Anime Demon Slayer becomes Japan’s top Grossing film

Anime 'Demon Slayer' becomes Japan's top Grossing film

Anime ‘Demon Slayer’ has now become Japan’s top-grossing film of all time on Monday. The production company of the Anime said that they are very happy to announce that Demon Slayer is now the highest-grossing film in Japan. The Anime is based on a teenager who hunts down and kills Demons or evils. The Anime … Read more

Black Clover: A Special Teaser for The Next Opening Theme

Black Clover Next Opening Theme

Black Clover is now hyping its next opening theme with a special teaser. It might have taken a break for the holidays but now it is returning soon in January. So, this saga will be a bit different in a good sense as it is featuring and introducing a completely new set of enemies and … Read more

The King’s Man 3 Release date: Matthew Vaughn Film Premiere coming in 2021

The King’s Man: Matthew Vaughn Film premiere coming in 2021

The King’s Man 3: This film will be a spy action comedy film. It is a previous link of film and Kingsman is the third film in the film series, which will loosely be based on Kingsman comic book series, Dave Gibbons created it and Mark Millar and Marvel’s Icon Comics imprint published it. The … Read more

The Promise Neverland Season 2 : Major answers to questions

The Promise Neverland Season 2

Famous anime show ‘The Promise Neverland” that left lots of questions in its first season and which got a lot of attention from audience  is coming soon with its season 2. Know full information: A few days ago its key visual had arrived and after that people started guessing that they will get to see … Read more

The wilds Renewed by Amazon for the second season

the wilds season 2 poster

Amazon renews The Wilds for the second season, After a fierce end to season 1, fans of series are already looking toward The wilds season 2, but when will it release and what will its story be? Know more about the series The Wilds season 2 The Wilds is officially an American drama television series developed by Sarah Streicher. Released … Read more

The Uncanny Counter Episode 8 – Korean Drama out on Netflix

The Uncanny Counter

The uncanny counter is fundamentally Korean television series. Star cast is Jo – Jeong, Yeom Hye-ran and Kim Se – Jeong, yoo jun – sang. This amazing television series is based on Daum we toon this is also known as “amazing rumors” by character Jong yi, it centers on the titular character So mun, a … Read more

Paava Kadhaigal Season 2: know everything, check here

Paava Kadhaigal season 2

Paava Kadhaigal season 2 : This is an anthology drama web series whose language is Indian Tamil. It includes four short film segments. the segments are linked with various themes through love stories like – love, pride, respect, and sin, etc. Paava Kadhaigal season 2 release Date – On December 18, 2020, the season 1 … Read more

Top 10 most popular and most subscribed YouTube channel in India

Top 10 most popular and subscribed Youtuber's in INDIA

YouTube has become a special medium of entertainment. Along with entertainment from YouTube we can also learn and teach a lot of things. YouTube was launched in 2005,15 years ago and YouTube provide video hosting service. this wide platform facilitate its users to upload,view,rate,share l,report,comment,add to playlist and subscribe to other users.YouTube offers a wide … Read more

Top 5 web shows for teenagers which is a must watch

Top 5 web shows for teenagers

Web shows and series are great to watch and enjoy. But, the section of society which always contribute most of the enjoyment to this field are teenagers. Teenagers always wait eagerly for web series and shows. They are excited about movies and love watching them. Just because of their countless fantasies. But, are all the … Read more

Topmost beaches of Mumbai to visit, here’s the list

Beaches In Mumbai

Mumbai, a city blessed with a long coastline. The city is home to many picturesque beaches. These shores range from energetic carnival-like seashores to tranquil Oasis which is unexpected in the city that never sleeps. Mumbai city is always known for its hustle-bustle life but if you want to get out of it do visit … Read more

Dhanush joins Chris Evans and Ryan Goslings in Ruso Brothers next Hollywood project – The Gray Man

Avengers maker Ruso Brothers cast Dhanush along with Chris Evans and Ryan Goslings in the upcoming movie project named - The Gray Man

Avengers maker Ruso Brothers cast Dhanush along with Chris Evans and Ryan Goslings in the upcoming movie project named – The Gray Man. The movie will be based upon Mark Greaney’s novel which appeared in 2009. The Gray Man will be launched on the online streaming giant Netflix. Story Line – The Gray Man The … Read more