCs only but with the development of gaming industry, the platform expands its support to home video Consoles such as PlayStation and XBox too.

With steam account you can easily log in to the game website to purchase a game virtually instead of buying physical copies and, downloading and installing them manually.

Moreover, Steam is a user friendly platform for game developers because whether you’re a big gaming company or a small indigenous creator, you can comfortably do partnership with Steam to add your game on their platform and engage users with your game. Game developers also can release ‘game patches’ for player to download if they want to fix or update their game instead of withdrawing and republishing their game.

History of Steam

Steam was created back in 2003 by the same company who developed great video games like Counter Strike, Left4Dead, and the Half-Life series. According to an article in Kotaku, this platform was developed in 2002 because that time Valve Corporation need one platform with which they can easily update their multiplayer games. Steam did well in its early phase but things get worsen when Valve’s Half-Life 2 was released. This is because for authentication and anti- piracy purposes, company wants users to register themselves on Steam. But the heavy traffic crash their site which create backlash from gamers.

But with continuous efforts and hardwork Company finally overcome every problem and in 2005 the perception of gamers towards Steam started to turn positive.

Till 2018, Steam only offers game developed by Valve Corporation but from 2018, Valve allows other big companies like Activision, Capcom, GTA and many other to distribute their games on Steam. And today a varieties of games are available on Steam.

Why should you use Steam?

It has super sales, up to 75% off if you can catch the sales
It downloads, updates, and manages all of your virtual games, for free!
It shows you news on the updates of games it thinks you like
It recommends the games it thinks you might like
It has a system for people who want to play online, and makes online multiplayer a bit easier.
It sells most good games out there
It has a great search mechanic that allows you to find all of your games that you like
Even if you don’t have a credit/debit card, don’t worry, Walmart sells 20$, 50$, even 100$ Steam credit cards in the game section.
It has VR games, along with it’s own VR headset and controllers (The steam VR, HTC Vive)
It has a great controller support, and sells its own controllers, and also has games that support controllers (GTA V)

How to make a steam account on mobile in 2021?

Make an account by going to Steam website

  1. Visit the below-mentioned link.
  2. Tap on “Join Steam”.
  3. Fill up all the details and tap on “Create My Account”.
  4. Follow further functions and finish the process.

This way you can create a steam account on mobile in chrome desktop mode .Can’t Create a Steam Account or Steam Create Account Failed! What to do ?

Making an account using Steam client

  1. Download and then install the Steam Client. Keep in mind that you have to download the client from the official Steam website.
  2. Once the installation is done, launch the Steam client.
  3. Now to create a new account, click on “CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT…” option.
  4. Now enter a valid email address that you want to link with the Steam Account and pick your country correctly to avoid future problems.
  5. In the bottom, you’ll find a check box, tick on it to agree with the terms and conditions of Valve Corporation and to pledge that you’re above 13 years.
  6. After all this, a verification link is sent to your email which you have entered above. Click on “Create My Account” in that email.
  7. Enter the name you want to use as a Steam Account Name and set a password and confirm it.
  8. After all this click on “Complete Sign Up”.
  9. You’ll get a message of New account created. Tap on the “Continue” button and congrats your Steam Account is created.

If you’re still unable to make an account or its showing try again message then give it a try after few hours or next morning as there’s a possibility that their servers are may hammered at that time.

That’s all! You just need your PC and a good internet to create your account on Steam. There are some games which ask for your Phone number so enter it whenever you have asked for it. And keep in mind that entre the correct details and keep the email you have entered active in order to access your Steam Account if your ever forget your Username or Password.

Steam Customer Support

One of the reasons behind that Steam is a leading Game Share Platform is its exceptional Customer Support. It offers different customer support systems. Customer support is very important in every field and companies. But in gaming platform it is very important as gamers very often encounter glitches and bugs in their playthrough and it very important to have a efficient and reliable system to report these issues and proper steps should be taken by the Developers to correct all these issues. Steam took these things very seriously and offers many customer service support.

Steam Support ( us one of those customer support service. It is an online help desk where almost all the answers related to player’s profile, problems in any game and problems related to purchases are present and users can easily look for the solutions of their problems.

Steam also provides Steam Discussion

this is the official page for steam discussions . It’s a page where Steam users can to one to one discussion and can give reviews on any topic. These discussions can be about criticising a game or about Steam Platform. Some moderators are also there in Steam Discussion, some of them are volunteers and remaining are Steam Developers & Support Team. By this Valve established a successful and efficient communication between the Company and the users. Moreover, the company just not only listen but also works on suggestions and query of users.

Recently, Valve has created a Support Stats Page for Customers to track the data on Customer services. On Stat page there is number of help request received by the site in every 90 days and the how many of the requests are still pending. The main objective behind this Support Stats Page is that it allows company to see through the problems of their customers and to identify the area where they have to make the improvement. Support Stats Page also shows that how openly and efficient react to the inquires.

How to Add Games and make a steam account on mobile

A company developed any game with a very hardwork and love as naturally they want that their game should reaches to more and more users. And steam with more than 46 million daily active users is always a good option for them. But Developer face problems inproduct licensing and product distributions whenever they add games on any digital distribution platform.

To overcome this issue and make partnership easy, Steam uses Steamworks. With Steamworks the process of adding a game on the Steam Platform become super esay. You just have to follow the below steps:

  1. Log-in or Join Steamworks
  2. Sign the virtual paperwork to agree on Steamworks terms and conditions.
  3. Pay $ 100 as app deposit fee.
  4. Prepare your game for release.
  5. Wait for Steam’s approval.
  6. Once approved then all the control of the game is to you or to game developer.

Now you can then release your game on Steam.

It take almost 30 days to Steam to review the the information provided by you in virtual paperwork and also there’s a 30 day waiting time between the date of app deposit fee and release of the game. Also, Developers have to make a ‘Coming Soon’ public page to engage the audience.

Future plans for Steam

Valve Corporation has so much under their sleeves for Steam for future. Soon their is going to be a moderation team which monitors the content of platform. Work on its store disoverability will also be done by adding a new algorithm recommendation engine and new curating and broadcasting features. Steam is improving it’s existing library, planning to launch steam in China, initiate Steam VR and to launch a Steam Chat mobile app.

With the fast growing gaming industry, Steam has one and only option of growing and maintain its top position in the market.

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