Topmost beaches of Mumbai to visit, here’s the list

Mumbai, a city blessed with a long coastline. The city is home to many picturesque beaches. These shores range from energetic carnival-like seashores to tranquil Oasis which is unexpected in the city that never sleeps. Mumbai city is always known for its hustle-bustle life but if you want to get out of it do visit the beaches situated here.
There is a countless beach in this city where you will feel out of the world. It’s too soothing and lively to get here.
Wanna know about all these amazing beaches around Mumbai, so here we are!

Some of the iconic beaches

Mumbai is a place where you will find many attractions in this city but there is something different about the iconic beaches. You may have heard about it but there is still many to discover about. Hearing about the beaches it feels so relaxing, right? So what are you waiting for! Check these amazing destinations and do plan a visit.
Here we go:

  • Juhu Beach
  • Versova Beach
  • Girgaum Chowpatty
  • Aksa Beach
  • Madh Island
  • Gorai Beach
  • Marve Beach
  • Kalamb Beach

1. Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach
Juhu Beach

Definitely on top will be the expansive Juhu Beach whose coastline is about 6 kilometer. This is the best place to visit in Mumbai with friends or family. Locals as well as tourists enjoy a lot at this amazing place. Always stands first in the list of the tourist destination and is a big local attraction.

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, it becomes colorful and busy as people bring the idols of the deity to be immersed in the sea. Here you will find many food stalls, horse carriages and sellers and you will have super fun!

How to reach?

  • Drive to Juhu from your location or you can take a cab too.
  • Take a train to Andheri, Vile Parle or Santacruz.
  • Then take an auto-rickshaw from the station to get to the beach.
  • Take the nearest Metro to Versova.

2. Versova Beach

Versova Beach
Versova Beach

At Northern end Juhu beach you will find Versova beach. This is a quieter arc of sand that adjoins a fishing village of the same name. This is one of the loveliest beaches in Mumbai and is known for swimable waters. Not only this, the colorful fishing boats and the breathtaking view of the sun which sets into the Arabian sea, looks amazing.
It is considered one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai. This place is a mix of the sandy and rocky landscape. One will mostly find youngsters and couples here. Many cafes and restaurants a nearby and it’s really fun to pop into them after your joyful schedule at the beach.

How to reach?

  • Drive or take a cab to Versova from your location.
  • Then after taking a local train to Andheri West and reach the beach by an auto-rickshaw or bus.
  • Nearest metro will take you to Versova.

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3. Girgaum Chowpatty

Girgaum Chowpatty
Girgaum Chowpatty

This beach is better known as Chowpatty and this is situated at the far end of Marine Drive. This Sandy shore is a very top attraction of local as well as tourists. People can admire the sunset and the glimmering cityscape.
If you are planning to get out of the fast-paced city life then you should visit here. Although it is heavily commercialized it is like magical heaven for the beach lovers. You will find families, office going persons chilling after their work and young couples. The local food and the food vendors and hawkers add an amazing glaze to this place.

How to reach?

  • You can reach here by road as it is well connected to the rest of the city.
  • Take a local train to the Church gate station or Marine lines station or Charni road.
  • From here you can take a bus or cab or walk to the beach.

4. Madh Island beach

Madh Island Beach
Topmost beaches of Mumbai to visit

You may have heard this name in many movies and television business. If you are planning to visit any beach with your loved one, then this is the perfect destination for that. Weekend parties, film shoots and the Madh Fort it’s something for which all the beach lovers love to come here. Whether it is weekend parties or shoots, it is also known for lush green resorts and bungalows.
Mumbaikars enjoy a lot here and it is the place of luxurious resorts. These offer a relaxing weekend while the cafes and restaurants serve amazing food and beverages.

How to reach?

  • Local train to Malad and then a bus auto-rickshaw to get to Madh Island.
  • Take a ferry ride from Malad.
  • Lastly, take a BEST bus to the main Madh stop in the Madh village. Walk to the beach, then.

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5. Aksa Beach

Topmost beaches of Mumbai to visit: Aksa Beach
Aksa Beach

Malad is a little busy and a crowded place but just beyond this, there is a stunning beach called Aksa. The most special thing about this beach is that it is not commercialized beach. It is a delightful stretch of sand. Enjoying the dazzling waters of the Arabian sea is the best part of it. This is a place where you can enjoy without caring about the world.

How to reach?

  • Take a local train to Andheri west of Malad West.
  • Get an auto-rickshaw from there.
  • BEST bus from Borivali railway station mud Island route will take you to Aksa beach.

6. Gorai Beach

Topmost beaches of Mumbai to visit: Gorai Beach
Gorai Beach

All the beaches of Mumbai have another level of vibe. Calm and soothing vibes of the Gorai beach will leave you astonished. Although it is one of the most frequented beaches in Mumbai, you will not find a crowd here. Free from rampant crowds, this beach has a less number of stores which sells shorts and sandals and a little snack.
Families visit this beach for a picnic. You can also enjoy taking a horse ride here.

How to reach?

  • Local train to Malad or Borivali (West) and then an auto-rickshaw from there.
  • Take a cab or drive directly to the beach.

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7. Marve Beach

Topmost beaches of Mumbai to visit: Marve Beach
Marve Beach

This beach is situated in Malad and is a beautiful place for young couples, families and groups of friends. This is one of the quieter Mumbai beaches. Maruti is in an ideal place for spending a pleasant day, playing cricket on the sand and walking along the shore.
The place is usually quiet with cashew trees and private homes lining the edge of it. This beach also has a ferry service which takes you to the Essel World. Manori Beach is situated nearby. You could visit this place as it is calm and soothing.

How to reach?

  • Local train to Malad or Borivali (West) and then an auto-rickshaw from there.
  • BEST bus to the nearest stop, else book a cab and reach directly.

8. Kalamb Beach

Topmost beaches of Mumbai to visit: Kalamb Beach
Kalamb Beach

You can call it a hidden gem of Mumbai. It is clean, beautiful and calm. It seems to stretch for miles without any huge crowds. You will find a few hotels and resorts near the area. This place is nearly not very well known by tourists.
Kalamb beach is located very close to historic Nala Sopara of Mumbai. Everyone loves day outing, isn’t it? So, this is an ideal place for you all if you’re planning a day’s outing with your friends and family. You can do anything you want. Wanna play cricket or just sunbathe! It is all up to you but whatever you do will be so amazing, joyful and interesting.

How to reach?

  • Local train to Nala Sopara on the western line and then an auto-rickshaw from there.
  • Book a cab to the beach.

Maharashtra has a very fair share of coastline along the Arabian sea and Maharashtra tourism always ensures to manage these beaches to remain in the list of top attractions of tourists. Therefore, it means that there are many wonderful beaches near Mumbai. It is a spot of many beautiful beaches. Not only these, but some of them are also Kihim beach, Murud Janjira beach and veranda beach. Have you visited any of these? Not yet? Then, what are you waiting for! Just plan a visit with your loved ones.

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