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PUBG Mobile India launch date: What Government says about it

This time millions of fans across the whole country waiting for the launch of PUBG mobile India. Finally the Government of India broke the silence over the PUBG Mobile India launch date.

1.What MEITY says?

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has said officially that the central government has not granted any type of permission to relaunch PUBG mobile in India.

MEITY, in responding to the RTI query has declared that ” Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has not given any permission to relaunch PUBG in India. “

Earlier, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) had banned a hundred Chinese apps along with PUBG Mobile, in September. On November 30, the RTI query was filed by E-sport entity GEM Esports.

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2. What is this RTI query about?

This RTI query by GEM Esports is being asked about the relaunch of the PUBG Mobile Game.

There, are much news that PUBG Mobile is being relaunched in India and it will not be harmful for the nation and its citizens.

So, GEM Esports wanted to know that, If MEITY has given such type of permission to relaunch the PUBG game? MEITY has declared in their statement responding to RTI that,” The department has not given any permission to relaunch PUBG”.

  1. Know More:

Earlier, some agencies reported that Executives of PUBG Corporation are continuously asking for a meeting with MEITY Officials but still they are not getting an appointment from GOI (Government of India).

This delay in a meeting means that PUBG Mobile India soon, will not be released in the Indian gaming market before March 2021.

However, fans, there is no need to be discouraged, because there is another Indian mobile game called FAU-G, that has been developed and will soon launched in India.

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