Grammy awards 2021 postponed No further date announced

Grammy awards 2021 postponed just like every award show has been postponed due to the covid pandemic. The network partner of Grammy awards 2021, CBN has faced a lot of problems in conducting the show safely, and later on, the news came out to light that the Grammy awards have been postponed. Usually, the Grammy awards show holds about 18000 audiences, whenever the Grammy show has held this was the average audience.

Usually, the Grammy Awards are held in Los Angeles and the same was to happen with this year’s grand ceremony. Grammy chief Harvey Mason, jr mentioned the show to held at a limited or maybe no audience to variety. But due to the corona pandemic, the show has been postponed and might hold in the upcoming months. But there is no fixed date mentioned by the authorities.

Ben Winston mentioned that the show was about to be held around Los Angeles with a grand ceremonial, with an incredible set-up that would allow the performers more space and creative aspects. Ben Winston also mentioned above doing something exciting in the 2021 Grammy ceremony. But unfortunately, the Grammy show has been postponed.

Ben Winston said that he is all set up to host an amazing show as Various artists have faced a very tough year and he wants them to perform in a grand manner. With spotlights all over the stage and as per the guidelines, Aid will be provided in the show, as the law mentioned in the stimulus bill.

The Grammy Awards history

Grammy awards initiated in 1958 by the name gramophone awards. Earlier at that time, there were no other awards being held for musicians. People are already familiar with the Emmy awards for the leading actors and Oscar’s for the academy awards. At that period of time music players and Various other easily available inventions led to the popularity of music. Not only these musicians, songwriters, and composers became a global sensation.

The Grammy awards are well known by the audience as the show aired live. But let’s jump to the fun fact – no one can see the main event as there are many categories in which the awards are given. Out of which only a few are available for the TV set Audience. The categories in the Grammy awards have been increasing every year. Initially, it started with 28 categories, and later on, in 2019, there were about 84 categories!

Lifetime hall of fame award is also a part of Grammy awards and it is given to the one who has made a drastic contribution to the music industry. In the 2019 Black Sabbath, Julio Iglesias reviewed the lifetime achievement awards.

Grammy awards 2021 postponed

The Grammy Awards was earlier going to be held on 31 January. But recently the news came out that the award ceremony is going to be paused for a few days. No further date has yet been announced. The reason why the Grammy has been postponed is corona pandemic. As it was a tough task to held such a huge ceremony with about 1800+ people. We might get an update about the Grammy awards 2021 after one or two months.

Grammy Awards 2021 New Date

The date for the Grammy awards 2021 was earlier decided 5th January. But later on, got postponed to 31st January 2021, and moreover, it has been postponed for a long time.

There is a complete list of Grammy awards 2021 nominations available on the award show’s official site. Various new artists have also been included this time.

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