Best movies on Netflix 2020 – HERE’S THE LIST

Best 5 movies of 2020 on Netflix

2020 is supposed to be the worst year in almost all criteria of entertainment. Specially for cinema lovers. But, the online OTT platforms like NETFLIX have provided great and best movies to the audience. Some of the best Netflix original films starring from Chris Hemsworth to Millie Bobby Brown has achieved huge love.


Netflix is an American OTT (over the top) platform . As of now, Netflix have an approx of 195 million paid subscribers worldwide except few countries like

  • China (because of local restrictions)
  • Syria
  • North Korea and
  • Crimea

It has different genre movies and television series which are available to people who get its subscription. Nowadays it has a craze over people nobody is left who don’t know about it.

As of every year also this year it has achieved huge love from people. In the lockdown paused world when people lived at their homes, being an online platform it fulfilled all its duties to entertain people. The cinema lovers felt no absence of new movies. Although all the movies are good but still on the basis of popularity, few is considered to be the best and are mentioned below :


(Released on 25th September, 2020)

2020: The Trial Of The Chicago 7
2020: The Trial Of The Chicago 7

The trial of Chicago 7, An American historical legal drama film has got the title as movie of the year so far by many of the viewers.It is written and directed by Aaron Sorkin. It’s a court room drama featuring an ensemble cast that includes

  • Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen
  • Daniel Flaherty
  • Sacha Baron Cohen and many others.

The film is based on the infamous 1969 Chicago Seven trial, in which the seven anti-Vietnam war protestors were charged by federal prosecutors with conspiracy and more, crossing State lines with the intention of inciting riots.the protest was supposed to be peaceful but it turned into a violent clash with the police and the National Democratic Convention. The film is based on historical event but it has all qualities to be catchy for the eyes of new modern present.


(Released on 10th September,2020)

The Old Guard
2020: The Old Guard

The old guard is an American superhero film based on the comic of Greg Rucka, Directed by Gina Prince-Bytherwood. Its a story about a group of mercenaries who has the ability to heal themselves in fact the main protagonist is a women. A women-led team consisting of immortal warriors, centuries old .They have fought every types of battles the world has ever seen. Moreover This is amongst the strongest recommendation for the movies ranked in the Best movies on Netflix 2020 list.


  • Charlize Theron
  • Kiki Layne
  • Marwan Kenzari
  • Luca Marinelli
  • Harry Melling
  • Veronica Ngo, and many others.


In the film, Andy ,Booker, Joe and Nicky are centuries old warriors moreover They secretly help the people and had a rule that they never help or work for same people twice. And, they came across hiring by former CIA operative Copley. In fact They get a mission to rescue a group of kidnapped children in SOUTH SUDAN.

During the fight they get injured and killed but with the healing ability they all get healed. They realize that their secrets are in danger because Copley does a film over them. Thus they fight to protect their freedom.This movie have everything to be watched out. People loved it and also demanding for a next old guard movie.The mix up of the old and a modern world people makes it most interesting.

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Best movies on Netflix 2020 – THE BOYS IN THE BAND

(Released on 30, September,2020)

The Boys In The Band
2020: The Boys In The Band

It is an American Drama Film.the film is based on the 1968 Matt Crowley’s play of ‘the boys in the band’ .The film is directed by Joe Mantello .The film received generally positive reviews from critics.The film somehow shows the different characters of humans in the real world. The film is produced by

  • Ryan Murphy
  • Ned Martell
  • Alexis Martin Woodall


It is a story of a group of gay friends and all starts with a birthday party. Micheal (Jim Parson) one of the band member is set to host a birthday party for Harold (Zacha Michael doesn’t not hesitate to call him).

The list of the guests to be called in the party includes Donald (Matt Bomer), who is arriving early because of analyst has cancelled the psychiatrist appointment, Emory (Robinde Jesus) who is the most lively person in the group, Bernard (Michael Benjamin Washington), he is the only black person in the group, Hank (Tue Watkins), who lives alone and has left his wife and children, and Larry (Andrew Ranells) who is in a relationship with Hank. There came an addition of Cowboy (Charlie Carver) who seems a pretty dumb .

