Reliance to Embed its E-Com Service into WhatsApp, report says

Nowadays people are talking and gossiping about WhatsApp everywhere. Whether be social media or any other platform it is being trolled by the users for its new privacy policy. Moreover many memes are circulated on social media and therefore WhatsApp has to clarify all those rumors regarding its policy so that the users get satisfied. But between all these news a recent report states about a plan of Reliance and WhatsApp. Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance is now planning to integrate Jio Mart in WhatsApp within a duration of 6 months. Also, it is quite clear that WhatsApp is among those popular messaging service app that is used by millions of users in India. What does the report say? What has Reliance planned about Jio Mart? We have all the answers here to these questions! So let’s have a look on Reliance and WhatsApp partnership!

Reliance and WhatsApp plan

Undoubtedly, Reliance Industries covers a huge part of the Indian market whether being technology or any other product. But now it is planning to embed an E-Commerce company into WhatsApp in 6 months. This e-commerce company is well known to everyone in India. It is Jio Mart. It would be surprising but yes, as per the reports it is clear that it will be embedding this company soon into WhatsApp. This integration will now help Jio Mart to increase its reach across the country and to set a serious challenge to Amazon and Flipkart’s fast-growing online market in India. Hence, billionaire Mukesh Ambani is trying to achieve a bigger share of India’s market which is estimated to reach up to $1.3 trillion by 2025.

Reliance and Facebook Partnership

Reliance & Facebook Bought Shares

In April 2020 Reliance and Facebook came together as partners. This partnership made Facebook buy a 9.9 % stake in Reliance Industries. This stake whereof about $5.7 billion. Though this partnership took place recently, now Reliance Industry is focusing on its trade by embedding Jio Mart into WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook and now it is under controversy because of its new privacy policy which is being trolled by everyone. Over and all, the total numbers of users of WhatsApp service in India is 400 million, as per last count.

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Working of Jio Mart on WhatsApp

Perhaps it would take time for Reliance to work smoothly on its new integration on this messaging app. But how will it work efficiently for the users?

  • Basically, it is all about a WhatsApp number which the people will be adding to their WhatsApp account.
  • On adding Jio Mart’s WhatsApp number 88500 08000 on their mobiles, users will be getting a link sent by Jio Mart.
  • It will be valid for only 30 minutes.
  • So, let’s see how efficiently and smoothly it is going to work for the users.

Jio Mart is a joint venture between Jio Platforms and Reliance Retail. It delivers all posibble daily essentials and groceries from nearby stores. In December 2019 this platform was soft-launched and is currently running in 200 cities in India.

New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp is doing all its efforts to convince its users about the privacy policy which is to be implemented soon. People are worried that their messages and personal details would be made public by the company. However, the company had to put the status to clarify all the doubts regarding it. Perhaps it would take time for this messaging service app to make people satisfied. Users are edited towards this policy and are not willing to accept it. Instead, they want to uninstall the app and are looking for an alternative.

Whatsapp privacy policy
New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp asked its users to accept the new policy by 8th Feb otherwise the account would be suspended. But, for now, the deadline has been increased by three months. Continuously the company is trying to convince that their messages would be end-to-end encrypted.

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