LockDown Movie Release Date & Plot 2021

Lockdown yes you heard that right! As we all are familiar with this term and have survived our days through these lockdown days. The movie whose name is literally lockdown starring Anne Hathaway and Lily James will be releasing on 14th January 2021 in the US. Lockdown 2021 will release on HBO MAX. The movie is based upon a heist that is conducted during the lockdown period, this is quite relatable as we have witnessed such activities on our television sets while the lockdown was at its peak.

Plot of the movies lockdown

The movie lockdown has been written by the writer of peaky blinders whose fan following has no extend! The famous writer Stephen Knight has portrayed a heist that is conducted by two main protagonist who are romantically involved theives. Linda and paxton who are in love plan to execute a heist at London’s iconic jewellery store harrods which is already famous as a big department store in London. The heist is done during the lockdown period which is relatable to the audience.

The movie Lockdown will be a romantic comedy heist which is something new, although there have been such movies already. But to the fact this particular movie has been made in the lockdown and has the concept of conducting a heist in the covid period itself.

It won’t be just a simple heist but a combination of love – Romance – action. Heist’s can never conclude without any action scenes and this movie is going to have all these elements included.

Lock Down movie – Production

The director of the movie is the genius Doug Liman who has already directed many great films including Mr. And Mrs. Smith and the Bourne Identity. He is the man behind the direction of the upcoming romantically heisty movie lockdown.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – JULY 18: Steven Knight attends the premiere of the 5th season of “Peaky Blinders” at Birmingham Town Hall on July 18, 2019 in Birmingham, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Heist movies have always been loved by the audience wheather it be Oceans eleven or money heist. Robberies have always been a charm in the storyline. Moreover the movie lockdown will portray love along the line, making it more interesting for the Audience.

Lockdown – Cast

The movie will include big Hollywood stars including Anne Hathaway who has already worked in the devil Wears Prada. Including Chiwetel Ejiofor who has worked in the movie 12 years of slave. Anne Hathaway will be playing the role of Linda and Chiwetol will be paxton in the movie lockdown. Moreover the cast includes other big stars from Hollywood such as Sir Ben Kingsley, Lily James , Stephen Merchant , Mark Gatiss, Jazymyn Simons , Dulee Hill, Mindy kaling and Ben Stiller.

The cast is incredibly strong as all the mentioned actors have a great fan following and outstanding acting skills, that the audience will surely love to watch.

LockDown Movie Release Date

January 14th, 2021 is the LockDown Movie Release Date and will premiere on the platform, HBO Max.

The movie is going to be huge not just because of the star casts but the storyline and the makers and the writer who are already king in their work. Earlier Warner bros retitled the movie to locked down and the rights were sold of to HBO max in mid-December.

The movie was completed in a very short time span. HBO max has started running in the path of acquiring the best movies it can. Later wonder woman will also be released on the same platform. HBO max along with Disney have set records for the highest number of downloads in the month of December itself. They both received the maximum downloads on Christmas Eve.

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