The party begins with good hopes but doesn’t continued to be as expected. Their turns a fight consisting, insults and offensive language.
The film deals with the idea of internalized homophobia , friendship, commitment, relationship, beauty, community and many moral values which makes it worth watching.

Best movies on Netflix 2020 – EXTRACTION

(Released on April 24 ,2020)

Best movies of 2020 on netflix

It is an American action thriller film, starring CHRIS HEMSWORTH as Tyler Rake which has been Directed by Sam Hargrave and written by Joe Russo. The film has a relation with INDIA in many senses moreover the cast features Indian beloved actors


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The film revolves around the story of Tyler Rake who is an unofficial (black market) mercenary.
Tyler is hurt and damaged inside due to the loss of his son and now he has nothing to lose. He assigned with a deadly mission to DHAKA in which he has to rescue the teenage son Ovi (Rudraksh Jaiswal) of India’s biggest crimelord ( Pankaj Tiwari) who is kidnapped by Banlgadesh’s biggest Crimelord. Eventhough Tyler’s motives are entirely mercenary, he continues to save Ovi when he gets to know that the entire mission was a fake deal and they are not getting paid for rescuing Ovi. This makes Tyler a hero.

On the other hand, Saju (Randeep Hooda) is also trying and giving his best to rescue Ovi Mahajan as he is the assistant of his father .There are many thrilling fights with Saju and Tyler but at the end they shake hands as there motives remain same Saju loses his life in a battle with the enemies.After all the hardships, mystries, and battles Tyler ends successfully saving Ovi’s life by getting deadly bullets in his neck. He jumped off the bridge into the river he sacrifices his own life.

The sad ending gives a shining hope to the fans as it can be seen that the secured and happy Ovi Mahajan comes out of a swimming pool and there stands a mysterious looking figure resembling
Rake and suggesting that TYLER RAKE MIGHT STILL BE ALIVE.

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Best movies on netflix 2020 – ENOLA HOLMES

(Released on 23rd September,2020)

Enola Holmes
2020: Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes the name itself is telling a story. Enola which backward spells Alone and the very famous name Holmes from the detective Sherlock Holmes, there is no one left unknown of the character Sherlock Holmes. After all the science fiction, action thriller ,and romantic movies this movie gives you a feel of pretty beautiful life of a sweet, strong and brave girl. Starring

  • Millie Bobby Brown who is one of the most beautiful girl in the world
  • Louis Patridge who is a new face, fully and, totally loved by people specially by the teenagers
  • Henry Cavill , the superman never existed before
  • Sam Claflin ,the very famous and loved face to the audience and
  • Helena Bonham Carter ,BAFTA award winner who has already won the heart of the audience in Harry Potter.

The casts gives superb performance in the movie. Any body who will watch it will enjoy watching. This movie is something different here the protagonist talks to the audience itself in the camera .


This is a story of Holmes family .The teenage sister of the most famous Sherlock Holmes. Enola lives alone with her mother, Eudoria as her brothers left home when she was a kid just like sherlok Enola is extremely intelligent, brave, strong and insightful. Eudoria and she is opposite of the society band all other women( like weak and who only knows embroidery and cooking) of the time. Her mother has taught her everything from studies to games ,coached her to fight for any situation and to be independent of any men like all other women of the society are.

On her sixteenth birthday, when she awakes she find her mother lost leaving behind some birthday gifts. She find clues in the gift which her mother left for her.She calls her brothers Sherlock and Mycroft and go to pick them up from the station. They first fail to recognize her as she was a kid when they left her and also Enola’s dressing sense was not like a noble or royal family.Sherlock find her intelligent while Mycroft think her an unmannered troublesome.


They come home , Sherlock being a detective get clues about his mother’s disappearance while Mycroft find everything improper and decides to send Enola school. Enola never went school , unwillingly she get upset and always try to escape from the school with the money her mother left with the gifts. one day she get success and run away to a train to London to find her mother.

In the train she meets Viscount Tewksbury,the Prince of Basil whether they both were hiding from their family and become a escape partner . During the way to find her mother and Tewksbury to sign the reform bill there is lots of fun, mysteries, action, detection, love, and everything a movie needs. At last she find her mother and the bill passed.

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