Top 5 web shows for teenagers which is a must watch

Web shows and series are great to watch and enjoy. But, the section of society which always contribute most of the enjoyment to this field are teenagers. Teenagers always wait eagerly for web series and shows. They are excited about movies and love watching them. Just because of their countless fantasies. But, are all the web shows are worth watching for them? Let’s know about Top 5 web shows for teenagers.

Teenagers and Web shows

Top 5 web shows for teenagers
Top 5 web shows for teenagers

Oh! You’re a teenager! This particular reaction is so common when we come across a teenager, right? One can never forget the nostalgia of those carefree days. Yes, they were those days when we always felt top of the world. Teenage life becomes awesome when we used to watch movies and lay on couch. Presently, the days of teenagers are now made more awesome by many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Here’s a list of Top 5 web shows for teenagers must watch:



This series is an Indian streaming television series by Pocket Aces. Little things is all about the the couple who lives in Mumbai. The main characters are Kavya Kulkarni and Dhruv who are in a live-in relationship. Little things shows the everyday life which they explore, through conversation between this couple. In total they are three seasons and it is a must watch for the teenagers as it gives a very deep idea about relationships.


Yes of course, this title has word ‘Sex’ in it. But, there’s nothing to worry about. The series is about teenage boy who teams up up with school class mate along with sex therapist mother to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school. The name of the main character is Otis Milburn which is played by Asa Butterfield. Gillian Anderson plays the role of his mother and is a sex therapist. For his fellow students, Otis becomes a sex therapist in school through a series of events in fact The whole plot is around how he and Maeve manages to handle the business aspects. The main character’s job was to console his classmates in the same manner as his mother did. Maeve will handle the financial aspect of the business. The two seasons are already out and the third one is on the way.


This super amazing series is based on the best selling books by Jay Asher. It’s about a teenager Clay Jensen, who finds a mysterious box after returning to home from school. Inside which he discovers many cassette tapes which were recorded by his classmate and crush who committed suicide 2 weeks earlier. Her name was Hannah and in those cassettes she detailed about the 13 reasons why she decided to end up her life.

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One of the best web show that a teenager must watch is the Social Dilemma. This let the teenagers to know about how their brains are being manipulated by a lot of things. It will let you all know about “what we are doing to ourselves”. social animal tells that how the brain of teenagers are often rewired by many algorithms. This makes us to buy things that includes distorted ideas about the world, ourselves and each other. It will make teenagers understand to take vital decisions for their own survival.


This series is about life and times of a black teenager whose name is Moesha. She lived in Leimart park section of Los Angeles moreover She is looked after by her father Frank and her younger brother. But, after a teacher at school marries her father she feels like the territory is hers. Buddh females at house with learn to appreciate each others’ presence. Also her best friends Kim and Niecy as well as her neighbour Hakim were always there to support her in any drama she finds herself in. And Frank always had most of the clash with Moesha.

So, these are the topmost web shows which teenagers must watch. These series are not only suitable but also entertaining.

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